Pastor commits suicide fearing he was about to be “Haggardized”

I can’t imagine what goes through a man’s brain to think just quitting your job as a pastor, being honest with yourself and admit to yourself that being gay is not really that big of a deal and choose suicide instead.

Oh wait…Nevermind. I remember being suicidal when I had to come-out to myself!

I’m just glad this man isn’t going to be able to continue to preach hatred against gay people anymore! Hey, at least I’m allowed to say that. (It’s better than their “God Hates Faggots” friends down there in Knuckledrag, Kansas showing up at U.S. Military funerals up here.)

One thing to point out here about this piece I find interesting. Read the piece about this pastor in Pennsylvania and how he died.

There was an immediate “shout-out” from their Evangelical community to form a coalition to force the KDKA television news station. It’s the second paragragh and read this line:

The group does not want KDKA-TV’s license revoked, but said it should apologize to Rev. Brent Dugan’s church “for the misleading promos and unfortunate lapse in journalistic reporting that led to the Rev. Brent Dugan’s unfortunate death.”

Here’s my letter to the Christian group:

Dear Christian People Who Hate Gay People:

Me I completely agree with you. Those horrible KDKA television people have been painting us to look bad for years now. In fact, the news media has been making gay people look bad ever since people like you have demanded that we should be shuned and hated, burned to death and gassed to death…I’m thinking right about 1100 A.D, give or take. So KDKA television has decided to make you look like one of us!?!?!? What is you’re problem?

Are you expected to think you should be treated any better? You really can’t be that arrogant can you? I mean, I would side with KDKA if you were.

Have a crappy day.

The FruitFly

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  1. You folks just don’t get it. Or just don’t listen to the details. Being that we believe that God is the absolute authority for our life (since he created us) and that the Bible is His word to us, we hold the same position on Homosexuality that God has clearly stated in the Bible.God does NOT hate the “Gay” person. We do NOT hate the “Gay” person. The fact is that God calls homosexuality a sin just as murder or adultry, etc. Therefore we, as God himself hate and condone the sin, NOT the sinner.

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