Found at a Newspaper stand…

NewstandFox fails on LGBT representation

Think Progress has pointed out that…

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) today released “a first-of-its-kind report that maps the quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on network television. ABC, with shows like Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty, received the highest ranking of the five networks. NBC, once home to Will & Grace, ranked fourth, and FOX scored lowest.”

That’s where the “Fair and Balance” part comes in. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see how “fair and balanced” they are in their news reporting? When they know nothing about gays and lesbians because they’re hated as employees, it’s obvious Fox would be fair and balanced on any part of the subject!
I totally get it. What’s wrong with the rest of you?!? But it makes complete sense to me.

Fred Phelps Headed to Minnesota Bridge 9340 to blame the Gays

The “God Hates Fags” guy, Fred Phelps, has packed up his family and is headed up here to Minnesota. He’s planning on holding an activist stampede to be sure everybody knows that the I-35W bridge collapse was God’s judgment on gays and lesbians in Minnesota. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn 6th CD) said about Fred Phelps in an interview in 2004:

“I almost think that the gay community has hired this guy, or created this guy [Fred Phelps], to do what he does. He is their best friend.”

Now I’m confused. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made a claim that she she was cornered in a restroom by a couple of lesbians who allegedly threw the lock on the inside of the restroom door (a patented lie) where she was “harassed” while serving as a state senator. She then filed a false police report with the Washington County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s office and she re-filed the (false) report with the Capitol (Minnesota) Police about the incident.

Bachmann’s BushesCongresswoman Bachmann has been caught on camera hiding in the bushes with her (State) Legislative aides and clerical staffers spying on organized GLBT Lobby Days campaign; an all day annual affair that’s been going on long years.

Congresswoman Bachmann: “If you’re going to claim that Fred Phelps is ‘created’ or ‘hired’ figure for the GLBT “agenda”, then Honey…You’ve been an absolute GLBT slut. And if anyone in this state has promoted the need for equal rights for gay and lesbian people, it’s you Baby. You’veBachmann close been the one.”

Nothing in Minnesota has drawn more attention to GLBT issues than you have. Nothing has proven more hateful and more desipicable demonstration of “Minnesota Nice” in all of Minnesota history.

And the shame of it all?! You’re step-sister is Gay.

Republican children are too good to serve

Prince HarryYeah, all of that flap about whether Prince Harry should be sent to Iraq or not. The British crown jewels will insist their children be trained in the British Royal Service as all of Her Majesty’s loyal subjects. But when you ask a “Royal Republican” why their children don’t even bother to sign up serve in the US Military, you’ll get an answer like this one from Presidential hopeful Governor Mitt Romney:

One of the ways my sons are showing support forMitt Romney Salutes Himself our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.

Yes… Royal Republican children don’t “serve” the Red, White and Blue. Nor do they serve The Few, The Proud, The Marines! They don’t serve anybody or anything! …They serve Daddy.

Segregated restrooms are back and popular

RacismIt was only forty-five years ago that blacks has their own luxurious restrooms as well as their own specialy designated drinking fountains! Now, in 2007, American’s have now set up restrooms especially designed for their Iraqi colleagues.

They live together in the same tent. They eat the same foods and they all work together. But, Americans thought it was mighty big of them to make a “special bathroom” just for Iraqi’s. Said Maj. Raul Marquez, a spokesman for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division, from Fort Hood, Texas:

Marquez cited security. “We are at war, and operational security (OPSEC) and force protection are critical in this environment,” Marquez wrote. “We screen all our local nationals working and living in the FOB, however, you can never know what’s in their mind.”

Another Sargeant said:fascist fries

“We’ve had issues with locals,” said Staff Sgt. Oscar Garcia, who mans War horse’s administrative hub. “It’s not because we’re segregating.”

Oh no, no no. Of course not. That isn’t segragating at all! But let’s see what your Iraqi colleagues say about this “non-segregating” bathroom policy:

“It sucks,” Ahmed Mohammed, 30, said of the latrine policy. He called the signs – in English and Arabic – “racist.” …I live in the same tent with 80 Americans,” he said. …I don’t understand having separate bathrooms. It seems to go against everything that the United States stands for.”

The Fruit FlyYou see what Dick Cheney meant when he said we would be “liberators”?! We would be so liberating – we’d make them specialized bathrooms!

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