Feeding Time: Rotting Minnesota GOP Fruit

The Minnesota GOP is quickly collapsing in on themselves in the face of the upcoming Republican Presidential Campaign ’08. Luckily for the DFL, the media is going to be watching these new developments as they unfold throughout the summer months. And let’s remember that (Republican) Governor Tim Pawlently has recently vetoed some budget items that were earmarked for that same campaign.

Front page, lower right hand corner of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Sunday issue bears the headline: Internal complaints roil state GOP office. mexican fruit flies

The fast breakdown is easy: Dwight Tostenson and Larissa Presho have resigned their positions with the party itself. Mr. Tostenson, the party finance director and Ms. Presho, a finance assistant made their concerns known which were ignored and so they’ve left.

Let’s tackle the simpler portion of the story first; Ms. Presho.

Individual retirement accounts for MN GOP staffers have not seen their employer’s contributions into their accounts as directed by state and federal law. That is, depending on who you’re talking to of course. Ms. Presho’s situation gets even more strange by noting that she was offered $5,000 by the MN GOP Deputy Treasurer Marina Taubenberger to marry an illegal immigrant from Columbia.

Presho also wrote that she refused an offer of $5,000 from Taubenberger to marry a Colombian living illegally in the U.S., so that he could remain in the country.

Ms. Taubenberger, who seems to be rather liberal with GOP contributions, paying herself $64,000 between March ’03 and December ’03 and sits as the committee chair for the super-wealthy North Oaks community tennis club throws money around like a drunken-Mexican Irish Catholic. And she’s found enough money to bribe sub-ordinates to marry illegal immigrants from Columbia. This, I tell you, is the model of “American family values”.

But isn’t the first time Ms. Presho has been slighted by her GOP employer. The Minnesota GOP has tried to shut her up on her views in other areas of concern: a.) She’s favors gay marriage, to which her Party tried to keep her quiet about and b.) she’s apparently told GOP officials that she’s an athiest and told to be quiet and tell no one.

I used to work for the Republican Party of MN as a tele-fundraiser. The money was good, but I quit because the political dissonance was far too painfull.

I heard from my then-girlfriend (who also worked in the phone bank) that a woman we worked with, Larissa Presho, was running for the State House, District 58B. She said that Larissa was an atheist, and party officials advised her to keep that little factoid to herself. Of course, this is second- or third-hand information.

Marina Taubenberg’s behavior is suspect in other areas as well.

The newspaper (Star Tribune) obtained a copy of Presho’s e-mailed memo. In it, she said that Taubenberger had encouraged her to mislead state revenue auditors and also encouraged her and another employee to mislead insurance auditors.

I’ll assume Lori Swanson is on top of this story and paying attention. She’s a DFL’er, you know.

Dwight Tostenson’s whining about the GOP is a little more tangled up Presho’s. Although Tostenson hasn’t been offered Five Grand to marry an illegal immigrant from some South American third-world country, he has been complaining about the direction of the MN GOP for some time.

Tostenson has had complaints against Mr. Carey going back to Dec ’05 when they booted their former director out for legal problems and replaced him with Ron Carey. Tostenson’s muttered his grievances like:

At issue is whether members of the Minnesota Autism Center’s board of directors with autistic children pressured staff psychologists to provide treatments, at state expense, that were no longer medically necessary.

The matter is politically sensitive because Hatch is a Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate for governor, and the chairman of the autism center’s board of directors is state Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey.

(The emphasis was mine of course.)

It’s always those Republicans who are screaming about mis-uses of tax-payer money. This abuse of tax-payer money runs a story itself from Dec 2005 through April 2007 when the Autism Center’s billing practices were published on NBC affiliate KARE-11 here in Minneapolis/St Paul. One of the board members, Kathryn Marshall, who has a child who’s treated at the Autism Center, charged Minnesota tax payers for a trip to Disney World with her kid and a therapist. The case has landed on the lap of MN US Attorney Rachel Poulose’s desk where she’s decided to not say anything, nor do anything about it. In fact, the attorney who represents Ms. Marshall, the Minnesota Austism Center along with MN GOP Chairman Ron Carey said:

Doug Kelley, who represents Carey, Marshall and the center, said, “I believe my client billed appropriately under controlling law, and pursuant to the individual treatment plans that they sent to the Department of Human Services.

Kelley said he has been in talks with the U.S. attorney’s office and is hoping to reach a settlement. “There has not been a single hint of any criminal investigation,” he said.

Rachel Poulose hasn’t done anything towards investigating this case because it involves Republicans in high places within Minnesota politics. She’s the US Attorney who has been hand selected by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and knee-deep in the current US Attorney investigation in Congresss. She’s running such a horrible disaster, her senior staffers have walked out on her and left her with a substitute nanny to sit on her and pay attention what’s going on in Minnesota.

Liberals love Poulose, mostly for the fact that she’s horribly inexperienced compared to her predicessor Tom Hefflefinger, and it’s loads of fun to make her look like an idiot…which she is, in my humble opinion.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Minnesota demonstrates the havoc that ensues when the Bush administration places politics over justice. Four top staffers to Rachel Paulose, the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, have voluntarily demoted themselves in protest of Paulose’s “highly dictatorial style” of managing. Paulose has also “earned a reputation for quoting Bible verses and dressing down underlings.”

Ron Carey has apparently, become fed up with Tostenson’s constant whining. Carey asked Tostenson to shut up about the matter until after the November elections, hoping no memos or rumors would leak to the public. But, after the elections, Carey let Tostenson send his complaints to the Party’s legal staff which resulted in the MN GOP cutting Tostenson’s salary by 40%. Perhaps Whistleblower Laws don’t apply in political arenas.Me

After the November election, he said, Carey gave him permission to send documents to the party attorney supporting his claims. Two weeks later Carey told Tostenson that they were cutting his pay by 40 percent, which Tostenson believed was retaliation.

Again, the emphasis is mine. You get your paycheck cut by 40%… do you think there’s retaliation involved here?!

It would appear that the stage being set for this upcoming GOP Primary Election in ’08 is going to be an absolute disaster blast. DFL, liberal and progressive bloggers in Minnesota should reap HUGE rewards in the horrors of the GOP with this campaign. Bush sized “Texas Trailer Park Trash” is showing up everywhere within United States society; care for a rotted piece of Fruit?

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