DAMMIT! Hello!

Come in! Come in!! Oh it ist sooooo goot to see you so. Ah… and such a lovely too… Have you been well?!? It hast’ been so veddy long since you’ve come to see Madame Bushka, no?!?

Sit! Sit! Let me get zom tea… I have Oooolong this time. Their leaves…they’re wonderful. I can read zem like an East German whore can read a circumcized customer in ze lumber yard. How ist your spouse? It ist goot?Bushka

Hrmm… Hand me ze tea pot dear, I get zom hot water into it…Danke…yes. And you were saying?!?! …About your vife!

Okay, ahh…Okay Okay! Ouch! Yes… Yes… I vill tell him. Ouch! Ouch!Darling, please forgive me… I am possessed by ze spirits… They are torturing me…OUCH! OUCH!! OWWW!!

OWW! Yes..I vill tell her!! ..It!

Please forgive – Ze spirits, they torture me vhen they are excited and have thigs to ssssss OWW!!!

Dahling. You are ze stupt. Has ze the rest of ze world seen that you’ve already start more wars with ze Middle East than the Vatican? It hast become apparent that you’ve sold ze American people’s souls to ze Middle East. You’ve included ze people of the United States in some game of “Texas Hold Em”?

Meester Boosh; You have no friends or fantasies you’d hope for. You don’t hafe any allies in ze wars you’ve already have started and you’re no longer interesting. Meester Boosh; telling us why we should continue to Hate (them) only makes us ask why you’re not included on the very same list.

Anthrax in the US Postal system, airline unions expected to “feel the pain”. New Orleans, tsunami’s, and the price for customs corruption and Senator McCain’s 2008 campaign speech.

okay!!! Okay!! I vill tell him!!! OWWW!!

Meester Boosh. Let me tell you zom’sing and then you vill leave quickly:

Bush BloomersZe Americans pulled ze Saddam from a hole in the middle of the desert, with a revolver within arms reach. Ze Saddam was in ze hole for just a few days before he vas pulled out like a rat, and was photographed in his bloonder-plooms.

Meester Boosh: Let’s not have to pull you out of your own rat-hole in ze Oval Office while still in you own bloonder-plooms. You and everybody knows zat there ist not’ing more embarrassing zen being remoofed from your office by your own people. Der ist nothing more shameful.

In ze homeland, we see these same kind of wars. Ze people of South America hast seen their Pinochet. Asia has seen Hirohito and zey have their Pol Pot. Ze people of Eastern Europe hast seen ze Hitler, Moussoulini and ze Russians hast seen zer Stalin’s, Marx’s and ze Hitler.

All of these people had their wars and their secret governments and there propaganda … And all of them ended their history in shame.

Hello KittyYou’re no longer an original, Meester Bush. You’re ze replica. A cheap stolen from ze original. America is not as zey say… “Hello Kitty”…

Please leave. Ze Spirits vould appreciate it you left with some digni… OUCH!! OKAY!!! OKAY! Please leave quickly Meester Boo OUCH! OKAY! I TOLD HIM! I TOL..

It is just a caution-sign Meester B… OUCH! dammit

Helena! HelenaFruitFly Dahling!! Please help … Meester Bush was just leaving.. OUCH! AH!! HELENA!!!!!

Dammit!! Hello!! Helena? Hello…!! OUCH!! DAMMIT!! HELLO!!! HE-LENA!!!