On the Chinese Menu

In respect to the former Secretary of State Colin Powell’schinese menu comment about being handed a “Chinese Menu” so he could pick and choose his speech to the UN Security Council, I think it’s only fitting we pay tribute to his disasterous choices. So, here’s my own “Chinese Menu” so you can pick and choose your own interests (and your own taste buds).

Hunan Chicken

Al Rodgers’ diary of snippletts with a delightful YouTube link showing a poll from MSNBC’s “The Top Villian of 2006” with Bush coming in at #1 with 25% of the vote. (Hint; Satan was the least with only 1%. But you won’t believe who was regarded the #1 Top Villian!!)

Sweet and Sour Pork

First Lady Laura Bush comes to the defense of her husband by complaining that it’s simply unfair to criticize her “Decider in Chief” when it comes to Global Warning. This “dish” doesn’t really belong on the menu except for the fact to point out that Mrs Bush is constantly whining about having to defend her husband. For example; here and here and here.

How unfortunate her husband doesn’t come to her aid in defending her in that unbelievable disaster in building that children’s hospital in Basra, Iraq. Now that I think about it – everything either Laura or George touch turns out to be a disaster… And I”m not even talking about their kids!

General Tso’s Chicken

Have you run out of Nazi’s? Check out your local Wal Mart! The giant retailer is selling Nazi t-shirts for a new low, low price! All you have to do is follow that giant yellow smiley face right to the shelves of Nazi memorabelia and look for the people scooping the shirts up left and right! Oddly enough; Jews, gays, Jahovah’s Witnesses, labor union workers and Poles don’t seem to be too interested! Eleven weeks later, Wal Mart continues to sell them…quickly?!

Shrimp Fried Rice

Ted Haggard, one of three mega-disasters for the Republican Party’s prior to last year’s election is back in the spotlight. And he’s emailing all of his old parishoners yacking it up on how fabulous his new life is as a completelly and totally heterosexual man. His new life? Order the rice and find out yourself.

Egg Foo Young

Some crazy liberal Senator is at it again. Senator Russ Feingold (R-WI) has been yammering this crazy anti-patriotic jabbering that will undoubtedly be damaging to our troops and promote Devil worship in our pulbic schools. In a reaction to senate Republicans filibustering the all important war resolution, Senator Feingold said:

“We need to play hardball on this. We’re gonna have to take the lead on this issue and we’re gonna need to tie this place up as long as it takes,” he said in describing what he sees as a fear and timidity in his colleagues who now hold a slight majority in the Senate…

…Why, that’s just crazy talk! Someone get that man a Valium! If you need a video of his crazy anti-American verbal assult, you can click here.

Pu Pu Platter

Today’s special! With everybody running full gallop away from Dick, George and Condi, the newest member jumping ship from the sinking HMS Neocon is… drum roll please… Jeremy Grantham; Cheney’s personal investment manager!

Fortune Cookie

Colin Powell’s presentation to the United Nations Security Counsel was four years ago today. Coincidence? …Or do you think I knew that already before writing this blog? Hrmmm…. You decide! (Seriously…you should read the piece on this historic anniversary. It’s pretty funny.)


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