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The American Taliban

Browsing your friend’s blogs and web-sites reap continued benefits. My friend Mooster has this one after his Blog-Host system crapped all over his entire system and now he has to rebuild everything from scratch. This is his first page that’s back up on the ‘Net. Thanks mooseandsquirrel! You’re the best!!

California’s 50th District Not Quite Won

EXCLUSIVE: ELECTION CONTEST TO BE FILED IN BUSBY/BILBRAY RACE MONDAY MORNING!! I think Brian Bilbray (R CA-50) might have a problem after all! Perhaps Francine Busby shouldn’t put her lawn-signs away after all! Wouldn’t that just totally suck if the courts ruled the election illegal and they’ve got to go back and vote again? And…and…wouldn’t that just suck if Francine Busby won the second time around? Just like Minnesota has Norm Coleman (R-MN), only because Paul Wellstone crashed in an airplane seven days before that election.

Flip off Bush

Democratic ad ties all of GOP to Bush

Democrats yesterday said they will link Republicans in power with President Bush as often as possible in the 100 days leading up to the midterm congressional elections.

Well, I’m a skeptic – but it sure will be fun seeing what creativity they can pull within those next 100 Days…

The Gorillaz, Dare

QueerI like the part at the beginning of this video where he says: “Hall-O!

Plork Productions.

The Clint Easwood video is the best. I promise. Dare is still pretty awesome.

Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman?

Michael Shiavo’s letter to Liebermann. I can only imagine what it took to sit down and write this letter. After what the GOP (and Lieberman) did to this man and his wife. Poor guy.

Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) Gets Mother Theresa Award for Good Behavior

The Senator blasts a couple volunteer firfighters from out of state and complains about how much money they make. (As if Burns’ Congressional Payraises weren’t enough for the past 16 years.)

But for a U.S. senator to launch such an attack based on hisBurns own, sketchy impressions or the uninformed venting of self-appointed experts calls into question Burns’ judgment. His belief that a firefighter could be paid $10,000 for a week’s work is proof that Burns is completely out of touch. The only people we know paid exorbitantly for doing nothing wear suits in Washington, D.C., not yellow shirts on the fire line.”

Day-ummm!!! Anybody out there on the Minneapolis Star Tribune staff that can do better?! Doubt it!! (Thanks Kos!)

Dear Katherine; Go F&%*yourself!

No no no..It isn’t Katherin Kersten of the Minneapolis Star Tribune! It’s the Florida Grand Ole Party giving Katherine Harris the finger!!

“Katherine, though it causes us much anguish, we have determined that your campaign faces irreparable damage. We feel that we have no other choice but to revoke our support. “The polls tell us that no matter how you run this race, you will not be successful in beating Bill Nelson, who would otherwise be a vulnerable incumbent if forced to face a stronger candidate.”

Mickeys FingerYa know… That’s gratitude for ya! The GOP owes Katherine Harris for rigging the first Florida election and here they go flipping her the finger! Sheeshe! What a bunch of Jerks!

What’s even better is when the American people say the same thing to the GOP come this November!
Thanks Buzzy!

Bill Frist is in Deeper Do-Do Than we originally thought!

I am continually baffled by the Republican Party’s façade theyfrist wear playing the “Party of a Higher Moral Value”. Like, we’re all supposed to believe they love Jesus more than the rest of the planet. And yet, they’re routineley being discovered to have the lowest worst Ethics in the country. Of course, if you say Republicans are crooks, they quickly remind us about Sen Ed Kennedy and Chappaquiddick (which happened in 1969)!!Oh well.. So another Republican is under a second investigation. And, like the first one, it’s about money laundering and failing to reveal finances to the IRC and/or the US Senate.

Frist and his wife are the sole trustees in charge of a family foundation bearing the senator’s name, according to Internal Revenue Service forms. However, he has not been listing that position on his Senate disclosure forms, which are made public every year.

Sound familiar?

Congressman John Kline (R-MN) Hires Secret Cheerleaders

I thought this was hilarious. The Dump John Kline website keeps getting these nasty-grams from someone call himself “a Klinefan”. “Mr. Kline Fan” emails the nasty-grams to the DJK website. Until the DJK folks look into it and discover all of the nasty-grams are coming from the same Internet IP Address…Which is coming from the John Kline Campaign Headquarters!

Klinefan” a frequent (and impolite) poster to this blogDunce has been posting his comments from the same ip address that hosts John Kline’s re-election website!

…When I called, Mr. Esmay said he had nothing to do with the postings. Coincidentally, “Klinefan” logged off the site within minutes of Mr. Esmay hanging up the phone. Draw your own conclusions.

I’m laughing my butt off. So folks, be sure to check out our Rowleynotorious former FBI-Agent Coleen Rowley, who blew the whistle on the Taliban and made everybody look completely stupid..Including the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI. She’s worth a note from everybody to say “Hey!!” and everybody’s ready to kick Kline out and get Rowley into Congress.

The Milk and Cookies

Here’s a collection of a few YouTube videos that’s well worth checking out with your chocolate-chips and big glass of Skim.

Men on Books

FilmmakingThe Bush Bash!
math – You’ll have to watch closely to figure it out.G’night!

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