John Edwards chides Clinton and Obama for their feud

Presidential hopeful and former US Senator John Edwards (D-NC) is apparently being jealous about the media attention going on between competitors Senators Barak Obama (D-IL) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY).

The Democratic Underground is reporting that Senator Edwards is…

…saying the spat was distracting Democrats from tackling real problems.

jealousSenator Edwards sounds a little jealous here. Wasn’t it all about him and Hillary Clinton just a few days ago who got caught ca-noodling between each other on how they haven’t kicked off other “lesser” valid candidates in this race? Clinton meanwhile, seems to be doing very well in keeping herself in the middle of everything “Democrat” these days regardless if it’s Barak or John.

What problems is he referring too, anyway?

Could it be that “problem” he has on the issue of gay marriage?

Maybe it’s that “problem” he hasn’t notice in the fact that gay couples pay more in taxes than their heterosexual neighbors.

Although it could be that “problem” he hasn’t paid any attention to when gay couples are separated in hospital rooms and the partner is denied access to his/her lover when going through dangerous surgeries.

It might be that “problem” that happens when one person in a same sex relationship dies and their family kicks the other partner out immediately and destroys all of their possessions.

I’m not too sure, but perhaps these Democratic “problems”Me Senator Edwards is talking about when the courts remove children from their parents because he or she is gay.

I don’t really know what he’s talking about. Do you?!