Str8’s and Lesbians face legal descrimination

It’s when the obscure becomes the mighty. This time it’s theSir Robert Peel Hotel Collingswood queens (gay men) in Melbourne, Australia who have found a niche where gay men are allowed to discriminate against str8’s and lesbians at the famous Collingwood Peel Hotel. Frankly, I’m exhausted from searching for a gay-men only bar. And now I’ll have to go all the way to Melbourne to find it.

McKenzie said some straight women came to the club because they found the gay patrons entertaining.

“To regard the gay male patrons of the venue as providing an entertainment or spectacle to be stared at, as one would at an animal at a zoo, devalues and dehumanises them,” she said.

“(This exemption) seeks to give gay men a space in which they may, without inhibition, meet, socialise and express physical attraction to each other in a non-threatening atmosphere.”

A spokeswoman for the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Lobby Group told the Herald Sun that gay men at the Peel had been made to feel like “zoo animals”.

“This exemption was not sought to exclude members of the community but to try to maintain a safe space for men to meet,” the spokeswoman said.

A Fruitfly Point Number One: Melbourne has to be made up of a town of complete assholes, including the Lesbians. Period! No Exceptions. Every gay/lesbian bar will have an occassional lookie-loo who’ll show up, sometimes even try to pick a fight thinking the patrons will run away screaming in horror and fear. (Which is pretty funny if you ask me. The look on their face when they’re faced with the opposite reaction. It’s priceless…but I digress.) The fact that so many str8’s would become a nuisance harassing the gay guys in a gay bar, that a reverse-discrimination law becomes necessary… Well, the answer is simple: Melbourne is a city full of jerks, hands-down.

There’s no exception to the lesbians in that town either. What a bunch of douche-bags who’ll make it a point to go to the gay bars and harass the gay men in town just for kicks.

Let’s think about this for a minute or two…

Gina: It’s Friday night and I’m really bored! Do you have any ideas?

Deb: I dunno. ahhhh. You want to go down to that bar and harass the gays for a while?! Let’s do that! Let’s make fun of gay men!

Gina: We were just there yesterday! Let’s do something else. Please?!?!?!??! <whiny tone>

Deb: Like what, Gina?!?!? <whiny tone> Last weekend we went all the way up to Sunbury to go antiquing and it was boring… Let’s go make fun of the gay guys. C’mon, it’ll be a blast.

Gina: You’re right. Dammit you’re always right! Why the hell not? God you’re hot! Let’s make out before we go out…

A Fruitfly Point Number Two: You have to give the gay dudes some serious credit. Discrimination based on sexual orientation has been on the books in Australia for a while now. That’s a pretty big political accomplishment in of itself. But, for a handful of gays in a pub in Melbourne to get an reverse-discrimination law passed specifically taylored to their needs…Well, that’s just stunning!

Peter: Hey guys! What’s going on? Can I have a lager please? Thanks! What’s up everybody?!?

Simon: “Humph… It’s the Dykes again. Dammit! They’re always here and I’m sick of it. …Why can’t they set up their own bar?!”

James: Gimme your cell, Mate. I’m sick of it too. I’ll make a call to Sidney.

Simon: Get your own phone! I’m not gonna give you my pho…


Simon: Here’s the phone– goddamit. Go away Gina!  Gawd!! You’re breath!  <gagging>  What have you been eating?!?

James: Hello?!? Hi! We need a law passed in Melbourne please!! Yeah – We’re tired of the str8’s and the dykes showing up and giving us a bad time so we need a law passed to let us discriminate against these lesbians …Sure, I can hold. …Hello? Hello Prime Minister Howard? Yes sir, I was wondering if we can get a law passed that’ll allow us to kick these nasty dykes out of our bar..?


You see what I mean?! That’s some serious clout.

Scare me!

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