A Fruit Fly Favorite: Kiwis

The entire piece is brilliant. The names of the companies involed; “Hell’s Pizza Billboard“, and advertising agencies such as “Cinderella Ltd”. You can’t make this kind of story up.

Click the picture and read the piece yourself. Basically, New Zealand heard a court case that connected the word “Hell” in a religious context in retrospect of a person’s “station in life” such as being born without a father.

Freedom of Speech

The advertising agency was censured by some people who spotted the billboard and filed a complaint against the language in the sign and the insinuation of George W Bush’s “eternal damnation”.

A second complainant said in part: “… Mr Bush is a GOD-fearing upright man who (I would say) will never be seen in Hell. It is a terrible and vicious smear campaign against a person who is openly a Christian.”

But, the New Zealand courts thought differently. Y’gotta love dem Kiwis!!!  (Be sure to peel ’em first thought!  They have them fuzzy skins the just don’t taste very well.)

Crooks and Liars never lets me down whenever a good laugh is necessary.


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