Enjoy the Tea But Leave the Cookies Alone

fortuneteller.jpgOh!! Halloo!! Halloo!! Please!! You come in!! I vill take your wrap…yes… It hast been so very long since you’ve come to visit me, no?! Yes, so many people haf come to me and say; “Madam Bushka! Madam Bushka! So many of the tings you have told me have come so true!” And now…here you are again! Vell, it’s just good to see you again.

SEET!! SEET!! My goodness me, my manners..!! They go “pooof!” sometimes on me… SEET! Goot. Der… Zome tea? I pour you a nice cup of hot tea. It’s goot, no!?! My daughter Zelda… She ist learning to bake and she makes these cookies. You would like one of her cookies?!?! No? All the same den… They aren’t that goot noway. She needs more practice! …Ze poor dear.

Now! I vill listen to ze spirits and you will not say anyt’ing while I concentrate…. Ummmmmm… Zey are saying that this ist goot! Ya…. Goot! Yah….

Douche Ze sprits say that you voted vell! Zey say that you vill have a very difficult time cleaning up ze horrible mess in de Halls of ze Congress. But, that you voted out these, ummm, how do you say “Nutty Noggings”… That upset ze spirits and ze spirits have hoped you vould vote zem out. And ze Bush…and he signs ze bills and then breaks ze law anyway. Yes…. And zey say dat you vill have a lot of wonderful feelings of ze love from ze people when you show dem how much you care about zem. Ze people… Wait… Yeas… Okay. Ze spiritz say like this; “People love ze country again and hate ze Bush-man. You vill have lots of love from zem when you, umm, display how much you care about ze people in ze America.” I don’t know ze word, ummm…. It no matters. Ze old government, they say “Puh” to ze Americans, you see. They hated you and they spit at you and zey touch your children like “ick”. They steal your moneys and zey gives it to their friends, and their friends give zem ze money.

But, it no matters….You have your chance now…

Wait! Wait!! Ahhhh….. Yes….. Brady Bunch

Ze sprits also say this…. You vill work very hard to put ze stems cells back on ze table and the Bush-man will be forced to sign it. And you vill make many sick people better. And you vill once again be vorking with those everywhere in the world to get rid of ze sicknesses. And you vill get love from ze people that you help to make ill. Ze Bush-man will hear to ze Christians who hate ze sick people. Ze Christians say; “Dey love ze Life!” and yet they hate their sick. You vill have your chance to force them out of ze halls of your offices.

Ummmm…. Spirits say with ze caution… Yessss… Yes….. Ze Spirits say that you must respect your new power. You must respect ze people who gave you that power. And ze sprits say that ze power will be laughed at by the …”Nutty Noggins” who no longer have ze job to spit on ze people. “Phuh!” They spit you see. Phuh!! They hate you because ze people loves you, you see. They “phuh” on you.
Dat is all they say. Ze spirits say not’ing else. That is all. Let me see your cup, are you finished?!? Okay, I shall wait for you to f… Okay. Let me see your cup!! Ahhh…. I see….. Yes… Ze tea leaves tell me much! Yes…

Ze tea leaves say; “You vill have more money with ze minimum wage!! You see… you will have more money and you will make more peole happy and you vill share some of that money with Madam Bushka!” Zats what ze tea leaves say.


Please!! Please! Here is your coat…Yes, that was a vonderful time. I always love to see you come and let Madam Bushaka read for you. You must come back to see me so very soon! Oh!!! And some cookies!! Take some cookies with you! No?! Why not?! My daughter made zem! Zey are delicious!! You vill love them!! You tell my daughter how much you love zem when you pay her for ze bill!!

Hello!! Welcome…welcome! Come in! I am Madam Bushka! Please come in!! Cookies? Zey are wonderful! My daughter you know..she learns to bake zem. You try one? No? No worries…they aren’t so good anyway… please! Sit! Sit!!

Fruit Fly

6 Responses

  1. This was wonderful Enk. You know how much I love Madam Bushka.

  2. Plus, I love your new look.

  3. I have already enjoy your website, and it is so nice and cool. I will visit your website again. Thank you.

  4. Good site! It very impressive, easy to find helpful information. Keep up the great work.

  5. I wanted to thank you for the time you spent building this page. I will visit your website again. Thank you

  6. “It’s not because of fate, it’s because of Tequila” That may be the best thing I have ever read in my whole life!

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