GOP Rats jumping the USS Congress

Has anybody been paying attention this? I think we need like a chart showing the number of Republicans leaving public office, whether in handcuffs or in embarrassment.

Just ten minutes ago, I caught on Democratic Underground that the FBI raided the family business of Congress Rep RickRick Renzi Renzi (R-AZ).

As a result of the raid, Renzi is stepping down from his seat on the House Intelligence Committee, according to a statement from his office obtained Thursday evening by Roll Call.

“Today, the FBI came to my family’s business to obtain documents related to their investigation,” Renzi said. “I view these actions as the first step in bringing out the truth. Until this matter is resolved, I will take a leave of absence from the House Intelligence Committee. I intend to fully cooperate with this investigation.”


John DoolittleYet, it was just the day before yesterday that the FBI raided the private home of Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA) in Northern Virginia.

Doolittle has been under fire for paying his wife’s company, Sierra Dominion, a 15 percent commission on all contributions that the company raised for Doolittle’s campaign committee and leadership PAC. Her only other clients were Abramoff’s former firm, Greenberg Traurig; Abramoff’s former restaurant Signatures; and the Korea-U.S. Exchange Council, which Ed Buckham, a former chief of staff to ex-Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), created.


Yet, posted just last week – rumors have begun to fly around the resignation of US Senator “Pajama Pete” Domenici (R-NM). Nicknamed for the fact, Senator Demenici dials up US Attorney David Iglasias last Fall asking about legal investigations going on. Asking like he belonged on the Sopranos.  Domenici even got into the heavy breathing routine with the prosecutor.

During Congress’ recess in December, Domenici was the subject of gossipy news stories when he was sighted in a Senate hallway wearing loose-fitting pants some said looked like pajamas. He said they were hunting pants, but the state Democratic Party now refers to him as “Pajama Pete.”


With Domenici leaving Congress, it’s another guaranteed seat for the Democrats.

So let’s all remember: “When you vote Republican…An Angel looses her wings”. Err…or was that “..You’re not being very Patriotic!”. Err..wait. No, that’s not right. It was: “When you vote Republican…You’re not supporting our troops!”