Ed Shultz spanks Air America

flying cat fightEd Shultz has been spanking Sam Seder and Air America Radio for the first ten minutes of his show. Apparently, Sam Seder has been yelling in his micrphone telling his listeners that there’s a debate going on at XM on who’s going to carry the 12:00 – 3:00PM slot and ecouraging them to call XM and avoid carrying The Ed Shutlz Show. Sam, apparenty jealous that XM is putting Shutlz’s show in that slot and it’s not an Air America jockey (preferably himself), has complained that Shultz isn’t “family”. (Post Published Editing: It’s my assumption that Seder’s jealous – I don’t know, I didn’t hear what Sam said because I no longer give a crap about him, especially when Stephanie Miller is on local Air America while Sam’s on XM.  Please read the Comments for further clarification.)

Bullet statements said by Ed in his first twenty minutes:


…And I’m pissed at myself for starting the show off with this…

…I wish Air America would just go away and shut up.

…If they’d sell some advertising they could be worth something. But they don’t! They can’t sell advertising, all they can sell is how much they hate other progressives and tell other liberals down. Well you know what, my stuff sells and your doesn’t.

I even have a problem with Al Franken. He goes around the country for two years telling people he’s thinking about running for US Senate – well who does that? Air America knows he’s leaving and Al Franken just keeps going on telling people he’s leaving. Is that supporting your company…your employer? I’m here to support Jones’ Media radio and I’m not Air America. I don’t care about Air America. They’re mean and they’ll hate anybody that isn’t one of them.
And I’m sick and tired of pussy-footin’ around Air America! They can eat me.

Who the hell are they to say who’s liberal enough or conservative enough? XM can put their programming out there anyway they want to..

FIRST CALLER: I think you should give Air America some slack…

SHULTZ: THEY SUCK! THEY SUCK THEY SUCK! They’re mean and they SUCK in my opinion. They spend $40million and they can’t raise one single nickle. I don’t have to give them any slack – they suck!

FIRST CALLER: Well I’m here in Minneapo

…I’m done with Air America. I’m done with this stuff. We’re going to either fish or cut bait. Al Fraken leave isRambo Kitty probably the best thing that could happen. If you’re running a business and you had an employee come into your office saying for two years that he’s thinking about leaving. Why would you keep him?! Their main guy is leaving and they’re trying to pick up stations! Give me a break.
SECOND CALLER: I think it’s about time! You’ve been taking the high road for how long now? Get it out of your system and go ahead on. It’s about time!! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working! I’ve been listening to your show for I don’t know how long. And I can’t believe it when someone from Air America comes along and tries to bump you. You’ve been shoved around by Air America for I don’t know how long so I say it’s about time.

SHULTZ : Thank you very much Angie. Now here’s an intelligent listener who understands how rotten Air America radio really is!

Returning from a commercial:

Yeah they’ve been robbin’ people all along. There’s no truth in the fact that Anna Nicole Smith will be doing a show on Air America soon – but she’d be better than anybody they have right now even if she wasn’t dead!

They don’t cross promote: They don’t talk about ‘what’s coming up in the next hour’. They don’t ever say; “Did you hear what Bill Press said in that last hour? Coming up next is the Stephanie Miller show!” They don’t talk about anything but themselves. I’ve just had enough. Air America Sucks! Their shows suck! If you’ve given money to Air America then you’re an idiot too. If you’re listening to Air America, then I don’t want you to listen to the Ed Shultz Show.

I go all over the country and talk to union workers and I talk to real people. How many people has Sam Sedar done that? Just a few weeks ago, I’m down in Minneapolis talking to these people packed in this little tiny facility during the Blue State Ball. And I told those people to support Air America. Get progressives back into office. Get out of your homes and knock on your neighbor’s door. Get out and support the Democrats. And I want you all to support Al Franken! But how do I get treated back? Sam Sedar is lying over in XM about who’s taking Al Franken’s place – well that’s a lie. There is no debate – it’s set in stone. Sam Sedar is lying.
Take this crap from these liberals over at Air America. They don’t know anything about radio. They’ll do anything to stab Stepheanie Miller in the back. They’ll do anything to stab Bill Press. They’ll do anything to ruin anybody they want for their own self interest. They can’t find advertisers so they stab other liberals and progressives.

…They hurt the Democratic party and they suck.

Ed ShultzReturning from commercial

…Air America Radio sucks. Their shows suck. And they’re business practices are deplorable.

CALLER: <edited> Air America can’t compete with you. It’s sour grapes because they can’t compete with you. You’re the one who’s taught me about politics and what’s going on. ‘Oh! Senator Clinton’s coming up next!’ Or ‘Barak Obama’s on your show now!’ I’m listening to you, Ed! I mean, I listen to them, but you’re in a completely different category than they are.

SHULTZ: There’s not a single talk-show host out there that will talk about universal health care. There’s not a single talk-show host other there talking about taxes. They’re out there trying split us up. How many Air America radio hosts have talked about unions? How many of them have bothered to talk to someone or about someone who’s a liberal progressive that wasn’t an Air America employee? I won’t sit back and let some other company try to set our agenda and what we’ve done for so long. I’m just not taking it anymore, and I’m not taking it from Air America anymore. They suck and their business practices are deplorable.

Returning from Commericial:

CALLER: You’re right Ed. They’ve lost Al Franken and they fired Mike Malloy a while ago. Mike Malloy was their best talker they had! And they…

SHULTZ: Mike Mike Malloy can eat me! Malloy has taken so many nasty shots at me… Tell Malloy he can eat me. You know… How many times Mike Malloy has said that I’m a “plant” – that I’m really a Republican. Mike Malloy’s one of the biggest hate mongers out there. How’s it feel Mike?!?! You like picking on Big Eddie all this time and I don’t say a word because I think it’s wrong. Well, I’m done with that too. If Mike Malloy was such a big time talker – then what channel can I find him on?! Where is Mike Malloy? HUH?! I’m going on XM – do you think Mike Malloy’s on XM? Why is it that Mike Malloy can’t find a job to save his soul? And he’s gotMe time time to say anything bad about anybody else? Where is that hate monger? I’ve had enough. There’s not an owner or a talker that’s going to tell me what to say and what this show’s going to do. I’ve had enough.

Yee-haw! Go get ’em Big Eddie!