Who’s Your Daddy?!

Fake PrincePrince Frederick von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor claims that he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Daniellyn. This is a flat-out lie, because I am the father, dammit!

“If you go back from September, she wasn’t with one of those guys, she was with me,” von Anhalt told The Associated Press in an interview Friday. Well, if that was true, then where was his wife Zsa Zsa? And if he was philandering around behind his wife’s back, do you think we could find a pretty blue dress with a stain on it in Anna Nicole Smith’s closet?

He went on with his pack of foreign-born socialist lies to the media by saying:

“She was a very big fan of Zsa Zsa and wanted to be like Zsa Zsa,” he said. “She wanted to be a princess.”

He said the two started an affair soon after, meeting over the years in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. For much of that time, he said, Smith urged him to make her a princess like his wife.

But short of divorcing the actress, he said the only solution would have been adopting Smith. Von Anhalt said he did consider that and even filled out adoption papers, but Gabor refused to sign them.

Lies! All of this is a lie!! If this is true, then where are those adoption papers?!  Let’s think about what he just said.  If my dear Anna Nicole Smith wanted this fake Prince to make her a princess, then he’d have to marry her or “adopt” her.  But since he couldn’t adopt her because Zsa Zsa wouldn’t sign the adoption papers, he claims he carried on a sexual affair with her instead! The man is not only a liar, but he’s admitting to adultry and incest!!  Now who do you believe? Some “fuzzy foreigner” with a fake title calling himself a “prince” who goes around impregnating young girls by promising fake titles of nobility? Or a nice sweet, and might I add “very sexy” man like myself?!?

I know I will sound like Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary by saying, my baby is not a prop. My baby is a gift from God…

“This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate by people on either side of an issue. It is my child.”

Prince Frederick von Anhalt is from some liberal socialist German village where they eat little babies during holidays like Halloween and Mayday. He’ll take my baby Danielyn and we’ll never see my baby ever again… Please help me get my baby back. Please?!?! I’m desperate here! There’s my baby ….. <choking and sobbing> It’s just terrible…<sobbing uncontrollably>


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