Found floating in a puddle on a rural dirt road

Props for Stephanie Miller

Stephanie MillerStephanie Miller, and her very unfortunate mono-eyebrow problem received props from the Pundits section in The Hill. Miller, my future lesbian-partner, has been on MSNBC every morning all week filling in for the missing Imus. I didn’t see any of it, although I wanted to just to see what the two guys on her show look like. Little has been seen in Cyberville except for this:

Stephanie is a comedienne, radio host and progressive impressario, and it’s great to see her doing cable television.

She’s funny, pointed, provocative, progressive and her time on MSNBC is a mini-breakthrough and I suspect we’ll be seeing more of her.

Congratulations Steph! You and your mono-eyebrow got yourself on a prime-time hour and you flubbed it with President Bush .. ehem “Teddy” bears and arm-pit sweat.

When will Steph dump Chris Lavoie and hire a real “Gay”?

HRC’s Joe Solmonese Interviews Sr VP PETA

On The Agenda, aired on XM Radio 5/8/2007, Joe Solmonese interviewed Dan Matthews, Sr VP of PETA. During the interview, Mr. Matthews made a few claims that simply aren’t true.

Matthews points out that humans are the only species that drinks milk as adults, and humans are the only species that drinks milk from another species. Pretty bold comment, considering Mr. Matthews may have never visited a good old fashioned family dairy farm. If he had, he would have noticed the number of cats that line up and meow relentlessly hoping a cow’s teat would be aimed at them during the milking process.

The other day, I was clumsy and spilt some Grade A 1% on the floor. Our dog Otis was front and center and cleaned up the spill quite promptly.

Perhaps Mr. Matthews would be better served if he pointed out that humans keep cows, goats, sheep and other such mammals in a lactose-state. That if you stop milking a cow, she’ll slow down production until she goes conceives a calf. But if you continue to milk the beast – it’ll continue to give milk. Maybe that’s considered cruel too.

Mr. Matthews also pointed out all people should become vegans like him..because if we’re not vegans – we’re being extra-super cruel to our fine furry friends. Well said, except if you’re an Eskimo. Beating a baby seal over the head might be cruel according to Mr. Matthrews – but it’s survival and nutrition ananlysis for our Eskimo friends up north.

Bunker BlastingBunker Blaster

More and more gossip is floating around that GW Bush is caving, mentally. The technical term is “Bunker Blasting“, that point when a person is under so much pressure certain personality traits usually suppressed under normal circumstances escape out. Bipolar behaviors show up at inconvenient times, sudden unprovoked rage and temper tantrums, or perhaps something like this;

Sometimes insider gossip seems to confirm what all us outsiders think we’re seeing, so, for what it’s worth…we’re hearing that some big money players up from Texas recently paid a visit to their friend in the White House. The story goes that they got out exactly one question, and the rest of the meeting consisted of The President in an extended whine, a rant, actually, about no one understands him, the critics are all messed up, if only people would see what he’s doing things would be OK…etc., etc.

This is called a “bunker mentality” and it’s not attractive when a friend does it. When the friend is the President of the United States, it can be downright dangerous. Apparently the Texas friends were suitably appalled, hence the story now in circulation.

Think Progress was “keen and savvy” in their posting the same story with an interesting parallelism with Nixon’s Buster Blasting behavior:

“Bush has apparently taken to whining about how unappreciated he his. As I recall, Nixon started talking the same way, right before he was driven from office. This isn’t encouraging. In fact, if Bush starts wondering what he can do to prove everyone wrong about his greatness, this kind of thinking could get scary.”

You can also see it showing up in the tabloid news as well.

Fred Phelps hates Dick (Cheney)

You can only take so much of the “God Hates Fags” Asshole from Kansas. You watch the YouTube video and Phelps goes on a tear about what kind of demon-seed Dick’s dick has spawned through his lesbian daughter. I laughed for about three minutes before I began to wonder about Kansas law and what defines a person who’s completely insane.

ESPN sports laughs a Republicans

It’s a rare time for ESPN to get involved with the political scene, but you can’t help it when a Republican presidential hopeful flies up to Chedderville and makes a Dan Quayle sized gaff:

The GOP presidential hopeful drew boos and groans Friday at the Wisconsin Republican Party convention when he used a football analogy to talk about the need to focus on families.

“This is fundamental blocking and tackling,” he said. “This is your line in football. If you don’t have a line, how many passes can Peyton Manning complete? Greatest quarterback, maybe, in NFL history.

Corrupt Bastards Club

The Alaskan Daily News has picked up and coined the new cliche for the Republican Party as a whole, specifically now with the Alaskan GOP. Let’s remember that the entire Ohio Republican Party is either already in jail, or are facing jail time – and with Randy Duke Cunningham, Tom DeLay and the rest who are facing jail time…calling the Republican Party the “Corrupt Bastards Club” in the generic sense of the word suits them well.

Included in the search were the offices of four legislators associated with the Corrupt Bastards Club: Stevens, Rep. Pete Kott, R-Eagle River; Sen. John Cowdery, R-Anchorage; and Rep. Vic Kohring, R-Wasilla.

Also searched were the offices of Sen. Donald Olson, D-Nome, and Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch, R-Juneau.

A copy of one of the search warrants, obtained by The Associated Press, links the investigation to the new production tax law signed last month by Murkowski and the natural gas pipeline draft contract Murkowski and the state’s three largest oil companies negotiated.

Do you remember the US Senator Ted Stevens who demanded that a bridge costing $300 million that connect to an uninhabited island? It was the same US Senator who said the Internet was a bunch of “tubes and wires“… Well, even his son, Ben Stevens, a State Senator in Alaska has been included in the same investigation…

Campaign contributions from VECO executives to 11 lawmakers, includingOld Fruitflies Chenault, were detailed in a guest opinion article that ran in the state’s three largest newspapers in March. A 12th lawmaker, Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of U.S. Sen Ted Stevens, was also noted in the article as receiving generous consulting fees from VECO. Stevens has collected more than $240,000 from VECO since 2000.

(a humble piece of rotting fruit in offer to the in thanks)

US v EuroA Sunday Skewl Teacher named Chino Stripes

Chino came to live up here in Minnesota and had a tough time with our winters, and so he moved back to St Louis. Now he sits and checks out chicks asses and slams members of the “Corrupt Bastards Club” (A.D.D. readers, please re-read and repeat three times!)

If you like to look at chick’s butts and discuss politics – click up there. Otherwise, email me for some nice photographs of some great looking “man ass”!!


I’ve been off-line for a month now. Exhausted and still very pissed off at the Minnesota DFL, the DLC, DNC and especially the GOP. Perhaps US politicians have truly forgotten the voice of the American people. One thing is for certain: We best figure it out fast.

Grilled cedar plank salmon salad

We had friends and family over for Memorial Day in which we threw steaks on the grill and a two pound salmon filet. We ended up with a lot of leftovers including a big chunk of salmon which was grilled on a cedar plank. So this morning, we chatted about what to do with those leftovers while we skimmed through the morning paper and I invented this recipe.

Point 1: I have to be on a low salt/no salt diet, and you’ll notice that it’s pretty damned low-fat too. Thank you very much!

Point 2: If you’re new to the whole “cedar plank” thing, you must remember that it must be untreated wood. You can typically find it at your local Home Depot or Lowes store.

Point 3: The last word on this recipe is to note the Tabasco pepper sauce. If you’re a hot-sauce fanatic, then by all means, burn the snot out of your mouth, I don’t care. This salad is very cool and creamy; so the “magic” comes in when I added the Tabasco sauce just a wee little bit to define the true taste.

Here’s what I mean: When you eat this, your tongue will love the creamy goodness, the crunchy cucumbers and Vidalia. The Tabasco comes at the end of the entire event and it bites you at the back of the tongue like a mosquito. It was almost like learning to drink carbonated soda drinks for the first time all over again! Our recommendation is to go light on the Tabasco and add after a sample taste until you get to that “magic-moment.”

Grilled cedar plank salmon salad

1 1/2 lb very fresh uncooked salmon

1 untreated cedar plank approx 24″ long, pre-soaked a minimum of two hours

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp brown sugar

1 lemon, cut in slices

1 cup cucumber, small cubes

1 cup Vidalia (sweet) onion, roughly chopped

1 1/2 Tbsp lime juice

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp dried parsley

coursely ground pepper (to taste)

A (lot) of dashes of Tabasco/hot pepper sauce (to taste)

3/4 cup of mayonnaise (Miracle While salad dressing)

Soak the cedar plank in water a minimum of two hours (recommend 4 hours). Heat your coals on the grill and when they’re white hot, begin preparing the salmon.

Grilled salmon

Place the soaked cedar board on your counter and take out the salmon fillet, rinsing it thoroughly and pat it dry, placing it on your cedar board. Smooth it out and then sprinkle ground pepper over it, and dollop the Dijon mustard over it. With a spatula, spread the Dijon over the entire fillet as you would butter a slice of bread. Sprinkle the brown sugar between your finger tips over the entire fillet and apply a layer of lemon slices over the entire piece of fish.

Place the board with the salmon on the grill – cover for a minimum of 35 minutes. Separate the salmon flesh with a fork in the center of the fillet, if the meat is opaque and no longer translucent, the fish is perfectly cooked.

Putting it all together

Cool the fillet in the refrigerator, over night if necessary. Did I tell you this from a “leftovers idea”? Oh good… I did. Moving right along then.

Remove the lemon slices and crumble the mustard-salmon into a mixing bowl and add the remaining ingredients. (Don’t forget our suggestion about the Tabasco sauce. Go lightly and slowly add a dash or two.)

Serve it with a chilled cup of fresh cut strawberries, blueberries and mango with a pinch of sugar, which is what I did.

I’ve also considered alternatives: Serve the salad chilled inside of a large tomato that’s been hollowed out and sprinkled with paprika and lightly grilled again. Tomorrow, I plan to have it again with a crusty French bread and a slice of provolone cheese.

Enjoy it however it fits your palate!

…With Cheers!

(Hint, Hint…! Have Mrs Dash call my secretary for an appointment. Let’s do lunch!!)