Norm Coleman: R-Minnesota

Egads. This is truly embarrassing… I found this on Wonkette. She’s brutal in that way.

Norm Coleman

Minnesota used to have a respectable Senator named Paul Wellstone. This is Minnesota’s US Senator today.

Big Box Bucks Bail on Bill-Oooo

texansBill O’Reilly would do himself some good if he would leave the DailyKos alone and shut up. For over a week now, Fox News’ Golden Boy, Bill O’Reilly has hammering at the DailyKos and calling it a “Hate Site”. The website’s fan following is currently holding their extended family picnic in Chicago known as YearlyKos where a number of prominent Democrats are making an appearance. Which explains why Bill O’Reilly has been keeping up the vitrole so loudly on D’Kos.

My favorite DailyKos piece was when they begged BillO for mercy because of the huge amount of Internet traffic the DailyKos site has been getting since the beginning.

Please, Bill O’Reilly, spare us from your savage and inexplicable rage. We can’t take any more of it. Being defended by Keith Olbermann… being roundly and sternly publicized by Stephen Colbert… it’s all too much. The extra traffic, the publicity, the footage of your narcissistic tantrums… the subsequent exposure of hate speech and death threats on your pay-to-post blog. How can any liberal website withstand such a well-planned assault?

Please, Bill, I am personally begging you: stop your organized Fox News effort to promote us to wider and wider audiences. Between you and your Fox News compatriot Bill Kristol, we can’t take it anymore. How are we supposed to compete with a man whose written punditry has led to the deaths of tens of thousands? How can we sustain ourselves when attacked by a talk show host well known for his fabrication of facts and stories? Our imaginary lesbian street gangs have been decimated already: what more havoc will Fox News wreak upon us in our hour of despair?

But, BillO has become his own worst enemy.  Taking pride by deciding who you’ll spend your advertising dollar on, it appears that Big Box corporate CEO’s are still paying attention and are bailing on BillO.

Who dumped him first?


Lowe’s bailed last Friday afternoon.

And now today, we’ve learned that

Home Depot

the Home Depot guys bailed on BillO today.

This was a pretty easy decision to make too. I had to laugh because of the definitive attitude that came out of the emailings. For example, Americablog carried this email. See if you can detect any uncertainy about pulling out of BillO’s show:

From: **feo, Ron [mailto:Ron_**Feo]
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 8:07 AM
To: JH

Good morning,
Thank you very much for your message. The Home Depot has a policy that prohibits the running of its advertising on programs that express strong opinions or political views. Please note that this includes Bill O’Reilly’s program.
Thank you,

nelson muntz


You can keep up the moment and join the folks over at Fox Attacks. They’re recruiting folks to call advertisers on Fox and complain about the bullshit that comes out of that propaganda machine. And they’re looking for folks who can endure Fox by watching anything of that show and identify new advertisers.

They’ve also got a YouTube video up that’s pretty damned funny too.

I know personally, the CEO of this company

Freight Partners

…And when I asked him if he had any inclination to advertise on Bill O’Reilly’s show he said;

“PHPPHHPH… yeah right. That putz?! DOUBT IT!!”Me

Poor BillO!!! Oh wait a sec… After all of the total bullshit that man has spewed from his lame-assed show – “What comes around goes around, BillO!!