The Hypocracy of Blue People

Bush and DickHello and welcome to Fruit Fly News. My name is Frizzie McBee and tonight, we’ll be discussing Ralph Nader’s vile hatred towards Americans.

You may recall, environmentalist and Democrat-Hater Ralph Nader is the political party crasher of the century. Democrats have long despised Mr. Nader’s excuses to ruin their political hopefuls and routinely blame him for their losses. Mr. Nader meanwhile, criticizes the Democrats for what he criticizes a relationship far too cozy with Republican positions.

“You know the two parties are still converging — they don’t even debate the military budget anymore,” Nader said in a 30-minute interview. “I really think there needs to be more competition from outside the two parties.”

Democrats, furious with Nader’s nosey noise-box, blame the loss of the 2000 elections on Nader for splitting the party vote. In August 2006, DailyKos, a popular political website for liberals and progressives, launched the accusation that Ralph Nader was actually being paid by the Republican Party in Pennsylvania in a very heated race between US incumbent Senator Rick Santorum and Democratic hopeful Jim Webb. Ralph Nader’s Green Party candidate for the race, Carl Romanelli, was accused of taking money from Rick Santorum’s GOP party, and producing fake signatures to make sure his name was on the voter’s ballot in the very important election three months later.

In addition, new evidence shows that the GOP and Santorum have entirely funded Romanelli’s operation. With the exception of a $30 check written by Romanelli, himself, prominent Republican donors funneled $66,000 dollars through the Luzerne County Green Party, according to available FEC reports.

Avid fans of the DailyKos went insane with rage against Nader. Complaining that Nader’s party rarely, if ever, wins any elections anyway; but that his efforts are a direct attack upon the election process itself.

Field ReporterIn other news, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan has her sights sent on running for Congress in 2008! For more on this exciting news, Brock Trentmore has the story. Brock?!

Yes Frizzie and thank you! Liberals and Progressives are very excited to see their favorite activist Cindy Sheehan re-emerge from a twenty-six day vacation full of energy and running a very powerful message against US Speaker of the House Nancy Pilosi.

Ms. Sheehan will be starting a pilgrimage in Atlanta, GA andCindy Sheehan walking all of the way to Washington DC where she hopes to meet with a few of Congress’ most influentional elected people and where she’ll make her promise known to the US Speaker of the House. Ms. Sheehan said in a letter published by the DailyKos:

I was going to announce on July 10th (my 50th birthday) before our Journey for Humanity that I would run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) if she didn’t put impeachment back on the table before our tour reached DC on July 23rd.

Yes it’s true Frizzie! Popular Air America talk-jock Randi Rhodes put Ms. Sheehan on the radio where she gushed and oozed all over Ms. Sheehan’s anti-war resurrection. Ms. Rhodes played a song in honor of Ms. Sheehan and then the two giggled and snickered about Ms. Sheehan’s threat to run against Pilosi. Said Sheehan live on The Randi Rhodes Show:

…Well, it isn’t a problem for me to buy property in Nancy Pilosi’s district. I’ve sold Camp Casey, and so I have the name recognition and I have over 800,000 signatures of people who are against this war…”

Randi Rhodes, never shy about her hatred for Ralph Nader’s “anti-Democratic” political antics snickered and giggled with Ms. Sheehan. When Sheehan re-iterated her threat to run against the Speaker of the House if Ms Pilosi did not meet her demands, Rhodes gushed:

…Well, I wish I could be there with you. I truly do. I love you. I wish you the best.”

The DailyKos carried Ms. Sheehan’s entire political threat in which she encourages others to follow in her footsteps by running against Democrats and Republicans who have the means.

I hope this challenges other people who desire healthy political change and not temporary band-aids to replace other Democrats and Republicans who do not conform to the beatitudes of peace, sustainability and the rule of law for everybody, not just poor, or marginalized persons.

Back to you, Frizzie!

Laura Bush SmokesThank you Brock. That’s very informative. Ms. Sheehan believes that she can accomplish much more as a freshman Congresswoman than career politician and current US Speaker of the House Nancy Pilosi has accomplished this far. Ms. Sheehan, tired and exhausted just a month ago, said she wanted to go home, be with her family and put her life together. Instead, Ms. Sheehan has decided that ripping up another Democrat is a far more intelligent move than running against a Republican or, even better; stumping for Democratic votes!

As you can plainly see, those who write for and read the DailyKos can be just as much of a bunch of political hypocrits as the Ralph Naders and the Joe Liebermann’s that they vehemently despise.Me

My name is Frizzie McBee and this has been another issue of Fruit Fly news. Good night, and Goddess Bless.

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