Google Search: “Paris Hilton Habeas Corpus Bush Adminstration”

Paris has to spend some time in the pokey… I was listening to Keith Olbermann tonight and heParis habeas George W Bush rights said something that made me Google…

Would someone hand my business card over to Paris Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy and pay me to remind them that there is no Habeas Corpus here in the United States anymore.

The judge is allowed to keep her in his dungeon as long as he wants.

The judge doesn’t have to let her out for any reason, whether medical or otherwise.

…Why is it that the rich people in this world are boring us with such “quaint” subjects such as “individual rights“.

Have a nice whine Rick and Kathy Hilton! Since you couldn’t give a crap about our rights when Bush was happily taking Habeas Corpus away, we’re really not interested in listening to bitch about your blonde bimbo of a kid getting run through the adult detention system that we face everyday of our lives through our own families.

(Republicans are such Me loosers. Don’t you think?!?!)