Peace, Love and Happiness in DC


Michael Brown (Former FEMA Goof-Ball that killed thousands of southern Louisianans and Mississippians) gets interviewed in Playboy magazine and tells this story about he and our very own “Brooklyn, NY Import”, Sen Norm Coleman (R-MN). Apparently, both of them are worth considering little children that are fighting in public.

Coleman: “You’re a Jerk!”

Brown: “Huh?! How so?”frick and frack

Coleman: “Well..I’m not taking the time out to explain it to ya…But…But…You’re just a jerk!”

Brown: “Yeah?! Well..Well… Screw you!

…Cheeze-n-Crackers Dudes… You’re both Republicans! Who’s calling the kettle black?!?!

Well, okay… Since I might be accused of embellishing this story, I’ll cut and past the actual words Brown said:

…If you don’t have the guts to sit there and listen to my response and ask me questions about my leadership, then screw you!

Such horrible mudslinging going on with these Republicans! Good golly! What’s a body to do?

The Fruit Fly (who’s laughing his little butt off!)

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