Ed Shultz spanks Air America

flying cat fightEd Shultz has been spanking Sam Seder and Air America Radio for the first ten minutes of his show. Apparently, Sam Seder has been yelling in his micrphone telling his listeners that there’s a debate going on at XM on who’s going to carry the 12:00 – 3:00PM slot and ecouraging them to call XM and avoid carrying The Ed Shutlz Show. Sam, apparenty jealous that XM is putting Shutlz’s show in that slot and it’s not an Air America jockey (preferably himself), has complained that Shultz isn’t “family”. (Post Published Editing: It’s my assumption that Seder’s jealous – I don’t know, I didn’t hear what Sam said because I no longer give a crap about him, especially when Stephanie Miller is on local Air America while Sam’s on XM.  Please read the Comments for further clarification.)

Bullet statements said by Ed in his first twenty minutes:


…And I’m pissed at myself for starting the show off with this…

…I wish Air America would just go away and shut up.

…If they’d sell some advertising they could be worth something. But they don’t! They can’t sell advertising, all they can sell is how much they hate other progressives and tell other liberals down. Well you know what, my stuff sells and your doesn’t.

I even have a problem with Al Franken. He goes around the country for two years telling people he’s thinking about running for US Senate – well who does that? Air America knows he’s leaving and Al Franken just keeps going on telling people he’s leaving. Is that supporting your company…your employer? I’m here to support Jones’ Media radio and I’m not Air America. I don’t care about Air America. They’re mean and they’ll hate anybody that isn’t one of them.
And I’m sick and tired of pussy-footin’ around Air America! They can eat me.

Who the hell are they to say who’s liberal enough or conservative enough? XM can put their programming out there anyway they want to..

FIRST CALLER: I think you should give Air America some slack…

SHULTZ: THEY SUCK! THEY SUCK THEY SUCK! They’re mean and they SUCK in my opinion. They spend $40million and they can’t raise one single nickle. I don’t have to give them any slack – they suck!

FIRST CALLER: Well I’m here in Minneapo

…I’m done with Air America. I’m done with this stuff. We’re going to either fish or cut bait. Al Fraken leave isRambo Kitty probably the best thing that could happen. If you’re running a business and you had an employee come into your office saying for two years that he’s thinking about leaving. Why would you keep him?! Their main guy is leaving and they’re trying to pick up stations! Give me a break.
SECOND CALLER: I think it’s about time! You’ve been taking the high road for how long now? Get it out of your system and go ahead on. It’s about time!! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working! I’ve been listening to your show for I don’t know how long. And I can’t believe it when someone from Air America comes along and tries to bump you. You’ve been shoved around by Air America for I don’t know how long so I say it’s about time.

SHULTZ : Thank you very much Angie. Now here’s an intelligent listener who understands how rotten Air America radio really is!

Returning from a commercial:

Yeah they’ve been robbin’ people all along. There’s no truth in the fact that Anna Nicole Smith will be doing a show on Air America soon – but she’d be better than anybody they have right now even if she wasn’t dead!

They don’t cross promote: They don’t talk about ‘what’s coming up in the next hour’. They don’t ever say; “Did you hear what Bill Press said in that last hour? Coming up next is the Stephanie Miller show!” They don’t talk about anything but themselves. I’ve just had enough. Air America Sucks! Their shows suck! If you’ve given money to Air America then you’re an idiot too. If you’re listening to Air America, then I don’t want you to listen to the Ed Shultz Show.

I go all over the country and talk to union workers and I talk to real people. How many people has Sam Sedar done that? Just a few weeks ago, I’m down in Minneapolis talking to these people packed in this little tiny facility during the Blue State Ball. And I told those people to support Air America. Get progressives back into office. Get out of your homes and knock on your neighbor’s door. Get out and support the Democrats. And I want you all to support Al Franken! But how do I get treated back? Sam Sedar is lying over in XM about who’s taking Al Franken’s place – well that’s a lie. There is no debate – it’s set in stone. Sam Sedar is lying.
Take this crap from these liberals over at Air America. They don’t know anything about radio. They’ll do anything to stab Stepheanie Miller in the back. They’ll do anything to stab Bill Press. They’ll do anything to ruin anybody they want for their own self interest. They can’t find advertisers so they stab other liberals and progressives.

…They hurt the Democratic party and they suck.

Ed ShultzReturning from commercial

…Air America Radio sucks. Their shows suck. And they’re business practices are deplorable.

CALLER: <edited> Air America can’t compete with you. It’s sour grapes because they can’t compete with you. You’re the one who’s taught me about politics and what’s going on. ‘Oh! Senator Clinton’s coming up next!’ Or ‘Barak Obama’s on your show now!’ I’m listening to you, Ed! I mean, I listen to them, but you’re in a completely different category than they are.

SHULTZ: There’s not a single talk-show host out there that will talk about universal health care. There’s not a single talk-show host other there talking about taxes. They’re out there trying split us up. How many Air America radio hosts have talked about unions? How many of them have bothered to talk to someone or about someone who’s a liberal progressive that wasn’t an Air America employee? I won’t sit back and let some other company try to set our agenda and what we’ve done for so long. I’m just not taking it anymore, and I’m not taking it from Air America anymore. They suck and their business practices are deplorable.

Returning from Commericial:

CALLER: You’re right Ed. They’ve lost Al Franken and they fired Mike Malloy a while ago. Mike Malloy was their best talker they had! And they…

SHULTZ: Mike Mike Malloy can eat me! Malloy has taken so many nasty shots at me… Tell Malloy he can eat me. You know… How many times Mike Malloy has said that I’m a “plant” – that I’m really a Republican. Mike Malloy’s one of the biggest hate mongers out there. How’s it feel Mike?!?! You like picking on Big Eddie all this time and I don’t say a word because I think it’s wrong. Well, I’m done with that too. If Mike Malloy was such a big time talker – then what channel can I find him on?! Where is Mike Malloy? HUH?! I’m going on XM – do you think Mike Malloy’s on XM? Why is it that Mike Malloy can’t find a job to save his soul? And he’s gotMe time time to say anything bad about anybody else? Where is that hate monger? I’ve had enough. There’s not an owner or a talker that’s going to tell me what to say and what this show’s going to do. I’ve had enough.

Yee-haw! Go get ’em Big Eddie!

8 Responses

  1. dude- why would Sam be jealous that Ed is going to be on the XM AAR channel. Sam is already on the AARXM channel- drive time! Ed is just losing it. My theory, Ed moved his show to 12-3 thinking he’d pick up all these affiliates once Al left but most have picked up Thom H. Just my two cents- I like your blog.

  2. I paraphrased on why Sam Seder’s on a rant and saying he’s jealous. Those are my words, not Ed Shutlz’s. Ed’s rant makes the same statement in pointing out Air America’s behavior in the historic past in relation to callers and how his fans are treated. Seder’s muddling with getting Hartmann or not is a moot point when it comes to controlling what Big Eddie says and does on his show is not up for anyone to criticize what XM radio does with availability and arrangements. To say Sam’s jealous is my input – not Ed’s.


  3. What Eddie Haskel doesn’t know is that Malloy is on Nova AM which is growing fast and on Sirius radio. XM and Sirius are supposed to merge so they can duke it out there. It might bet bloody heh.

    Ed looks like the kid in the school yard crying about being picked on by bullys.

  4. More on fat ED, Below is a post from someone that lived near him in the 90’s

    I would like to tell you fellas all about “Fast” Eddie Schultz. This is going to be a doozy so kick back and grab a bag of popcorn…

    First, let’s give a little background. I live about 70 miles from the worst/greatest fu*king place on the entire earth: Fargo, ND. This is the place that “Fast” Eddie likes to claim he’s from. That is pure fu*king rubbish and an insult to Fargoans. Eddie is from Virginia and moved to Moorhead(that’s the Minnesota border city across from Fargo for all of you geographically-challenged 7th-grade dropouts…) sometime in the 70’s to play quarterback for Moorhead State University, my alma mater.

    After breaking all sorts of MSU passing records “Fast” Eddie got into local journalism. After some years of paying his dues being a local sports reporter he landed the “coveted” gig of “Sports Anchor” for WDAY-News Center 6, a position which he held for many years. Later on, in the early 90’s, he signed on with WDAY radio for a morning show in which he would be able to discuss current events, politics, etc. This was right up his alley as he was a STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE! He loved to make fun of Liberals every chance he could get. This guy preached the hard right line EVERY FU*KING DAY LIKE CLOCKWORK(8-10:30am central time).

    As the 90’s marched on his show became popular with conservative folk in the Fargo/Moorhead area. Yours truly would even tune in most every day. He was right ahead of Rush Limbaugh and relished the fact that he was. He LOVED RUSH…I mean…HE OBSESSED ABOUT HIM. Pat Buchanan, too. I’ve never heard so much venom from a talk show host about Bill Clinton either. All of this is true and I have tapes to prove it: I am a radio fanatic along with my uncle and we have 1000’s of hours of cool and obscure radio but I digress. I just need to figure out how to get analog audio from my cassettes to a digital format such as my computer. After I figure that out and with a little time I would like to make a “Best Of Fast Eddie Schultz – The Most Phony Liberal Host in America” CD!

    Anyhow, at the very tail of the late 90’s “Fast” Eddie had been PUSHING as hard as he could behind the scenes for a nationally syndicated radio show. HE WANTED SO BAD TO BE RIGHT THERE WITH HIS IDOL – RUSH LIMBAUGH. The problem was that the conservative radio national market was pretty full. Poor Eddie, nobody wanted to give him his big break. However, eventually someone came to him with an offer. The DLC and its affiliates were mounting a campaign to break some “LIBERAL” national talk shows to a wide market. The money offered was pretty substantial. “Fast” Eddie, never one to pass up cash, or so some of my acquaintances who know him say, signed on immediately for his chance at stardom! You might say he sold his soul to the devil? LOL

    The problem was that “Fast” Eddie was a STAUNCH CONSERVATIVE! What to do? What to do? What to MOTHER-FU*KING DO? Well, how about waking up one day and deciding you’re going to be a fu*king liberal!!! Yay!! Money! Money! Money! What an absolute fu*king genius. I mean really, the guy figured out to get what he had always wanted and all he had to do was PRETEND HE WAS A LIBERAL!! How hard could that be?

    “Fast” Eddie is the BIGGEST PHONY IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS GREAT MEDIUM WE CALL FREE-RADIO. He has fooled everyone and is laughing all the way to the bank. Good for him. It’s all those stupid liberal people out there tuning in everyday that I’m worried about.

    I just got done listening to a tape from January of 1995 where “Fast” Eddie was going ballistic about the need for a “strong military” and mentioning how the Middle East was becoming a problem that needed to dealt with. Classic stuff. I can’t wait to listen to more and laugh my ass off!

    And now you know the reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest of the story.


  5. Ed is a huge idiot:

    you didn’t explain why Sammy would be jealous of Ed as opposed to say Al or Thom.

  6. I thought I clarified it the first time during the “post editing” piece in the first paragraph. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough.

    I was live blogging – the first paragraph I was writing while Eddie yelling into the microphone and saying “blah blah” whatever. He never clarified what Sam Seder was yellin’ at his audience about until later on into his broadcast (which, if you re-read the blog, you’ll see it is pointed out). The first paragraph was my word choice – and from what I was understanding what he was taling about it was in my head as:

    Sam Seder wanted his audience to challenge the opening time slot with Al Franken leaving, which XM had (as Sedar was saying as reported by Shultze) was saying XM was undecided on who would fill the voice.

    In my brain, I thought Shultz was saying that Sedar wanted the time-slot 12:00EST to 3:00PM EST is a pretty damned good timeslot, after all.

    Thom Hartmann’s name was never mentioned, and Ed Shultz wasn’t talking about Seder, or Rhandi Rhodes or Mike Malloy directly per se. His message, which I personally believe came out clearly in his rant, was based on being tired of being ripped on by Air America hosts – because obviously it accomplishes *NOTHING* in the united front to get rid of these disgusting Republican trollopping whores in our capitol. When Sam or Mike or anybody rips on another liberal or a progressive – it splits all of us.

    Sam Sedar pushing for Thom Hartmann (or anybody for that matter) was an obvious insult to Ed Shultz. And, Shultz did nicely to point out that a.) He doesn’t work for Air America b.) Air America has no business trying to control XM or the Ed Shultz Show with their own self-serving agenda and c.) He’s tired getting the black eye from Mike Malloy’s big mouth (which I’ve witnessed more than once) and Shultz has decided to sink as low as Air American radio-heads and start tomato throwing at them just so they know how it feels. Oh…and d.) he had pointed out quit clearly that at the Air America Minnesota “Blue State Ball”, he was very positive of Air America, of Al Franken to run for US Senate and he was very supportive of Air America Minnesota. To hear that Sam Sedar is hoping XM will change their schedule that would affect the Ed Shultz Show was a direct slap in the face and it wasn’t called for and it wasn’t necessary.

    Should Sam Sedar be jealous? Obvious that I know more of the details, I wouldn’t say that at alll, live blogging you’re listening and typing at the same time… brain’s get mangled. I would say however, the Big Ed has made a point and Sedar at best should be a big man and call Ed Shultz and offer a clarification of viewpoints and assure a common friendship between two radio hosts who are trying to accomplish the same thing. (But…that would take a real man to apologize, even if Sedar doesn’t think he should be obligated anyway.)

    … In my humblest of opinions. And, I’m going to listen to Ed Shultz and see if Sam will disappoint me.

    The FruitFly

  7. First, I have never done this before. Im 59, and very computor challenged. About three or four years ago, I bought XM for the music. One day, Air America started and I have seldom turned it off. I respect all the personalities and have learned a great deal from them all! I am proud to be a supporter of ground breaking liberial, radio. I know things are not perfect at A.A. and XM, but its a start. What really bothers me is this bickering between personalities. Its like having to sit and listen to your parents go at it. Very unpleasent, not to mention,unprofessional. I have to watch the Dems in Congress do the same thing. We finally get some power back, and I have to watch them seemingly self-destruct on various issues. Most all Republicans are assholes, but at least they can put up a united front when they have to.Is that asking too much? Please keep your negitive comments and opinions about each other to yourselves.

  8. […] he was fuming over Air America’s waffling on deciding who would be Franken’s successor. I was channeling Big Eddie and blogged that Sam Seder must have been jealous. What a major mistake that was. Holy […]

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