More Rotten Fruit

Fleecing America for each and every vote available, the Dems have begun looking at the “Homo voter” and and makingRotten Fruit sure we know how gay friendly they are. <barf! puke! barf!> For example, Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC <- did you get it? HRC?) has set up her own GLBT LGBT Steering Committe so to make sure all of us Queers know how PFLAG she can be. (Yup…even in Hillary’s world – “Lesbians” are listed before the “Sodomites”.)

She’s decided to pick and choose some “prominent” GLBT, err… LGBT high society members to be on the her… ehem… “Queering Committee”. Those that get picked of course, gush and pee their panties at the opportunity as if it will garner more respectability with all of us “lower homosexual life forms” <more barfing and puking>

“I’ve seen how Hillary Clinton’s experience, commitment, and leadership have made a difference for the LGBT community,” said New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a statement released by the Clinton campaign.

But “HRC” still isn’t willing to throw up her right-hand and vow to support the equality for Queers everywhere to enjoy the same tax-shelters, hospital access and legal represenation that our heterosexual neighbors and families call marriage.

Her campaign also said Wednesday that she would make sure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal economic benefits and rights, work to end discrimination in adoption laws and would sign the Employment Non-Discrimination Act if elected president.

Clinton has opposed amending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage but not voiced support for legalizing gay marriage.

Recognizing the L-GBT voter, admitedly, is a giant step for Queers everywhere. Please don’t misunderstand me. The fact that Hillary would sink campaign funds into the Queer sub-culture is impressive. Much for impressive as when she and Bill were hanging out with gay friendlies like Harry and Linda Bloodworth Thomason, producers of Designing Women. It’s an astounding and bold move for her; HRC has gone from “hanging out with gay friendlies” to actually “hanging out with Gays Lesbians!!!”
The entire move is, in my opinion disengenuous until she and the rest of the Democratic leadership come clean and admit that sexual orientation is just as completely irrelevant as skin color or left-handedness. Quit trying to bullshit “The Gays” by pretending to being gay-friendly and come out of the political closet and yell it from the rooftops:


You see? Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it? You’d be suprised how many more queer people would get all excited about your “HRC campaign” girlfriend.

But HRC does better than her liberal counterparts. John Edwards throws drama into his views about gay marriage by stepping back when confronted with the question and pulls off something like this:

Edwards indicated that this issue was the “single hardest social issue” for him and that he had engaged in a lot of “personal struggles” over this issue. He believes that same-sex partners in committed relationships should have civil rights and should be afforded the dignity and respect to which they are entitled. He struggled with the question of “how we achieve this?. Whether it is through civil unions or partnerships.”

He indicated that he is certainly for all of the non-discrimination and equal benefits provisions.

However, he said that it was a “jump for me to get to gay marriage? I am not there yet.”
He said that this was a “great conflict for him” and that he continues to struggle with the question internally.

<blah blah blah… puke vomit..blah blah>

vomitWhy should expect anything more from the Southern candidate? Southern politics have pretty much controlled this country since 1994. And it is hasn’t been Southern politics, it’s been the Southern Baptists and the Southern Good Ol’ Boy Network. So it would be logical that the Southern politician in the 2008 Election to be the one who doesn’t want to piss off The Gays Lesbians. Instead he throws sand in the air and show how concerned he is about this inequality.

<more barfing and puking and turning into the dry heaves>

Edwards’ drama, at this point is nothing more than patronizing the GLBT communi… aww, shucks – the LGBT community. Edwards continues his thought by noting this:

He ended by alluding to the fact that his daughter (and most in her generation) support marriage equality. (The crowd applauded after this last statement).

…Well now, there you go. John Edwards doesn’t listen to his own children. When Edwards hears Whitney Houston singing “Greatest Love of All” he just plugs his ears and goes “BLAH BLAH BLAH! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”.

How hard would it be for Edwards to simply throw open his own Closet and step out and say::


But recently, the Edwards campaign must have been tipped off by HRC’s Queering Committe idea, so he sent out the Big Gun from his camp…his wife Elizabeth. She shows up at the Alice B. Toklas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Democratic Club and in front of a crowd of 300 where and said in the middle of 2008 Gay Pride in San Francisco:

“I don’t know why somebody else’s marriage has anything to do with me,” she said. “I’m completely comfortable with gay marriage.”

Ahhhhh… Now this is what we have to call:Fresh Fruit


The article also pointed out that Ms. Edwards comments became…

… the first major Democratic candidate or spouse to openly support gay marriage.


Ms. Edwards also goes the extra mile to apologize for her husbands “country bumpkiness” by saying:

“John has been pretty clear about it, that he is very conflicted,” she said. “That’s up against his being raised in the 1950’s in a rural southern town. I think honestly he’s on a road with a lot of people in this country are on….They’re struggling with this. Most of the gay and lesbian people I know… have seen their friends and family walking down that same road.

“It’s frustrating, I know,” she added, “but it’s a long distance from where we are now to the pews of a Southern Baptist church. So, John’s been as honest as he can about that.”

Ohh crap….now we’re back to more ROTTEN FRUIT.

rotten fruitSo Presidential hopeful John Edwards has a hard time shedding his small rural Southern Baptist 1950’s feelings he has towards gays and lesbians? Has he managed to share his small rural Southern Baptist 1950’s feelings he’s had towards blacks? How about them Jews? Does he struggle with those small rural Southern Baptist 1950’s feelings towards Jewish people?! How has he changed his rural Southern Baptist 1950’s feelings towards a woman’s right to chose?! Has John Edwards’ rural Southern Baptist 1950’s feelings hampered him in any way when it comes to his feelings towards interacial (heterosexual) marriage?!

Can he possibly explain exactly why it’s always The Gays who are denied unequivable-and-across-the-board-same-rights as The Str8′ enjoy?

It’s all just more Rotten Fruit.

Oh. And Wonkette is spreading the rumor around that Republican Prsidential hopeful “Hollywood Fred Thompson” is gay. He’s as queer as a three-dollar bill and he apparently has a cock that looks like a beer can and loves the man-meat. Shame on that mean oldMe Wonkette for saying such horrible things against a Republican wanna-be candidate!!

I know this information is nothing but gossip and conjecture. But it’s better than that rotten shit the Democrats are throwing out there.