Time to start thinning the herd

Americans United for Change have selected MicheleThe terrifying and horrifying Michele Bachmann Bachmann (R-MN 6th) to zero in and get their voices heard. They’ve launched a district-wide campaign to pull ministers and pastors for a variety of Christian faiths where they’ll sound-off to the homophobic Congresswoman. AUC also has a video up and available that will be aired in the Twin Cities soon.

Meanwhile, Minnesota’s State Health Commissioner Dianne Mandernach has announced that she is leaving October 2.


In 2004, her credibility suffered when a website posting by the department suggested that abortion might have a role in breast cancer. Critics denounced those claims as junk science, and the wording was removed from the website.

LiarDo you see what kind of “professionalism” a Republican goveror will bring ya?!? Can you imagine this state health commissioner trying to push that kind of health-issue in a speech in front of the senior staff at the Mayo Clinic, or at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute?!

But it gets worse, much worse.

The Health Department had discovered in early 2006 that the 35 miners were stricken with mesothelioma between 1997 and 2005. That was twice as many miner cancer deaths than wereBarbara Cubin reported in the previous nine years.

Nice, huh? It isn’t good enough that health care is unavailable for most Minnesotans. It’s when our government covers it up that private corporations are killing us and getting away with it!

This summer, Mandernach was criticized over her suppression of a state study about 35 cancer deaths related to taconite mining on Minnesota’s Iron Range.

HypocritThe Star Tribe is being nice here. The DFL actually lit a fire under her butt to get the media to actually take notice and talk about this horrific act of governing.

Now we have to ramp it up and get rid of Lt Governor Carol Molnau. I’m still stunned there isn’t a criminal investigation that’s been launched yet. Minneapolis Police Chief has FruitFlycordoned off the bridge site and declared it a criminal investigation area – but there hasn’t been a criminal investigation started. …at least that I am aware. And, there should be one started and it should be started immediately.

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