Iowa Court Strikes Down State’s Gay Marriage Ban

The Huffington Post is reporting that today (8/30/07) a judge copped an attitude about the gay marriage ban, declared it unconstitutional, struck it down and then demanded that marriage licenses for six gay couples be processed immediately.

Three things are for certain:

  1. Heterosexual couples marriages will begin failingFruitFly immediately.
  2. Fred Phelps‘ Winnebago will be showing up by the end of the weekend.
  3. Senator Larry Craig will be showing up with one of the Village People.

Craig says: Let me be clear! I am not gay!!

mexican fruit flies…and he’s proud and out to be a straight man!!

You didn’t really expect him to come flaming out of The Closet, breaking down and weeping sorrowful tears and tell everybody that he is a “homo”, do you? My God! Larry Craig has decades pent up hating gay men and women!

C’mon…fiddling around in the men’s room does not make you gay. If anything, it makes you “bi-curious”.

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s a picture of RepublicanGiuliani In Drag Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani in drag!

Now this is what we call “gay”.

Do you need to see Giuliani dressed like this in a video? Click here.

And here. Here. and Here. Oh. And here. And here too.

And a short video of Rudy Giuliani’s corruption problems here.

MeSo if anybody says Mitt Romney is gay, I would have to disagree. He might be “bi-curious”. He’s definitely not nearly as gay as Rudy Giuliani is…Because Giuliani’s is just plain out “gay”.