Bye Bye Birdie…

Abramoff Friends
Parting is such sweet sorrow…. I have found this short little YouTube link to help with the background music while you’re reading this. Okay?! So click the YouTube icon and YouTubeyou can watch Ann-Margaret and come back to sniffle and cry along with me. No, flowers aren’t necessary…because none of them are dead yet, but at least one of them is looking forward to the next conjugal-visit.

So, who are these fine looking gentleman?

On the left there, the looking like he’s got a codpiece stuffed down his drawers is Jack. He’s a thief. He deals exclusively with Republicans and rips off Native American Indians. So in a way, he steals from the less fortunate and gives abundantly to the fortunate! Don’t worry about him…he’s now in jail and his cellmate is a nice gentleman named “Grand Master Mr. B” and other jailmates say the “B” stands for “Big”, if you know what I mean.

Okay, now the guy next over there in the back, that’s the Help. Never mess with the Help, so we’ll leave him be right where he is now.

Now the guy next over to the right there is another alleged thief! His name is Ralph. His friends and colleagues were saying that he is definetely going to President of the United States one day. But, that’s also doubtful because now his political career is completely bombed after trying to run for Lt General in Georgia. You see…Ralph and Jack are really good friends. Only Ralph the former leader of the Konservative Kristian Koalition until it went bankrupt started playing copy-cat with his buddy Jack and found a lot of fun in ripping off Native American tribes. (Well, that’s what they allege and what they’re investigating… So we’ll know for sure when the judge finally drops the gavel.)

The next guy is named David. He’s also a thief, a liar and a filthy Republican. He has been found guilty of all kinds of things, including lying to the Prosecution of his case about papers and logisitics. He’ll be sentanced in October of this year, so he’ll probably be going to jail right after that too.

The last guy in our “family photo” here is named Bob. He’s a filthy Republican Congressman from Ohio who’s still under investigatin for a wide range of charges. So, Bob here hasn’t said “Bye Bye Birdie Bye Bye” yet… But today he stepped down from his post and and said that it’s because his family is a wee bit stressed out. (Well…sort of.) His actual words were; “Ultimately this decision came down to my family. I must think of them first, and I can no longer put them through this ordeal…

Okay so we have a photo on-hand for the extended family available. Please notice Satan, the King of Darkness still on the plane at the top of the stairs?

Abramoff Scottland
Out of respect to the victims in this horrific story… Let us remember something clearly; This is the same group of gentlman along with Tom Delay and others, who were involved with a sweat-shop in Siapan, Micronesia. These gentleman played a part in conning poor woman from Asia to “come to America” where they arrived on Siapan and shoved into sweatshops. And…let’s remember everybody, that if any of those women were pregnant…they were FORCED to have an abortion. We can have sympathy for the Native American tribes who are once again conned by stupid White Boys, but let’s also remember the women in Micronesia.

So, Bye Bye Birdie…Bye Bye, indeed. Over and over the American people see what kind of filth the Grand Ole Party has produced. While they brag that Abraham Lincoln was the founding father of their party – they sure know how to embarrassed their Daddy with that whole “Honesty” thing. Cheeze! And Ann-Margret is just plain Sexy as all get out too! What a great song… Thanks guys! Bye Bye Birdie!
The Fruit Fly

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  1. […] Just last month, The Great Fruit Fly, CEO extrodinaire, pointed out that Congressman Ney was the last of the “Scotland Tour” who hasn’t yet been found guilty. This completes the “inner-circle” of Jack Abramoff’s friends who get to take field trips to Scotland on a private Lear as a “personal thank-you” for taking his bribes. This leaves only Ralph Reed (former Executive Director of the Konservative Kristian Koalition, former Lieutenant Governor hopeful-Georgia) who is not going to jail…Yet. […]

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