Tea and Cookies

fortuneteller.jpgYou are here Darling!! I am so happy you are here.. Come in! Please Come in!! I have been some making za tea…would you like zum tea too Darling?! Please! Join me in zum tea… I vill read your leaves for free!! Yes!

Okay… Zeh spirits! They have been telling me so much dat is going on Daling…Zo much! I have lots to tell you… Zer. Drink that tea, it is zo very hot now. Zucker?! No?! Okay then… Let’s get to verk on ze creestal ball, and zen I vill read your tea leavez…..

Okay silence now! …and let ze spiritz communicate through me… I zee in ze ball.. it is clearer now… ah… yez…

Dees “Leeberman” perzon, he loozes ze election and then he sayz, “No! I vill NOT Looze!” so he decides to fight his friendzSore Looberman who like him for eighteen yearz. Diz is … how you say… “Ze..Dieztiech!! Err… Ze Stoopid!” It est very sad and stoopid.” An then everybody leaves him and all of them…zey say; “Ah! You no like us! You go away now!” Everybody sayz dis except ze Diezt.. err.. Boosh. Ze Rove-Boosh, he callz de Leeberman and Rove coverhe zays: “Ze Boosh-Boss vill help you be mean to your faithful friendz of ze past eighteen yearz! We promise success! Joy and ze comfort!

And Ve vill be your friends from now on!!

” Zo! My cryeestal ball sayz dat Leebman-Stuph vill do az dey say about his old friends! And he vill… “Cut! And Run!”

And zen, ze Leeberman vill understand why ze Rove-Boosh is called ze, err, how you say, ze “Poopie Flower”.

Now it is important Dahling..ze spiritz are zaying dis too!

“Madam Bushka! Madam Bushka! You must tell zem about zee Boosh-Booh and ze MeedleBush Dumb East!!” And so I tell you. Now listen to me closely Dahling…

One! Ze Boosh-Boosh…. He and everybody zay “No More Syria in Lebanon!!” and zey kick out ze Syria!

Almost two yeers ago! They say “No”! And ze Syria leaves! No?

Of course not! Are you Boosh-Boosh?!

Two! Ze Boosh-Boosh, he goes off and he forgets ze people of Lebanon and goes back to his sand-pit in Iraq. Boosh-Boosh, he shakez his fist at ze people of Iran! And he screams and threatens ze people in Iran.

And zen, while he is ignoring ze Lebanon….Ze Hezbullah people…they come into ze Lebanon and then they pick on ze Isrealees. Now, Dalink.. Zee Boosh-Boosh he say; “Oh! Ve vill fix des! And ve vill fix dat!” he says. “Ve vill make it all better!” he says. But he ist all alone! Do you understand des?! You zee vhat ze spirits are trying to tell you? What he sayz he vill fix… he make vorst…and ze rest of ze world…zey hate us vorst. And des is vhy he is a bad man, No?

Now I know you want to go and I haf taken too much of your time…

A cookie?! No?! They’re wonderful!
I am sorry. I promised that I vould read your leavez… Please! Give me your cup cup! Please!

Ahhh…. You have veddy unusal reading… hrmmm…. ahhh! hannity sucks

Well !! Madame Bushka can tell you now!

You’re fortune iz Dis! And you vill pay attention to Madam Bushka closely… Yes?
You vill pay a price for your arrogance by re-electing this Idee-ot Boosh-Boosh! And you will be decided by ze big oil companies and it will be decided at your peril!

Ze oil company sayz “I made a boo-boo! I have to clean dis mistake up! It’s horrible!”. Zen…the rest of the oil companies say: “OH! I too!! Iprayers have paid a horrible price for giving you my oil!!! I must shut down now and follow your strick laws on ze environment!” It ist the Greed that you will have to fight! And it is da same cancer you vill have to destroy in order to survive!

Now ze spiritz have left me. Please see my daughter outside… She vill take care of ze bill with you.

Hello! Oh so wonderful to see you!!! You’ve brought your new baby-daughter vhich you!!! Oh…How beyooootiful she is! Hello my darling!! Hello!

Please come in… I have Much to tell you… Yes ! Yes! Of course she can come in too.. what a beoootiful child! …Oh she ist so darling..! I have cookes and zom tea for us! Would you like? Yes?!!? Let’s go in and be comfortable….Madam Bushka loves to share zom tea with a cookie, yes?!?

The Fruit Fly.

One Response

  1. Hey Fruit Fly-

    Great Blog!

    I just discovered you in my search for new blogs in MN Blogosphere. I’ve added your link to my blog roll – if you like my blog, please add me to your MN Blog Links. Also, if you’re interested in participating in any netroots activities to help Democratic candidates in Minnesota fund raise and recruit volunteers, shoot me your email. Thanks again!

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