Norm Coleman: R-Minnesota

Egads. This is truly embarrassing… I found this on Wonkette. She’s brutal in that way.

Norm Coleman

Minnesota used to have a respectable Senator named Paul Wellstone. This is Minnesota’s US Senator today.

7 Responses

  1. PAHLEASE. As if long hair has anything to do with good government, and as if you can judge the quality of an adult’s role in society based on how they seemed when they were in their early twenties, based on one picture.

  2. Now that’s what i’m talking about!

  3. Hi, it’s Matt again. LOL! I’m just checking on my home girl Normy!

  4. i think its HOT. no but really dude. norms a good guy. back off.

  5. Ohhh… cheyenne is threatening me…. Ooooooooohh…

    I’m feeling all scaredy like it’s Halloween all over again!!

    What a Freaking Lame-O!!!! Threatening me over the Internet!!

    I’m officially holding up my finger and my thumb in the shape of an “L” on my forehead….


  6. What’s truly disgusting is a former “hippie” turned right-wing whackjob Republican.

  7. It ‘s just Normy doing his lame Jesus impersonation.

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