Crystal Ballz

Come in! …Come in… Let me look at you… There you go… Sit! Sit! I read you’re fortune for you… Sit! Relax! Would you like zum tea? Dar you go…you sit! ..And I, Madam Bushka, will read your fortune.

I see a hazy … ahh… Yes…I see a hazy new feature on da horizon….it’s getting clearer… ah! yes.. Clearer now! Ah!… Here it is..

The DCCC has published a short-television commercial that makes loads of very nasty images of those nasty Republicans…. It shows a series of horrific things these Republicans have failed miserably over the past five years in office. Photos of a huge storm in ze South! And horrible wars in the East! And ze horrible political-goons in jail or going to jail… Ze Republicans are upset wiz-dis advertizment. Ze worst Republicanz who are the most upset because about this video and have demanded that ze Democrats shut up and crawl back into ze hole!

Ze evil and disgusting Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds of New York has this to say about ze video: “For the Democrats, everything is about politics, so nothing they have done over the last three years to shamelessly politicize the war in Iraq has shocked me, but this crosses the line.”
Dis is terrible nooze for ze Republicans… But, excellent nooze for the rest of here in Amer-ika… Mean-vile… The horrible and disgusting Republican President of ze United States sitz in ze ‘old country’ of Russia and Germany and talks about eating ze zwien…er.. You say here in dis country… Err… “Eating the Pig!!”

I see an Ambassador and his very beootiful vife Valerie filing ze lawsuits against ze Great and Terrible Cheney-Boosh, and against ze Karl Rove-Boosh…and against ze very uglish “Scooter Libby-Boosh”. Zey are here in my ball and zey are worried ad talk to their lawyer about deese information

…and dis! Vat is dis?!?!

An’ I see a very uglish voman…Ugh! I can’t look at her face! Ugh!! It’s too ho….Vat? You vant to know?! <sigh> I-yi-yi, den I vill tell you… She’s ist Very Ugly… Ugly…and her’s coming to me… Her name is da Katrin Harris! Ugh! Vhat an ugly Republican voman…She should not be allowed in public without ze bag over her head! KHarris

Anyway. I tell you. You vant to know. Dis ugly-Doginshizen Katharyn Harris… Yeah..dat’s her name… She is so far behind in her polling in Florida – Her senior staff managers has left her and they’ve all said; “No! You are too Ugly! I will NOT work for you anymore!!” and zey left this ugly-Ting!

Vat? Vat you say?! You are still vondering about dis fortune? Okay! Okay!! I vill tell you…

I predict… zat see Republicans vill all begin to cry over dis!

Zey vill say; “Oh booohooo!! Ze Democratz are ze horrible! Ze Democratz are da Nasty!!” Then zey vill say: “Oh! Boo-hoo! we are being picked on because we love ze Jesus! Oh terrible they are for picking on us!! Ze Jesus doesn’t not like them picking on us!! Ze Democratz are Godless!! Zee Democratz shood be arrested and tried for ze treason and den taken out an zey shood be SHOT in ze head! Oh boohoo! ”

Vell…Maby zey won’t say dat after all…Zey vill say:”Hey! It is Tventy-minutes past chow-time! Get da jailor-man to open my cell so I can eat zome’ting!”

Okay den… Da spirits have left me… Der is not’ing more in my crystal ball… Pleeze see my little daughter out front and pay her for my time…. Thank you ..thank you…

N E X T !!!!!!!!!!!!

…come in! Come in!! My name is Madam Bushka..I vill tell you your fortune….
the Fruit Fly

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  1. Happy Armageddon, darling!

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