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In the name of the Father, Son and Who the Hell is that?

A man in Portugal was arrested for impersonating a Catholic priest and attempting to baptize a baby.

“When the man said ‘in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit’ police came in and grabbed him,” a member of the church was quoted by local daily Jornal de Noticias as saying.

A spokeswoman for the Portuguese police said the 34-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a priest and had several similar arrest warrants to his name.

Said Freida Blumenthal of Lisbon; “Thank Gawd he wasn’t trying to be a Rabbi doing a bris! We woulda had the schmeal all over da place!”

9-11 was an inside job

US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) came to Minnesota for a nice little visit where he was greeted by governor Tim Pawlenty (R) who is the Senator’s “Number One” in getting him elected President of the United States. While the Governor continues to divert his attention towards a higher celebrity status within McCain’s complete disaster as far as a campaign is considered, the Senator continues to swim around in complete lunacy on what’s going on around him.

Case in point: Iraq war critiques also greeted the Senator with posters that said “9-11 was an inside job”. They managed to con Governor Pawlenty to hold the camera and tell Senator McCain with the war critiques holding up their posters to say “Cheese!!” You can cut to the chase and watch the video by clicking here.

Go home Joe!

US Senator Joseph Leibermann (DI-CT) had finally begun toBush Lite piss off the very team who put him back in Washington DC.

The Connecticut for Lieberman Party is calling on Senator Joseph Lieberman to resign from the U.S. Senate following his remarks made Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation regarding military action against Iran.

Lieberman said on the national television program that, “we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians.”

WTNH, the local television news station did not report anything about the CLP group saying something like: “Well Duh! We never really thought he would be that stupid.”

Gay Mafia continues to terrify all of civilization

The Gay Mafia, as you may already know, exists everywhere and has far more control over our civilization than the Jews, the Italian Mafia and the Russian Mob. Lead by a group of rogue lesbians, this insidious organized crime ring as already begun controlling the the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

A couple of completely innocent Catholic priests attempted to force Massachusetts residents to re-vote on the gay-marriage bill, and it failed miserably. According to Michael Savage, it’s glaringly apparent this was the work of the Gay Mafia, along with a few non-homosexual political figures in Massachusetts who were obviously forced to cooperate with the Homosexuality Liberation Army.

Mr. Savage said:

In Massachusetts, a gang — including the governor, including the Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi, including Senate president Therese Murray, and including Governor Deval Patrick — they did an end-run around the voters. The voters wanted a vote on homosexual marriage. They wanted it to go before the people, and these criminals went behind the voters’ back and shot it down. They won’t even let them vote on it. They said “drop dead” to all of you. “We’re not going to let you vote on it! We control the state!” The gang that answers to the gay mafia controls the state — “You people, you can drop dead, all of you.”

Media Matters, another branch of the gay mafia known as the Homosexual Liberation Army has detailed information on all of Michael Savage’s rantings of craziness and stupidity which you can check out by clicking here. The HLA could not be reached for further comment, however a spokesperson for the Pinko Communist party said:

gomosedi“When Michael Savage is admitted into the Gay Reformation Prison camp, his blasphemous statements against homosexuality will be evaluated, analyzed and appropriate electrolisis will be applied as necessary. Once Mr. Savage has finally become as queer as a three dollar bill, he will be released on work-duty and subjected to constant redicule for these desparaging remarks.”

…Scary, isn’t it?


Found in the storm drain

The Catholic diocese in Boston, Mass is conducting a Litterletter writing campaign complaining about an upcoming vote about Gay Marriage within the Commonwealth’s legislature.

“Marriage is a fundamental social institution,” the letter says. “Its definition and meaning are critical concerns for all in society. Because it involves issues of utmost social importance, extending far beyond questions strictly legal, the marriage debate should not be reserved only to lawyers and lawmakers. Every citizen has a stake in the outcome, because every citizen has a stake in the well-being of the family.”

What a completely idiotic sentence. Let me do the same thing by saying this:

“Marriage is a fundamental social institution,” the letter says. “Its definition and meaning are critical concerns for all in society. Because it involves issues of utmost social importance, extending far beyond questions strictly religious, the marriage debate should not be reserved only to priests and arch-bishops. Every citizen has a stake in the outcome, because every citizen has a stake in the well-being of the family.”

Christians and Catholics are far too arrogant in this country these days. Imposing their religious tenants to the point of expecting the public citizen to assume the Church has a monopoly in that areas if interest has, well it’s become the norm for them. It would be boring to complain about how the Christian Church has routinely ignored their own accusations of child molestation and their active involvment in obstructing justice for those cases brought to trial by making their pedophilic-priests magically disappear. Heterosexual couples can still get married by the Justice of the Peace, and if I’m not mistaken, the cruise ship’s captain can still conduct weddings and marry couples. Will these marriages have to be aboloshed along with gay marriage before these homophobic religious leaders will be happy?

The term “marriage” carries not only legal, but also social, medical and economic connotations within our society. Yet the Church gobbles up the entire issue as being something exclusively theirs and complains if anybody messes with it. So, if the fine State of Massachusetts fiddles with the term as it applies towards same-sex marriage, all of a sudden the Church is imposing themselves into areas that they don’t belong.

The Boston Catholic Clergy fumbles the ball again by playing a game with words:

The bishops say that by sanctioning same-sex weddings, the state has taken away the rights of children by “redefining marriage in a way that is indifferent to the absence of mother or father.” The letter asks that lawmakers approve the proposed ban so that Massachusetts voters can decide the issue in November 2008.

Huh?! So if you re-read it a dozen times, you might being to realize that their letter-writing campaign is just another bag full of hypocritical bull-crap.

Google Search: “Paris Hilton Habeas Corpus Bush Adminstration”

Paris has to spend some time in the pokey… I was listening to Keith Olbermann tonight and heParis habeas George W Bush rights said something that made me Google…

Would someone hand my business card over to Paris Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy and pay me to remind them that there is no Habeas Corpus here in the United States anymore.

The judge is allowed to keep her in his dungeon as long as he wants.

The judge doesn’t have to let her out for any reason, whether medical or otherwise.

…Why is it that the rich people in this world are boring us with such “quaint” subjects such as “individual rights“.

Have a nice whine Rick and Kathy Hilton! Since you couldn’t give a crap about our rights when Bush was happily taking Habeas Corpus away, we’re really not interested in listening to bitch about your blonde bimbo of a kid getting run through the adult detention system that we face everyday of our lives through our own families.

(Republicans are such Me loosers. Don’t you think?!?!)

Str8’s and Lesbians face legal descrimination

It’s when the obscure becomes the mighty. This time it’s theSir Robert Peel Hotel Collingswood queens (gay men) in Melbourne, Australia who have found a niche where gay men are allowed to discriminate against str8’s and lesbians at the famous Collingwood Peel Hotel. Frankly, I’m exhausted from searching for a gay-men only bar. And now I’ll have to go all the way to Melbourne to find it.

McKenzie said some straight women came to the club because they found the gay patrons entertaining.

“To regard the gay male patrons of the venue as providing an entertainment or spectacle to be stared at, as one would at an animal at a zoo, devalues and dehumanises them,” she said.

“(This exemption) seeks to give gay men a space in which they may, without inhibition, meet, socialise and express physical attraction to each other in a non-threatening atmosphere.”

A spokeswoman for the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Lobby Group told the Herald Sun that gay men at the Peel had been made to feel like “zoo animals”.

“This exemption was not sought to exclude members of the community but to try to maintain a safe space for men to meet,” the spokeswoman said.

A Fruitfly Point Number One: Melbourne has to be made up of a town of complete assholes, including the Lesbians. Period! No Exceptions. Every gay/lesbian bar will have an occassional lookie-loo who’ll show up, sometimes even try to pick a fight thinking the patrons will run away screaming in horror and fear. (Which is pretty funny if you ask me. The look on their face when they’re faced with the opposite reaction. It’s priceless…but I digress.) The fact that so many str8’s would become a nuisance harassing the gay guys in a gay bar, that a reverse-discrimination law becomes necessary… Well, the answer is simple: Melbourne is a city full of jerks, hands-down.

There’s no exception to the lesbians in that town either. What a bunch of douche-bags who’ll make it a point to go to the gay bars and harass the gay men in town just for kicks.

Let’s think about this for a minute or two…

Gina: It’s Friday night and I’m really bored! Do you have any ideas?

Deb: I dunno. ahhhh. You want to go down to that bar and harass the gays for a while?! Let’s do that! Let’s make fun of gay men!

Gina: We were just there yesterday! Let’s do something else. Please?!?!?!??! <whiny tone>

Deb: Like what, Gina?!?!? <whiny tone> Last weekend we went all the way up to Sunbury to go antiquing and it was boring… Let’s go make fun of the gay guys. C’mon, it’ll be a blast.

Gina: You’re right. Dammit you’re always right! Why the hell not? God you’re hot! Let’s make out before we go out…

A Fruitfly Point Number Two: You have to give the gay dudes some serious credit. Discrimination based on sexual orientation has been on the books in Australia for a while now. That’s a pretty big political accomplishment in of itself. But, for a handful of gays in a pub in Melbourne to get an reverse-discrimination law passed specifically taylored to their needs…Well, that’s just stunning!

Peter: Hey guys! What’s going on? Can I have a lager please? Thanks! What’s up everybody?!?

Simon: “Humph… It’s the Dykes again. Dammit! They’re always here and I’m sick of it. …Why can’t they set up their own bar?!”

James: Gimme your cell, Mate. I’m sick of it too. I’ll make a call to Sidney.

Simon: Get your own phone! I’m not gonna give you my pho…


Simon: Here’s the phone– goddamit. Go away Gina!  Gawd!! You’re breath!  <gagging>  What have you been eating?!?

James: Hello?!? Hi! We need a law passed in Melbourne please!! Yeah – We’re tired of the str8’s and the dykes showing up and giving us a bad time so we need a law passed to let us discriminate against these lesbians …Sure, I can hold. …Hello? Hello Prime Minister Howard? Yes sir, I was wondering if we can get a law passed that’ll allow us to kick these nasty dykes out of our bar..?


You see what I mean?! That’s some serious clout.

Scare me!

Feeding Time: Rotting Minnesota GOP Fruit

The Minnesota GOP is quickly collapsing in on themselves in the face of the upcoming Republican Presidential Campaign ’08. Luckily for the DFL, the media is going to be watching these new developments as they unfold throughout the summer months. And let’s remember that (Republican) Governor Tim Pawlently has recently vetoed some budget items that were earmarked for that same campaign.

Front page, lower right hand corner of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Sunday issue bears the headline: Internal complaints roil state GOP office. mexican fruit flies

The fast breakdown is easy: Dwight Tostenson and Larissa Presho have resigned their positions with the party itself. Mr. Tostenson, the party finance director and Ms. Presho, a finance assistant made their concerns known which were ignored and so they’ve left.

Let’s tackle the simpler portion of the story first; Ms. Presho.

Individual retirement accounts for MN GOP staffers have not seen their employer’s contributions into their accounts as directed by state and federal law. That is, depending on who you’re talking to of course. Ms. Presho’s situation gets even more strange by noting that she was offered $5,000 by the MN GOP Deputy Treasurer Marina Taubenberger to marry an illegal immigrant from Columbia.

Presho also wrote that she refused an offer of $5,000 from Taubenberger to marry a Colombian living illegally in the U.S., so that he could remain in the country.

Ms. Taubenberger, who seems to be rather liberal with GOP contributions, paying herself $64,000 between March ’03 and December ’03 and sits as the committee chair for the super-wealthy North Oaks community tennis club throws money around like a drunken-Mexican Irish Catholic. And she’s found enough money to bribe sub-ordinates to marry illegal immigrants from Columbia. This, I tell you, is the model of “American family values”.

But isn’t the first time Ms. Presho has been slighted by her GOP employer. The Minnesota GOP has tried to shut her up on her views in other areas of concern: a.) She’s favors gay marriage, to which her Party tried to keep her quiet about and b.) she’s apparently told GOP officials that she’s an athiest and told to be quiet and tell no one.

I used to work for the Republican Party of MN as a tele-fundraiser. The money was good, but I quit because the political dissonance was far too painfull.

I heard from my then-girlfriend (who also worked in the phone bank) that a woman we worked with, Larissa Presho, was running for the State House, District 58B. She said that Larissa was an atheist, and party officials advised her to keep that little factoid to herself. Of course, this is second- or third-hand information.

Marina Taubenberg’s behavior is suspect in other areas as well.

The newspaper (Star Tribune) obtained a copy of Presho’s e-mailed memo. In it, she said that Taubenberger had encouraged her to mislead state revenue auditors and also encouraged her and another employee to mislead insurance auditors.

I’ll assume Lori Swanson is on top of this story and paying attention. She’s a DFL’er, you know.

Dwight Tostenson’s whining about the GOP is a little more tangled up Presho’s. Although Tostenson hasn’t been offered Five Grand to marry an illegal immigrant from some South American third-world country, he has been complaining about the direction of the MN GOP for some time.

Tostenson has had complaints against Mr. Carey going back to Dec ’05 when they booted their former director out for legal problems and replaced him with Ron Carey. Tostenson’s muttered his grievances like:

At issue is whether members of the Minnesota Autism Center’s board of directors with autistic children pressured staff psychologists to provide treatments, at state expense, that were no longer medically necessary.

The matter is politically sensitive because Hatch is a Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for governor, and the chairman of the autism center’s board of directors is state Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey.

(The emphasis was mine of course.)

It’s always those Republicans who are screaming about mis-uses of tax-payer money. This abuse of tax-payer money runs a story itself from Dec 2005 through April 2007 when the Autism Center’s billing practices were published on NBC affiliate KARE-11 here in Minneapolis/St Paul. One of the board members, Kathryn Marshall, who has a child who’s treated at the Autism Center, charged Minnesota tax payers for a trip to Disney World with her kid and a therapist. The case has landed on the lap of MN US Attorney Rachel Poulose’s desk where she’s decided to not say anything, nor do anything about it. In fact, the attorney who represents Ms. Marshall, the Minnesota Austism Center along with MN GOP Chairman Ron Carey said:

Doug Kelley, who represents Carey, Marshall and the center, said, “I believe my client billed appropriately under controlling law, and pursuant to the individual treatment plans that they sent to the Department of Human Services.

Kelley said he has been in talks with the U.S. attorney’s office and is hoping to reach a settlement. “There has not been a single hint of any criminal investigation,” he said.

Rachel Poulose hasn’t done anything towards investigating this case because it involves Republicans in high places within Minnesota politics. She’s the US Attorney who has been hand selected by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and knee-deep in the current US Attorney investigation in Congresss. She’s running such a horrible disaster, her senior staffers have walked out on her and left her with a substitute nanny to sit on her and pay attention what’s going on in Minnesota.

Liberals love Poulose, mostly for the fact that she’s horribly inexperienced compared to her predicessor Tom Hefflefinger, and it’s loads of fun to make her look like an idiot…which she is, in my humble opinion.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Minnesota demonstrates the havoc that ensues when the Bush administration places politics over justice. Four top staffers to Rachel Paulose, the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, have voluntarily demoted themselves in protest of Paulose’s “highly dictatorial style” of managing. Paulose has also “earned a reputation for quoting Bible verses and dressing down underlings.”

Ron Carey has apparently, become fed up with Tostenson’s constant whining. Carey asked Tostenson to shut up about the matter until after the November elections, hoping no memos or rumors would leak to the public. But, after the elections, Carey let Tostenson send his complaints to the Party’s legal staff which resulted in the MN GOP cutting Tostenson’s salary by 40%. Perhaps Whistleblower Laws don’t apply in political arenas.Me

After the November election, he said, Carey gave him permission to send documents to the party attorney supporting his claims. Two weeks later Carey told Tostenson that they were cutting his pay by 40 percent, which Tostenson believed was retaliation.

Again, the emphasis is mine. You get your paycheck cut by 40%… do you think there’s retaliation involved here?!

It would appear that the stage being set for this upcoming GOP Primary Election in ’08 is going to be an absolute disaster blast. DFL, liberal and progressive bloggers in Minnesota should reap HUGE rewards in the horrors of the GOP with this campaign. Bush sized “Texas Trailer Park Trash” is showing up everywhere within United States society; care for a rotted piece of Fruit?

US Senators Killing Iraq Civilians

Last April 1st, US Senator John McCain decided on a nice stroll through the open markets of Bagdad, looking mighty smart in a flak-jacket and helmet that was probably physically removed from one of our dead troops. Juan Cole said of the visit in The Salon:

Most reporters covering Iraq can remember a time when U.S. government personnel in the Green Zone could lounge safely by the pool. A week after it became official that such sunbathing would have to be done in steel helmets and Kevlar vests, McCain chose to tell Bill Bennett how safe it was to take a walk in the Red Zone.

The following day, it was reported that:

The latest massacre of Iraqi children came as 21 Shia market workers were ambushed, bound and shot dead north of the capital. The victims came from the Baghdad market visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress.

Some people twittered in the cybersphere noting that Senator McCain, being a man who’s seen combat in his earlier years should know better. All of those people who interacted with him while he was showing off and fishing for Republicate votes for his failed compained were killed – including Iraqi children.

The issue here pretty basic: In a combat situation, never salute your superiors! Never!! Never draw attention to “the leader”, ever!! I learned this when I was in combat training and the logic is so completely obvious as the ripped off flak-jack on his chest! Now in the case of Iraq sunk into the midst of a horrific civil war, no matter what US Senator/US Representive is trying to accomplish – they should NEVER be caught interacting with the civilians in the open public. Never…EVER!!

Well, now Liebermann has to go over there and kill a few civilians himself…Bush #1 Fan Out for a Stroll

US Senator Joe Liebermann (R-CT) has decided he’s going to head on over and bask in the glorious sunshine and peaceful markets of Bagdad. With another large contingent of troops, and more than his fair share of Blackhawk helicopters, Liebermann trudges along hoping some Iraq civilian will “greet him as a liberator“. All in the effort to applaud his great commander and Lord God King George W Bush.

What he faced were a bunch of troops and one young man named Spc David Williams who had a stack of note cards filled with questions for the Senator. While Liebermann things life is going swimmingly in Bagdad, Spc Williams asked:

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Spc. David Williams, 22, of Boston, Mass., had two note cards in his pocket Wednesday afternoon as he waited for Sen. Joseph Lieberman. Williams serves in the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., the first of the five “surge” brigades to arrive in Iraq, and he was chosen to join the Independent from Connecticut for lunch at a U.S. field base in Baghdad.

The night before, 30 other soldiers crowded around him with questions for the senator.

He wrote them all down. At the top of his note card was the question he got from nearly every one of his fellow soldiers:

“When are we going to get out of here?” Bush’s #1 Fan Buys Shades

Afterwards, Liebermann decides to head on out to the markets and look for a pair of sunglasses (?) and get a few great photo-ops while he’s there. So, while you check out these rediculous photos of Liebermann – take notice of the Iraqi civilian man who’s looking pretty damned nervous there.

Anybody want to place a bet that the poor guy will be dead in the next 24 hours? Anybody? Huh? Anybody?!

The Fruit Fly