Conservative bloggers sounding pathetic

LipsJohn Hindraker’s blog, The Powerline, carries a piece from the Washington Times talking about some poll that all of his conservative readers can find solace with. What?! The Washington Times?!? What’s that?!Oh yeah, the “newspaper” that’s really a propaganda outlet for the bat-shit crazy religious lunatic Sun Myong Moon, a.k.a. “The Moonies sugar-daddy”.

The Rasmusson poll the Washington Times lists also pushes notes that “conservatives” are still popular in this country and…wait a minute. What?! Did Hindraker and the Washington Times just print that Rasmussen poll?!?

Hindraker’s blog writes:

Most Republicans have been pretty confident that last year’s election wasn’t a repudiation of conservatism. This is borne out by the fact that “conservative” outpolls “liberal” by 32% to 20%. In some polls over the years, of course, the disparity has been even wider. But “progressive” scored 35%, which can only mean that many Americans haven’t figured out yet that “progressive” means “even more liberal than they used to be.” No doubt some still associate it with Teddy Roosevelt.

“Moderate” polled only 29%, which suggests that most Americans want a Presidential candidate to stand for something, as long as it isn’t liberalism.

Did you see those numbers too?!? With Gonazelez lying in front of Congress, Bush lying to the American people and CheneyPostal Anthrax lying to everybody…I simply can’t believe anything a conservative writes any more. So I had to scamper over to the Washington Times and read those numbers for myself.

Protected with a Hazmat suit, a canary in a birdcage and a St Bernard, I clicked on the Washington Times link and read:

The survey revealed that 44 percent of the respondents rated the phrase “like Reagan” positively, followed by “progressive,” favored by 35 percent, “conservative” (32 percent), “moderate” (29 percent) and at the bottom, “liberal” (20 percent).

The rest of the article prattles away like a 3rd grader’s book report that cheated and the Rasmusson report isn’t credited with a link. But let’s see if we understand what this Rasmussen poll is saying..Casio

  • Progressive – polls have 35%
  • Conservative – polls have a 32%
  • Moderate – polls have a 29%
  • …and a liberal have a poll at 20%

So if I added those poll numbers; Progressive + Moderate + Liberal, I get 84%. Actually, the “Conservative” number sounds pretty high at 32% and with Bush’s approval numbers down at 26% who is the current patron saint of “Conservatives”… Yeah – that 32% is a pretty high number.

Don’t believe anything a conservative tells you and if they’re quoting a Rasmussen poll and they fail to do their homework and credit their research – do it yourself. The poll the Washington Times and Hindraker talks about is even worse for the Republican party than they want you to notice. Since neither bothered to credit the actual poll, I had to find it myself.

Clinton WinceTheir pathetic “Reagan-esque” poll from Rasmussen comes from one taken from the Democratic CNN/YouTube debates where Senator Hillary Clinton clarifies that the word “liberal” has been dragged through the mud to mean something bad and that she defines herself as a “progressive”. The Rasmussen folks decided to do a poll on the subject and the word “conservative” does not do well in the poll at all whatsoever.

Said the Rasmussen poll:

For some, it may seem strange to distinguish between a candidate who is like Reagan and a candidate who is politically conservative. But, that gap has arisen because the definition of conservative has been altered by the more recent GOP leadership in Congress and the White House. Also, of course, being compared to Reagan ascribes some personal characteristics that cannot be captured in an ideological label.mowhawk

There are, of course, huge partisan differences for each of these terms. Among Democrats, 32% consider the description liberal as positive. That number jumps to 42% for the description of a candidate as progressive. Among Republicans, just 7% say the term liberal is a positive description, but that number jumps to 26% for the term progressive.

Hindraker would do well and read the Pundit’s column over at The Hill. Brent Budowsky has a piece that’s titled: Neoconservativism is Dead.

Hindraker, the Washington Times, the White House and even theMe Republican presidential candidates can’t find any redeeming qualities with their Neocon agenda that’s going to sell to the American public anymore. They’re a lost species that the planet will happily ignore no matter how pathetic they sound.