Hard bodies who are Heads of State

Vladimir PutinTowleroad is a “mature” gay man’s website. It’s the GQ magazine for professional gay men. (Although GQ has some very gay leanings.) They’ve recently run a piece called: “A River Runs Through Russia: Fishing with Pin-Up Putin” and I have to admit: “It’s given me the vapors!”.

“Vlad” goes out on a fishing trip in the pristine wilderness of Siberia and decides to “drown a few minnows”. But before he baits his hook, Vlad grabbed his shirt at the collar, ripped it off his buffed 54 year old torso and walked on into the icy cold waters laughing and enjoying the freezing temperatures. Wow! Now there’s a hot-bod!! Go on and check out Vlad! That’s a prime minister who’s got bod! “Pin up Putin” is an understatement!

And I got to thinking about Hot Bods in politics…

The French have a new “hottie”: Nicolas Sarkozy. President Sarkozy of France appeared on American television with his shirt off and in full nipple-view while playing in the waters off the coast of New Hampshire.

Even though George Bush has never been caughtPr Nicholas Sarkozy (France) with his trousers off, the American president, vacationing 50 miles away in Kennebunkport, Maine, has seen his own relationship with the media sink so far that he will certainly sympathise with his French counterpart.

SarkozyRelations between the two countries have been strained since the French opted out of the US-led Iraqi invasion and Bush was hoping for a closer relationship with newly-elected Sarkozy.

But the middle of a tranquil lake in the state with the motto ‘Live Free or Die’ is the last place he could have foreseen another French- American confrontation.

President Sarkozy is a very good looking man. Loves America and loves to play in American waters.

PM Stephen HarperThere are a lot of good looking Heads of State in this world. Athletic, good looking, people with kind faces and intelligent minds. Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada is a very good looking man with a nice smile. I tried to Google a picture of Prime Minister showing me a full nipple shot but I failed.

Check out those boys growing up over there in London who will be Head of State soon. Prince William and Prince Harry are both quite the little hotties to look at while you’re cruising the morning papers.

But look at what we have in the United States. A stumbling, uncoordinated dotting old fool who’s biggest nightmare is to hatchet up the English language with the worst grammar and words that are completely made-up. Here’s a picture of our “Head of State”:

Bush Segway Fall

Makes you proud to be an American doesn’t it? After he trips over on a freaking Segway (which is next to impossible isn’t it?), he jogs it off never to worry about the people he just plowed into. And notice he’s wearing jogging shorts in this picture, will you?! Why would a person wear jogging shorts in order to take a ride on a Segway?

Bush’s Mountain Bike AccidentAnd there was that time he wipes out on his “mountain bike”. How is that possible when you’re surrounded by Secret Service agents? Bush tells everybody that he spends all of this time on his ranch in Crawford “clearing brush”. But has anybody ever actually seen his clear brush? He has plenty of photo ops carrying a chain saw or some other such tool. But I’ve never seen brush shooting into the air with Bush’s chain-saw at full throttle. Have you?

Those beady little eyes. Those tiny teeth, yellowed andBush Dumb crooked. Hs recent visit to the doctor’s office to have some polyps removed from his tail-pipe and the Royal Republicans breath a sigh of relief that the polyps are benign…. I have to ask; is this Presidential material we’re really interested in?

When President Sarkozy and Bush had arranged to do lunch, Sarkozy’s wife called in a canceled because their children both had sore throats. What a great wife and mother that is, to put your children as more important than to meet with America’s Royal Texas Trailer-Trash Family. You need to remember something about canceled lunch though:

The invitation to the lunch was extended during the Group of Eight meeting in Germany in June, where Bush fell ill with a stomach ailment on the day of his bilateral meeting with Sarkozy. They still met, but in Bush’s private quarters.

bush doorHow nice! The last time our Royal Family met with the Sarkozy’s, Bush had an upset tummy. And all of us know, Bush loves to tell fart-jokes and he loves to play practical jokes on people with his own farts.

President Bush today declared a massive fartwa on Iran and said he wouldn’t hesitate to use military flatulence as he cracks down on the “asses of evil.” He also announced a new plan to “smoke out” Osama bin Laden with bunker-busting stinkbombs.

Now that the president’s love of farting and fart jokes has been exposed by U.S. News & World Report, the Humor Gazette has learned that he also enjoys giving noogies to foreign dignitaries and watching Dick Cheney kick liberals in the groin.

Al Gore - Rolling StoneWhy can’t we have a good looking President? One that one makes us embarrassed every time he’s in public. They made fun of Presidential hopeful for three weeks on the topic Edwards’ $400.00 hair cut. What’s wrong with that? Why is that newsworthy? Are there journalists out there who think this crap up and think it’s “news”?!

Newsday made a huge stink about Bill Clinton too. At some airport in Los Angeles, claimed he was being groomed and they had to keep planes in the air while the President was being groomed. The story turned out to be completely false in the end. But it was enough to make people think that Bill Clinton was vain and self-centered.

The runway haircut by Beverly Hills stylist Cristophe became such a metaphor for perceived White House arrogance that the president himself felt compelled to apologize for the reported flight delays.

But the reports were wrong.

According to Federal Aviation Administration records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, the May 18 haircut caused no significant delays of regularly scheduled passenger flights – no circling planes, no traffic jams on the runways.

Commuter airlines that fly routes reportedly affected by the president’s haircut confirmed they have no record of delays that day.

But you don’t hear much about Bush giving Great Britain’s Prime Minister a wedgie did you?

To ease international tension at the recent G-8 summit, where he groped German Chancellor Angela Merkel and gave Tony Blair a wedgie, Bush pranked puzzled foreign leaders with whoopie cushions and fake poo. Bush kept himself from getting bored by repeatedly putting his right hand under his left armpit, flapping his left arm to make farty noises and then pointing at the nearest red-faced dignitary.

That’s our President?!

Why can’t we have a president who’s good looking,Me responsible, intelligent. One who doesn’t lie to the American people and finds it beneath his or her character to spy on us and listen to our phone calls?

Give me that hard-body hottie from Russia. Let me snuggle up to that hottie from Canada! I wanna play with the two boys from London! Anything! But can we please get rid of the one we’ve got?!

Rudy Giuliani bails on the Log Cabin Republicans


“A campaign aide told the Globe this weekend that Giuliani favors a much more modest set of rights for gayRudy partners than civil union laws in effect in four states offer. Giuliani has described himself as a backer of civil unions and is frequently described that way in news reports. But he began distancing himself from civil unions in late April, when his campaign told The New York Sun that New Hampshire’s new law goes too far because it is ‘the equivalent of marriage,’ which he has always opposed for gays. Giuliani’s aides offered little explanation of what specific rights he would support for same-sex couples.”

The Globe notes that in 2004 Giuliani told Bill O’Reilly: “I’m in favor of . . . civil unions. So now you have a civil partnership, domestic partnership, civil union, whatever you want to call it, and that takes care of the imbalance, the discrimination, which we shouldn’t have.”

But now, according to Maria Comella, Giuliani’s deputy communications director, the candidate’s stance has changed: “It’s about rights and benefits more than the title. The mayor supports the benefits and rights as they are written in the domestic partnership law in New York City.”

It looks like Rudy has figured out how to be a proper spank-Monkey for the Southern Baptist Convention after all! Planet Out in 2007 reported:

Old FruitfliesSouthern Baptist Convention official Richard Land said gay issues represent just one area of the problems religious conservatives have with Giuliani. “There are so many dealbreakers for Giuliani, it’s difficult to know where to start,” he said.

Throughout his eight years in City Hall, Giuliani supported laws that protected gays against harassment, marched in gay pride parades, welcomed the Olympic-style Gay Games to New York City and, after his second marriage broke up, lived with two friends who happened to be a gay couple.

He does not support same-sex marriage, but he does not see the need to ban it with a constitutional amendment. And in a 1994 cover story with The Advocate, a national gay magazine, he condemned Pat Buchanan’s speech at the Republican National Convention two years earlier during which the failed presidential candidate declared a “cultural war” against homosexuality, radical feminists, abortion rights supporters, and other “liberals.”

A horror of a compaign is noting that his own children support Barak Obama, (a Democrat!!) while he panhandles Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia voters for their hatred towards gays andvomit lesbians. Last Thursday, Giuliani said in a speech:

I was at Ground Zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers….I was there working with them. I was exposed to exactly the same things they were exposed to. So in that sense, I’m one of them.

It was the AFL/CIO that had to put him back in his place by saying:

It’s shocking to see Giuliani—who was mayor for only a few months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks—claiming his experience is equal to that of the hard-working rescue workers and cleanup crews, who for a year spent long days trying to recover the bodies of the victims under dangerous conditions.

NYFD captain James Riches, who lost a son in the 9/11 attacks serving as a firefighter himself called Giuliani a liar and said he was “living in a dreamland”.Me

What’s Guiliani going to say to all of those gay and lesbian Republicans out there?! Nothing?! The Log Cabin Republicans are weirdly silent about the issue. But, Log Cabin Republicans are weird… They’re like those Jews for Jesus folks.

Giuliani’s campaign has become nothing more than a political spelling-bee: “C-H-A-R-L-A-T-A-N“.


Rove has “left’ the building (in two weeks)

Good Bye Turdblossom

Lord Voldemort Karl Rove announced his departure from the Ministry of Magic. Now all of the little Muggle children have been released from their prisons in Azkhaban. And Hogwarts will soon be ringing with the sounds off Ravenclaw, Griffendor, Hufflepuff and even Slytherin students running through its halls once again.

So far, there have been no Death Eaters running for Minister of Magic have said anything about the departing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


This just in: Death Eater, Dennis Hastert has announced resignation from the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Bratwurst, Knockwurst and Pastries. He will not seek re-assignment to the position that he’s held far too long. Many will applaud the decision but most are hesitant to surmise which Death Eater will take his place within the Ministry.

Logo was a Go-Go

Markos Moulitsas found a link and is paying attention to the gay-vote.

The study this spring by San Francisco-based Community Marketing Inc. found that an eye-popping 92.5% of gay men reported that they voted in the 2004 presidential race, and almost 84% said they cast ballots in the 2006 midterm election. Among lesbians, the results were almost as impressive; nearly 91% said they voted in 2004; for the midterm, the figure was 78%.

By comparsion, the Washington-based Committee for the Study of the American Electorate put the turnout for all Americans eligible to vote at about 61% in 2004 and roughly 40% in 2006.

Gay people not only vote en-mass, but they hold advertising clout far and above their hetero counter-parts. Check out Advertising Age magazine’s article on corporations producing two television commercials that are identical – except for the sexual orientation material.
And while we’re talking about the Gay Vote, it’s worth noting what “The Gays” are looking at this weekend: The Visible Vote; Logo Television.

The format of the Logo Webpage is pretty…confusing. ButRachel Maddow before I note anything on this debate, there is the matter of dealing with Air America radio-celeb; Rachel Maddow. Maddow’s “Campaign Asylum” found on YouTube does an excellent job of a.) congradulating the candidates for doing the debate b.) noting that it’s pretty ridiculous to include Margaret Carlson as one of the moderators. First, she’s not gay, second she has connections with one of the candidates (whether present or not) and third… She wasn’t that good.

The other three moderators were gay. Luckily for the entire debate. Joe Solmonese, Executive Director of the Human Rights Campaign, Melissa Ethridge and Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post. Very good! Respected and outstanding GLBT citizens of the community.

Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish made an intelligent observation on the Logo debates. Arguably, a majority of the debate focused on gay marriage, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and Defense of Marriage, Andrew noted the thought:

My own sense, however, is that we haven’t moved the Democrats much in many years. They need and want gay money, so they will talk to us. But none of the leading candidates supports our civil equality in marriage, the Ground Zero of the movement. And, more frustrating, none will say why.

If you’re for civil unions but not civil marriage, you need an argument. One is simply the semantic one that your commitment to the heterosexual meaning of the word trumps your understanding that gays are also family members and deserve not to be shunted into a “separate-but-equal” institution.

But none of them will admit that.

The other answer is that they do support equality in marriage but fear losing votes if they publicly say so. As president, of course, they have virtually no role in the matter – it’s for the states. But they’re scared of the Rove machine – still. So they can’t say that either. So they all seem illogical.

Well said!

You’d have to go to Logo’s website to see each of the candidates interviews on your own. I emailed the folks at WordPress to ask them why I can’t use the links Logo provided to link the video in my blog here. What I got was from Barry at WordPress who said:

Hi,That is correct — untrusted 3rd party javascript is not allowed for security purposes.

Why thanks Barry (@) wordpress dot com. I’m sure you’re sleeping comfortably knowing none of those big scarey “homo-scripts” from Logo television aren’t going to be terrorzing your computer server farm anytime soon.

Sheeshe. Dude! Lighten up man! It’s Logo Tee-Vee! You think they’re somehow block you and your servers because you’re “untrusted” 3rd party?!

The jerk.

Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM)

Gov Bill RichardsonWhat a train-wreck. I have secretly kept my “Underdog” hopes for Richardson because he has a pedigree that blows way everybody else on the Dem ticket. He’s been a US Senator, US Congressman, an Ambassador and he’s a Governor! But Melissa Ethridge asked him, in relation to his usage of the “maricon” comment on the Don Imus program in 2006, if he saw homosexuality being a choice.

Melissa: “Do you think homosexuality is a choice?”

Richardson: It is a choice. Of course!

Melissa: “Maybe you misunderstand the question. Do you think that I was born this way? <short pause> Or do you think…right around the sixth grade or so I decided to start liking girls?”

Richardson: <looking like he ate the last chocolate chip cookie in a room full of starving orphans> Look. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know all of the science behind all of this. I’m just not a scientist!

Phphp… C’mone!

Joe.My.God‘s comment was brilliant. In relating to Richardson’s blunder on the Logo Presidential, JMG said:

“To gays and lesbians, flubbing the choice-vs.-nature question is like botching the answer to “What’s one plus one?”

Note to [New Mexico Governor] Richardson’s current and former gay staffers and supporters: Do an intervention — and get him an Ambien — before he implodes again.”

Pam, over at Pam’s House Blend caught Richardson on the radio two days after his mega-sized gaffe where he said this:

“I’d flown all night from New Hampshire. I screwed up, I made a mistake. This is an issue you’re born with, it’s a not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle. I didn’t understand the question…there was an implication that politics intervenes with science. And I always love the word “choice”, I am for freedom of choice, I have in my health care plan a choice where everyone can choose their health care plan and I always see it as a golden word. I didn’t think it through what Melissa was asking me.”

Pam has an MP3 of him saying this – click here.

The emphasis is mine (of course). I heard in today’s news that Tommy Thompson (R-WI) has just dropped out of the Republican bid for President. I can only hope that Richardson does the same thing soon.

UPDATE: Queerty has an interview with Governor Richardson shortly after the Logo Debates that’s well worth the read.  I personally think he’s thrown the gay vote.  He’s fallen to the same category as Mike Gravel, Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo.

He’s unelectable.

US Senator John Edwards (D-NC)

John EdwardsEdwards showed his weak under-belly by admitting is complete lack of knowledge of “the Gays”. It’s become apparent that John Edwards sees gay people as he sees black people, brown people or as he sees those who are less fortunate.

In an audience of GLBT people both in the studio as well as in the ethereal airwaves satellite relay dishes everywhere, Senator John Edwards explained that he had listened to US Senator Barak Obama (D-IL) who was on the panel earlier and he agreed. He went on to point out that his religious views disagreed with gay marriage but he agreed with equality for everybody. And so he jumped for the opportunity for a cop-out by promising that since he’s a strong supporter of a separated church and state – he won’t let his religious views interfere with his Presidential veto-pen.

You don’t believe me? Click here and watch this.

Pathetic. You think?

I’d rather vote for his wife Elizabeth for President.

US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY)

Hillary ClintonI love Hillary. I don’t love another eight four years of Clinton v. GOP wars.

She’s pro gay marriage. She’s against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (even though she helped draft it up), she’s against DOMA (even though she was involved in drafting it up) and she’s against the Bush Iraq Oil War (even though she voted for it and continues to make up excuses for voting for it).

Whatever she said…

I’m a huge supporter of a presidential/vice-presidential team where the President works to fix the foreign relations debacle in this country and the Vice-President to fix the domestic debacle. So if someone picks Hillary as the Veep – I’m there buddy! 100%. She’d be fantastic on the Domestic stuff.

(Former) US Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK)

Mike GravelSenator Gravel cracks me up. And he is the best candidate on the floor. He understands the American people and he understands the issues that are facing “The Gays”. But I’m not going to vote for him, so let’s move along.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)One of the brightest men on the panel. The man, in my understanding of his politics, completely and totally understands the human condition as well as the gay condition in America. I was stunned by his answers:

On gay marriage…are you for “gay marriage”.

Kucinich: Of course I’m for gay marriage. Gay marriage is nothing other than two adults who are in love with each other. The best quality of the human soul is the ability to love. Nothing more beautiful, nothing more passionate than a human to be able to love another human being.

Well, okay I adlibbed. You really should check out his answers on Logo.

Post Editing Notation: Congressman Kucinich’s office was raided after his appearance on Logo television.

Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign office in Cleveland was vandalized early this morning after the congressman appeared with other Democratic candidates on a nationally televised forum on gay rights. Kucinich spokesman Andy Juniewicz said an unknown object was thrown through a plate glass window sometime after 12:30 a.m., when campaign staffers closed down the office. Juniewicz did not have a dollar estimate of the damage, and said he didn’t know whether it was connected with Kucinich’s appearance at the forum sponsored by the gay rights group Human Rights Campaign. “We will leave it to the Cleveland Police Department to investigate and see what they come up with,” Juniewicz said.

Oh thank goodness! The Royal Republicans were right again! There really is no connection between Hate Crimes and homosexuality!!

Senator Barak Obama (D-IL)

Sen Barak Obama

The panelists were cruel to Senator Obama, in my opinion. The jumped in on the idea of comparing Gay/Lesbian rights and issues to those related to African American rights and issues during the civil rights movement. I thought their comparison was racist and completely unwarranted.

But, Obama was stellar! He spoke strongly about how speeches given in African-American church congregations and condemned them for homophobia.

I have to give Andrew Sullivan the last word on this “debate”. He’s right – it wasn’t a “debate”, it was in fact, an “interview”. But Sullivan did not fail to notice the Republicans being strangely silent to ever talk to “the Gays” even when there’s a Log Cabin Republican member standing four feet away from them. Sullivan noted:

The other aspect of the “debate” was the fact that no Republican candidates are prepared to make a similar case to gay voters. Gays apparently don’t exist for the GOP: a constituency they won’t touch, let alone appeal to. That’s bad for gays, forMe Republicans and for the country. But it’s the party Rove and Bush built: a party whose foundations are exclusionary and divisive.

And I would have to agree with him on that. It truly is a shame that the Republicans still can not bring themselves to recognized that gays exist, or that the Log Cabin Republicans exist.

Playing with their ‘fiddle-faddle’

rotten fruitWhile playing co-host to a birthday party, I had a chance to sit and visit with my biggest Fruit Fly Fans. “Oh Golly!” they said. “We read The Fruit Fly everyday! Every morning, I have my Captain Crunch cereal and my Fruit Fly news!” It truly was a refreshing moment in the short-lfe of the Fabulous Fruit Fry.

And so it was recommended that I conduct a re-hash of sugary sweet rotting fruit juices that are currently going on over in the Jesus-Centered political party called The Geee-Oh-Peee. It’s the Party of Lincoln! Jesus prefers this party over those sleazy-no-good-Democrats-with-no- redeeming-qualities-whatsoever.

Since Americans seem to have amnesia, it might be important to keep ourselves updated on exactly what’s going on with these “patriotic” and “Old Fashioned Family Valued” politicians. Hell, I can’t even remember if that skinny blond girl is still in jail or not. (….You know who I’m talking about. The girl who’s grand-daddy was the Hilton hotel tycoon! What was her name again?)

State representative Bob Allen (R-FL)

Bob Allen R-Florida (Prostitute/Racist)The nearest state legislative district to his own is Titusville, FL. It’s here where the Florida co-chairman of the John McCain Presidential campaign hangs out in the local city park and…

In an arrest affidavit, (Officer) Kavanaugh said he had washed his hands and, finding the sink’s paper-towel dispenser empty, had walked into a stall for the disabled to dry his hands. Allen first peeked over the door and then stepped inside, he said.

Allen proposed the two go across a nearby bridge because “it’s quiet over there” and he would perform a sex act on the officer for $20, the affidavit said. They walked to Allen’s car, where the officer identified himself and arrested Allen.

What did this bastion of Family Values say about this arrestPros Wanted report a couple days later? He blamed the black citizens who were in the area.

I certainly wasn’t there to have sex with anybody and certainly wasn’t there to exchange money for it,” said Allen, R-Merritt Island, who was arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution.

“This was a pretty stocky black guy, and there was nothing but other black guys around in the park,” Allen, who is white, told police in a taped statement after his arrest. Allen said he feared he “was about to be a statistic” and would have said anything just to get away.

Yes, black men always have a twenty-dollar bill ready for a white guy’s watering mouth. It’s the new stereotype. All black men like to step out on their bitches and their ho’s and get them some white-man oral fix once in a while. And if the white guy isn’t willing, they’ll make him “a statistic”. It’s in all of the papers…Don’t you read?!?!?
The white good people of Florida can rest assured: The needs of its black citizens are well serviced represented.

Let it be noted: Crack whores get more money for a blow-job under that very same “quiet bridge”.

Glenn Murphy: Clark County GOP Chair

Glenn Murphy?!?Officially, this one isn’t a politician. So let’s make sure that nobody is going to make this a “Clinton Did It” story. But it begs the question: “What’s worse than a GOP running the country? …Waking up to see your fiddle-faddle firmly in the mouth of the National Chair of the Young Republican National Federation.”

The “victim” here, obviously wasn’t not please with this unwarranted penile inspection, apparently went over to Murphy’s house later and smashed Murphy’s cell-phone. The horrified Young Republican was worried this pervert took pictures during the “performance” of the dirty-deed (don’t dirt cheap). Alex Blaze at Bilerico Project does an outstanding job and explaining this unbelievable story.

TCGRAccording to the police report, the victim and Murphy were at the victim’s sister’s house for a big young Republican bash. The two got totally wasted, and the sister told them to stay at her place and sleep it off in some bunk beds at her place. Well, the victim woke up to Murphy sucking him off while fondling him, asked him what he was doing, but he kept on going, and the victim pushed him away and left.

Over the next few days Murphy called the victim and asked him not to tell anyone. The victim met up with Murphy at his Utica, Indiana, home at Murphy’s request where he smashed Murphy’s cell phone in case any pics were taken, even though Murphy said none were. Then Murphy attorney, Larry Wilder, paid a visit to the Young Republican victim and his mother’s house, not to quiet them down, of course, but to ask what he “wanted in order to resolve this situation.”

The best part of this is, like most stories, the back-story. The part of the story you have to dig around and find the pun or the absurdity. In this case, you have a 33 year old Clark County GOP chair in an oral-sex scandal with a very freaked out and very intoxicated 22 year old Republican. Just three weeks earlier, Glenn Murphy said after being sworn Chair of the Young Republican National Federation:

I will essentially be the mouthpiece and effective leader for the tens of thousands of Young Republicans, 18 to 40, across the country,” said Murphy.

The emphasis is mine, of course.

Oops. He certainly is a mouthpiece!

Did I fail to mention that Glenn Murphy was sworn at the national chair of the YRNF in Florida? He was elected 440-0 and sworn in by none other than Florida’s governor Charlie Crist. And did I fail to mention that it’s widely rumored that Charlie Crist is a closeted homosexual? Coincidence?


Is Charlie Crist a homosexual?! Here. Here. Here and here.

Charlie Crist is not a homosexual. Here.

Ooops. Ooops and Double-Ooops.

Tommy Tester; Rudy Guiliani’s Best Man in Virginia

Poor Tommy Tester. He wakes up from a brutal hang-over, and as the fog releases his throbbing headache he realizes that he’s in jail and he wearing a skirt.
Baptist minister, radioGiuliani In Drag dee-jay, father, husband and a Royal Republican; Mr. Thompson decided it was “high” time to pull over in front of the local car wash, hike his skirt up, pull out his fiddle-faddle and take a leak in front of a group of small children.

An open bottle of vodka and an empty bottle of oxycodon and Tester was up for his audition on the latest instalment of COPS. The arresting officers had seen it all, but they hadn’t heard it all. While in the back-seat of the squad car, Tommy Tester offered both officers a nice long suck on their fiddle-faddles!

Now what’s the Rudy Giuliani’ campaign going to do once this reaches the Fair and Balanced Fox News?!

The best for last: David Vitter (R-LA)

Louisiana politics is nothing short of nightmarish. I think Florida’s politicians have been historically just as bad as Louisiana’s. I used to live in New Orleans, I have close friends who live there to this day. I’d never go as far as to say I understand Louisiana’s culture, history as a native from that state could. But I am familiar!

Royal Republican David Vitter once compared gay marriageSimpsons to Hurricane Katrina and Rita combined. He said at a Laffayette Parish Republican Executive Committee luncheon:

“It’s the crossroads where Katrina meets Rita. I always knew I was against same-sex unions.”

Isn’t it funny how quickly they fall? You almost want to cry a little bit inside because when they fall… they fall hard. Brutally hard. Face down. Face down with a diaper on their ass.

David Vitter is a homosexual?Royal Republican David Vitter made quit a spectacle while the Republicans in Congress tried to make a Constitutional Amendment to permanently prevent same-sex unions. Vitter was the Bible thumping, hate-mongering, diaper-wearing senator who saw no limits on hating same-sex marriage and preaching up the values of heterosexual marriage. Meanwhile, Vitter was spending cash while laying in the arms of the prostitute ring owned by the famous DC Madam.

This isn’t his first time. Vitter has a history of skanking around on his wife.

…this is not the first time he has been found out as not the family candidate. Hypocrite Vitter was accused of an extramarital affair in 1999 with a New Orleans prostitute, Wendy Cortez.

The Canal Street madam claims to know how many syphilis sores are on Vitter’s fiddle-faddle, and isn’t ashamed to talk about it.

Here’s a piece of juicy rotten fruit. A short collection of David Vitter’s 2004 election campaign commercials. In the first one, he does his chit-chat and at the end, wife-Wendy walks into the shot and says; “Here David. You can start by changing Jack!” and referencing the kid’s diaper.” You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll snort your Co-Co Puffs up through your nose.

ShhhhNow here’s the story I’ve got just for you. But you have to promise never to tell anybody. Do you promise? okay…What? Do you promise? Okay – promise – hope to die stick a Fruit Fly in your Eye…

One of my closest friends lives in southern Louisiana and used to work in the law firm where David Vitter worked back in the day. He and I were on the phone about three weeks ago and he told me this:

You know. I had lunch with a good friend of mine who was also an attorney in that same law firm. She is now a Washington DC insider and there’s a whole other twist to this story about our Senator David Vitter.

She said to me; “The real gossip in DC isn’t about him seeing the DC Madame and his phone number appearing on her list. The entire town is buzzing the fact that they’re suprised nobody has questioned that it wasn’t a woman David Vitter was seeing!! He was paying to see a man!” I’m telling you…I knew it when I worked with that man. I thought; “This man loves to diddle boys just as much as he loves to screw women.”

With his permission, I emailed Mike Rogers over at BlogActive.Mike Rogers (Blog Active (BlogActive is the worlds best website to define the difference between a gay man versus a “homosexual”. If there’s a hypocrite out there screaming about the sins of the GLBT community, and he/she is in The Closet – that’s a homosexual. And they’re the worse kind of people on the planet Earth and Mike Rogers has heard about it already.)

And so I thought; Mike Rogers might know more information about this guy David Vitters. I wonder if there’s any rumor flying around the idea that David Vitters is into homosexual sex?

So I fired off an email to him telling him what my best friend told me. “The scandal in DC isn’t that Vitter was seeing the DC Madam…The scandal there is that Vitter loves to play with men to!!” And this is what Mike Rogers over at BlogActive said to me:

Thanks for this… Love your site…<snip>

I actually had an interview with the DC Madam, we talked about my work and several times during the interview Deborah Jeane told me that she never worked with men and that on the rare occasion she would send people looking for that to another agency or the phone book.

She didn’t seem anti-gay, but she sure wasn’t familiar with the stuff I think someone would know about if they were providing male escorts in DC.

That being said, I’d be interested in chatting with your friend about it if he is interested. Just because she didn’t say it happened, doesn’t mean it didn’t…after all, this is DC!

So the next time I’m on the phone with my best friend from Louisiana, I’m going to see if I Mecan’t pull off a ménage à trois on the phone lines and get Mike Rogers on the phone with the two of us and listen in. Nothing better than a little more rotten fruit thrown in there.

Stay tuned and stay infested!

Found at a Newspaper stand…

NewstandFox fails on LGBT representation

Think Progress has pointed out that…

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) today released “a first-of-its-kind report that maps the quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on network television. ABC, with shows like Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty, received the highest ranking of the five networks. NBC, once home to Will & Grace, ranked fourth, and FOX scored lowest.”

That’s where the “Fair and Balance” part comes in. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see how “fair and balanced” they are in their news reporting? When they know nothing about gays and lesbians because they’re hated as employees, it’s obvious Fox would be fair and balanced on any part of the subject!
I totally get it. What’s wrong with the rest of you?!? But it makes complete sense to me.

Fred Phelps Headed to Minnesota Bridge 9340 to blame the Gays

The “God Hates Fags” guy, Fred Phelps, has packed up his family and is headed up here to Minnesota. He’s planning on holding an activist stampede to be sure everybody knows that the I-35W bridge collapse was God’s judgment on gays and lesbians in Minnesota. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn 6th CD) said about Fred Phelps in an interview in 2004:

“I almost think that the gay community has hired this guy, or created this guy [Fred Phelps], to do what he does. He is their best friend.”

Now I’m confused. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made a claim that she she was cornered in a restroom by a couple of lesbians who allegedly threw the lock on the inside of the restroom door (a patented lie) where she was “harassed” while serving as a state senator. She then filed a false police report with the Washington County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s office and she re-filed the (false) report with the Capitol (Minnesota) Police about the incident.

Bachmann’s BushesCongresswoman Bachmann has been caught on camera hiding in the bushes with her (State) Legislative aides and clerical staffers spying on organized GLBT Lobby Days campaign; an all day annual affair that’s been going on long years.

Congresswoman Bachmann: “If you’re going to claim that Fred Phelps is ‘created’ or ‘hired’ figure for the GLBT “agenda”, then Honey…You’ve been an absolute GLBT slut. And if anyone in this state has promoted the need for equal rights for gay and lesbian people, it’s you Baby. You’veBachmann close been the one.”

Nothing in Minnesota has drawn more attention to GLBT issues than you have. Nothing has proven more hateful and more desipicable demonstration of “Minnesota Nice” in all of Minnesota history.

And the shame of it all?! You’re step-sister is Gay.

Republican children are too good to serve

Prince HarryYeah, all of that flap about whether Prince Harry should be sent to Iraq or not. The British crown jewels will insist their children be trained in the British Royal Service as all of Her Majesty’s loyal subjects. But when you ask a “Royal Republican” why their children don’t even bother to sign up serve in the US Military, you’ll get an answer like this one from Presidential hopeful Governor Mitt Romney:

One of the ways my sons are showing support forMitt Romney Salutes Himself our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.

Yes… Royal Republican children don’t “serve” the Red, White and Blue. Nor do they serve The Few, The Proud, The Marines! They don’t serve anybody or anything! …They serve Daddy.

Segregated restrooms are back and popular

RacismIt was only forty-five years ago that blacks has their own luxurious restrooms as well as their own specialy designated drinking fountains! Now, in 2007, American’s have now set up restrooms especially designed for their Iraqi colleagues.

They live together in the same tent. They eat the same foods and they all work together. But, Americans thought it was mighty big of them to make a “special bathroom” just for Iraqi’s. Said Maj. Raul Marquez, a spokesman for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 1st Cavalry Division, from Fort Hood, Texas:

Marquez cited security. “We are at war, and operational security (OPSEC) and force protection are critical in this environment,” Marquez wrote. “We screen all our local nationals working and living in the FOB, however, you can never know what’s in their mind.”

Another Sargeant said:fascist fries

“We’ve had issues with locals,” said Staff Sgt. Oscar Garcia, who mans War horse’s administrative hub. “It’s not because we’re segregating.”

Oh no, no no. Of course not. That isn’t segragating at all! But let’s see what your Iraqi colleagues say about this “non-segregating” bathroom policy:

“It sucks,” Ahmed Mohammed, 30, said of the latrine policy. He called the signs – in English and Arabic – “racist.” …I live in the same tent with 80 Americans,” he said. …I don’t understand having separate bathrooms. It seems to go against everything that the United States stands for.”

The Fruit FlyYou see what Dick Cheney meant when he said we would be “liberators”?! We would be so liberating – we’d make them specialized bathrooms!

Rotten Fruit: Self-Loathing in New York

Old FruitfliesThe Independant Gay Forum has a link to a MySpace page that’s well worth a look-see.

A few very-hot nelly queens from NYC explain to the world why they love Rudy Guiliani and why American should vote for him to be Prez’nit of the USA!

Giuliani In Drag

It’ll turn you into a homo faster than a “twitch of a beaver’s tail in a kettle-full of cat fish”. Oh…sorry – you have to click on Rudy’s picture. That was my own touch of finesse…


Minnesota’s (Collapsed) Bridge #9340: Use Alternate Routes

SorrowThe feeling here in the Twin Cities is …subdued.

It’s the feeling we now share with our friends in New Orleans, and in New York and in Washington DC. Quiet…shy questions we ask each other while standing in line at the grocery store; “Has your family been affected by the Bridge Disaster?”

“Oh no! Thank gawd! Isn’t this just aweful?!! My family is all okay thank God…”

We return to our groceries, putting them on the conveyor belt ready to get scanned; happy for the neighbor’s relief. Worried that the next question might not be the same response. But, the question has to be asked and all of us have to be ready for a hug, or to offer a shoulder or perhaps an offering or token of love.

It’s subdued. And in secret we cry for those that have lost someone.

My mother called from northern Minnesota where my uncles and aunts and Grandmother live. A cousin of mine who lives here in Minneapolis relayed that he was on a metro city bus. He’s a survivor by means of less 90 seconds. The city bus driver slammed on the breaks and screamed in horror. My cousin, recovering looked up ahead and he said; “The freeway just disappeared. The long line of cars..instantly vanished. My stomach dropped with them in horror. Then it was a horrible crash and everybody was screaming…and then the could of dust drowned everything in sight. The bus was about two car-lengths from the break in the pavement.”

Subdued. Numb.

The parade of politicians have become an embarrassment to the city. We’re not accustomed to people giving us sympathy. Nobody sympathyzes with a Minnesotan when their local weatherman points out that it’s -30 F. Well, maybe they do and we don’t know it. Our local heros are getting the backseat while the politicians make promises of inspection, and rebuilding and promises for a safer future. The media finds and focuses on some of the heros and make them answer embarrassing questions.Shanna Hanson

Shanna Hanson, Capt., Minneapolis Fire, Ladder 10. She’s the blonde haired firefighter being shown in the water swimming around in the wreckage that you’ve all seen. Shanna gave a heartwarming interview where she cracked up with emotion during the television airing. The video is two minutes long and you’ll be startled, moved and very proud of her as an American.

Jeremy Hernandez a camp counselor, on the bus taking a short nap as the bus crossed the I-35W bridge, at less than 10 miles per hour. After the crash, the bus landed at an awkward angle. Quickly, he found a safe place for the children to evacuate to and one by one he carried each child out and helping them to that evacuation point. A few children had minor injuries, but none of them parished and all of it goes credit to Jeremy. The video is 1:50.

Jeremy HernandezJeremy had to drop out of Dunwoody College in Minneapolis because he couldn’t afford the tuition. Jeremy wanted to be an automobile mechanic, so he decided to become a camp counsellor for the summer and decide what to do next. After the story broke, Dunwoody was bombed with phone calls demanding that Dunwoody reinstate Jeremy as a student and wave his tution fees and book fees. I guess Jeremy discovered what was coming up next in his life.

Jim OberstarOne hero deserving mention goes to a politician: Congressman Jim Oberstar (D-MN 8 Cong Dist). While this (Republican) disaster remains fresh on the minds of every member of Congress in both the House and the Senate, Congressman Oberstar, Minnesota’s most Sr Congressmember, shoved a $250 million funding bill to be released to Minnesota for the repairs to begin immediately. Senators Norm Coleman (R-MN and Jr. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) both followed suit with a bill that sailed through the US Senate. Tomorrow, George W Bush makes his appearance joining his wife Pickles and there’s little doubt that he’ll veto the spending.

US Senator Coleman (R) Congressman Obertar (D)This is a remarkable move by Congressman Oberstar and he should be commended. First, the tragedy push Bush’s Iraqi Oil war below the fold, and Bush’s demand that Congress remain in session until he gets his funding bills passed turns to nothing more than a temper-tantrum. Secondly, it forced Bush for the first time to act like a President rather than an insolent spoiled-rotten and apathetic child as he did in the Katrina disaster and the NYC Towers disaster.

Governor Tim Pawlenty, for the first time in his entire time as governor appeared to have caved into the Minnesota DFL demands that quick and swift action be taken to look at our states infrustructure. If you’re not a Minnesotan, you may not quit understand how this works…but perhaps you will!

Perhaps you have the same thing in your area.

The Twin Cities Public Television (PBS/TPT) airs a program every Friday evening at 7:00PM called Almanac. Almanac is a public affairs show that’s run for years now. It’s a quiet “Minnesota moment around a quiet campfire”.

The show focuses on the local music and theater scene, the latest craze going on at the highly celebrated Minnesota State Fair. The show might focus 10 minutes in each broadcast to talk about the political scene. Each political conversation is a brilliant work of bi-partisan conversation where shy and reserved Minnesota politicians mutter and argue shyly about their opposing political views.

I highly recommend that you take the time and watch the first 40 minutes because this is what you’ll see:

Every show has an opening monologue. Sometimes it’s irreverent, sometimes it’s poetry. It might be someone singing a silly song. Tonight’s episode was a heart-warming metaphore by Jim Ragsdale about Bridges. The monologue will demand a tear to squirt out of the corner of your eye.

Erik Eskola and his wife Cathy Wurzer sat with bothTPawlenty Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) and with Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak (DFL). The two of them look tired and Tim Pawlenty looked old. Pawlenty has been brutally beaten up by this bridge disaster and every sagging line and droopy eye-bag shows.

Eskola didn’t hold back to drill at the Governor. It’s a moment when you thank the Gods you’re not the Governor and you weren’t responsible for ignoring the opposing political party. Eskola rounding around and began directly throwing the DFL’s previous transportation bill front and center. Pawlenty threw back as a dead-fish by resigning the fact that all options were on the table to keep this from ever happening again. Eskola, not satisfied with an ambiguous comment like that, brought up the contentious Ten Cent gas tax that the DFL wanted to put on their Transportation Bill that would be spread out over two years. Caved, Tim Pawlenty reiterated that ALL things were on the table.

RTRybakRT Rybak was on the stick by noting that he’s been coordinating reconstruction teams that includes business leaders in the Minneapolis to begin immediate work on scheduled truck routes that removes heavy traffic coming into the city during the workday hours. He’s also coordinating Washington DC political cash with the Metropolitan Counsel that would rebuild the I-35W bridge to include a light-rail line to be included a transit way to include the 100,000 students who are at the University of Minnesota (less than a half mile from the disaster site) as well as permenant Park-n-Rides throughout the area that would compliment all of this in a reduction of smog and traffic in the area.

For the first time, I saw a Republican (Tim Pawlenty) listening and talking without his political hat. He was accessible, and he had obviously checked his political hat at the door. Will wonders ever cease?

Eric Eskola came back at the Governor and mentioned that there’s been talk on bringing back the states Legislature for a special session. The Governor remained subdued and agreed that if the Legislature wanted to bring back the ignored Transportation Bills in a special session that he would welcome it.

The Governor was yielding earlier in the day as Minnesota Publica Radio reported on a very densive Lt Governor Carol Molnau. For the first time, Pawlenty seemed willing to act like a bipartisan governor and work with the Itchy and Scratchy DFL Party of Minnesota.

It begs noting that Governor Tim Pawlenty was sprucing up his story to make it a “Magical Disaster” by which nobody could explain. The NTSB seems puzzled and they’ve gone public by noting that every inch of the wreckage would be inspected, as well as all of the video – especially the famous “security camera footage”. Yesterday however, Governor Pawlenty was pushing a “magical moment” in Minnesota history by saying:

“It’s a somewhat unique structure in the way that it was designed,” Pawlenty said. “It was inspected both in 2005 and 2006. There were no structural deficiencies identified in the bridge according to MnDOT. There were some cosmetic or minor repair items that needed some attention but no structural defects or deficits identified in the bridge.”

(The emphasis is mine.) This is a wee-bit of a fabrication. To say there wasn’t any structural deficiencies identified is nothing but political spin. Because he forgets that those MinnDOT reports from 2005/2006 are available on line. And here is what those reports said:

This recommendation listing refers to specific areas where fatigue cracks and other eficiencies were located during the 2006 inspection. Bridge inspection lists these eficiencies in the highest priority first.
Long Term Repair Recommendations

• The long term plans for this river crossing need to be defined with replacement, redecking, etc. Due to the “Fracture Critical” configuration of the main river spans and the problematic “crossbeam” details, and fatigue cracking in the approachspans, eventual replacement of the entire structure would be preferable.

• If bridge replacement is significantly delayed, the bridge should be re-decked. The design of the main river spans do not allow for deck widening. Any re-decking contract should also include a complete re-painting of the superstructure, limination of the hinge joint in span #2, and reconfiguration of the deck drainage system.

• Depending on the projected date of bridge replacement, the bridge deck will eventually require a partial overlay repair contract. The expansion joints should also e replaced.

My offer of one Fresh Fruit Basket to that Research Goddess “mcg” over at Democratic Underground Discussion board for that amazing piece of research. My personal message to her is: “Day-Um!! Gurl…That was awesome!!!”

A short break resumed with a continuation of MinneapolisSenator Steve Murphy and St Paul’s recovery by bringing out State Senator Steve Murphy (DFL 28th District (Red Wing)), Chairman of the Transportation committe who pointed out that he was more than ready to return to a special legislative session. His Republican counter-part, Republican Mary Liz Holberg (R-36A) was quit to sound like a Republican is Rep Mary Liz Holbergexpected by being cautious one being over reactionary. She conceeded that there probably would be some tax increases, or perhaps some bonding bills. But she worried about taxes and the family budget. The Almanac Hosts, Eric and Cathy were about to introduce a new topic and immediately Murphy stood his ground and whipped out a piece of paper from his suit-coat pocket and was ready to introduce a plan for recovery. He pointed out that the last gas tax increase was in 1988, and that worry about the “family budget” or about the families who’ve lost someone on a collapsed bridge.

The Almanac hosts pointed out that Lt Governor CarolCathy Wurzer, Holberg, Eric Eskola, Murphy Molnau has not yet been confirmed by the Senate as Commissioner of Transportation. State Senator Murphy was asked if the collapsed bridge would ruin her chances of being confirmed. He said he didn’t know and wanted it to be pushed off the topic until a much later time. The Senator was polite and said the topic wasn’t appropriate until this matter is cleaned up.


George W Bush showed up to inspect the site. Nobody much cared I don’t think. More interest was in seeing Marine One flying around the site than there was any care for the guy inside. After a short while watching it on the television – we turned it all off we just moved on with our lives.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Sunday edition (8/5/2007) carries an excellent piece by Ann McFeatters that spanks the Republica part for their insolence and their arrogance. Her opening paragragh will, and should, send shivers down everybody’s spine:

And so our latest true-life, made-for-cable-TV disaster unfolds. Remember the talk about the nation’s crumbling infrastructure after levees failed during Hurricane Katrina? Remember those SUV-eating sinkholes in Brooklyn? Remember the report that $120 billion a year is wasted on road repairs because our highways are decaying? Remember when the electric grid caused a power blackout that affected millions? Remember the Hawaii dam that collapsed, killing seven people? How about the analysis that 13,000 highway fatalities each year occur because of congestion or poor maintenance and design? The catastrophe in downtown Minneapolis caused by an arterial bridge collapsing in rush-hour traffic is the latest in unheeded warnings that, physically, the United States is in bad shape. We Americans who have rejoiced in — and boasted about — the grandeur of our cities, the comfort of reliable electricity, the wonder that has been our national highway system, the easy readiness of tap water and our can-do eagerness to build the best have been blind about growing fissures in that very infrastructure.

Lori Sturdevant of the Star Tribune has line grabber of her own box of crayons and has written an epitaph for the GOP. This war of Bush’s in Iraq and now this bridge collapse is not going to bode well for the GOP in Minnesota. Her title piece:

Can DFL pick up a seat? That’s the whisper

I have to disagree; It’s now becoming a shout.

The 10:00PM News on the local channels stated that mourning services in the Twin Cities have begun today. St Mark’s Episcopal CathedralTomorow’s Sunday morning servies will be a day of mourning. Not only those who were in cars and stuck in the traffic jam, but there were construction crew workers who’ve still not been found.

St Mark’s Episcopal, downtown Minneapolis will hold an interfaith service tomorrow morning. Governor Pawlenty and Mayor RT Rybak will be leading the services which are at 1o:00AM, and everybody is invited.

Subdued. Numb.

I received a fortune cookie that said: “Knocked down seven times, get up eight”. I thought about that cookie while driving out to my folks’ place to pick some fresh tomatoes and raspberries. Cloudy, rainy – my windshield wiper blade needs changed. That digital roadsign Methat hangs over the freeway said:



“Yeah,” I thought; “This country needs to begin using ‘Alternate Routes’. Nocked down seven times, get up eight.”

Minnesota’s (Collapsed) Bridge #9340

I-35W BridgeAugust 1, 2007; Minnesotan’s were dealt the the summer disaster of the decade: The I-35 bridge over the Mississippi collapsed on both lanes of traffic at 6:00PM evening rush-hour. And, I think every Minnesotan knows who should be blamed for it: The Minnesota GOP.

From January all through June, the DFL legislature tried to put together a Transportation Bill that would have earmarked an incredible amount of infrastructure support to our highways and bridges. Also included in that Trans Bill was to put together a desperately needed mass-transit and light rail system. But, our (Republican) Governor vetoed the job.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s annual survey of highway smoothness, the state missed its own target for the number of roads it wants in “good” condition for the fourth year in a row. In addition, “the percentage of lower-volume roads in ‘poor’ condition increased to 5.2 percent — the highest level on record. By 2010, more than 3 percent of freeways, interstates and other high-volume roads are projected to be in the poor category, up from 2.3 percent last year.” [Star Tribune, 6/11/07]

While all of this was going on, Governor Tim Pawlenty was in Iowa stumping for US Senator John McCain’s miserable race for US President.

Governor Pawlenty was quick with his veto pen too. Trying to act like a pint-sized George W Bush:

Picture 2Literally wielding a big red VETO stamp to appease the no-tax crowd that remains hell-bent on a something-for-nothing relationship with government, Gov. Tim Pawlenty deep-sixed the bipartisan transportation bill. ‘How dumb can they be?’ he sneered of the lawmakers who dared approve a tax hike to fix the state’s roads.

Minnesotan’s already face the worst traffic in the country. We rank up there as Number 1 in some areas and are in the top five in many others.

Minnesota scored best, 1st place, on rural interstate condition with no poor miles reported. It ranked 4th on fatality rate and 5th on deficient bridges. The lowest rankings were 49th for urban interstate congestion and 35th for maintenance disbursements per mile of responsibility.

“Minnesota seems to be holding its own despite rising congestion and unit costs,” the study said.

(The bold is mine.)

In case you don’t know the Twin Cities Metro area: Think of our freeway system as a bullseye with two vertical lines: I-35W (Minneapolis) and I-35E (St. Paul). The beltway (I-694) is under complete renovation at I-35E north of St Paul. Now that I-35W is a complete disaster… Who do you think will suffer the most? The Governor? The Lt Governor? How much gas will be wasted as commuters who live north of the Twin Cities over-clog western and eastern artery freeways to get around this nightmare?

In 2001, the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies looked at this Minnesota Bridge #9340 and noted that the bridge did show signs of stress in the area of fatigue in the truss areas.

The bridge’s deck truss has not experiencedFOX-9 Photo fatigue cracking, but it has many poor fatigue details on the main truss and floor truss system. The research helped determine that the fatigue cracking of the deck truss is not likely, which means that the bridge should not have any problems with fatigue cracking in the foreseeable future. As a result, Mn/DOT does not need to prematurely replace this bridge because of fatigue cracking, avoiding the high costs associated with such a large project.

One might take note that Minnesota’s Lt Governor, Carol Molnau (R) also serves as Commissioner of the Dept of Transportation. And, if you’re that interested in Minnesota politics, you’ll remember that in June 2006, her department tried to “fish” for a contractor to fix a major congestion area known in the Twin Cities as the “Crosstown Highway” where Highway 62 interchanges with the very same I-35W. This site is approximately four miles south where today’s bridge collapsed.

Lt Gov Carol MolnauHer department went looking for a contractor who was willing to cough up $250 million of their own money to fix the the congested area while she was promising to pay them back “sometime soon”.

The $250 million Twin Cities project was set to start in August but contractors walked away from the unorthodox financing plan, which required them to put up their own money to keep construction going between state payments.

The plan failed. Molnau couldn’t find any suckers who were willing to play “First National Bank of Crosstown Highway” and she couldn’t find any under writers to support her in Shanghai, Bejing, New York or Hong Kong. So the Crosstown Highway project remains a complete nightmare.

Let me remind you again: The Minnesota DFL did have a plan! They produced a Transportation bill! The Governor’s tried to act like a little George W and he vetoed it. In “GOP World”: anything a Democrat says is worth ignoring and trivializing. And now we can watch 6 “trivialized” dead Minnesotans in the Mississippi River on the I-35 Bridge #9340.

I’m not going to let up on Lt Gov Carol Molnau either. She and her failed Dept of Transportation staffers had to deal with another major bottleneck of traffic: Interstate 494 and US 169, southwest of the Minneapolis. It was completely engineered to remove traffic lights and improve the cloverleaf areas. Everybody in Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, St Louis Park and Bloomington suffered through the summer heat and clogged traffic jams all summer long. The project failed (of course) with the same bottleneck problems. Those folks did get brand-new traffic lights and a new proposal to start the entire project is was slated to begin next year.

So would the DLF proposal for the Transportation bill prevented this horrific bridge collapse?! Of course not! We’re not being naive here. But if there’s any time to point a finger at anybody who’s vetoing a Transportation Bill, it needs to be pointed at our Republican Governor.

New Orleans, the Republican President has abandoned any attempt to rebuild that city. Instead, they blamed Louisiana’s governor Kathleen Blanco while Louisianan’s drowned. In Kansas, the state flooded earlier this spring and the Republican President blamed their Democratic President Kathleen Sebelius and have ignored the good folks of Kansas… In New York City, an explosion in Manhattan underground, only to find that it was an infrastructure problem (of course!) and the problem is 80-Odd years old.Joker

These Republicans will sit back and do nothing but vote in permenant tax cuts for their rich buddies and while our infrastructure collapses around us. They obviously don’t care about our lives and our cities and our country – as long as we continue to fork over our wallets to pay for their inflated gas hikes and hand over our children to fight their failed wars.

So do you think it’s mind-boggling to see Minnesota’s Bridge #9340 collapsed horrific footage? Are you still that naive to believe that it won’t happen in your city?!

Where do you live? In Albuquerque?

Do you live in Lexington, KY? Where do you live?

How much of this Republican bull-shit are you willing to buy into before a sewer pipe explodes in your own home town?

How much of this Republican crap are you willing to believe before you’re digging out a dead-body stuck in a car in the local river?

Mary E PetersWe’ve watched this horror on our television sets all night. All of our network affiliates jammed this horror down our throats all night. Minneapolis telephone numbers are met with annoying buzzing sounds, and we have a lot of people in the local trauma center looking for missing loved ones. Everybody’s emailing each other checking up on each other, I’ve had phone calls from dear friends in Atlanta, Hawaii, Washington, Ohio and Michigan… Friends checking upFruitFly on us and making sure we weren’t on that bridge. The news is telling us that the US Secretary of Transportation is expected to fly into MSP for a look-see at this “Minnesota Bridge #9340”, as if we care anyway. She wasting her time and she’ll be in our way looking for some stupid photo-op while we’ll be digging out more Toyotas and Hyundai’s from the bottom of the Mississippi. Excuse me while I skip out and pay attention… Six dead people have been fished out of the river so far at the time of writing this. There’s a pregnant American woman who’s been found… Oh Lord, another lost life. I’ve gotta go…

President Bush keeps talking about “keeping Americans” safe. But who will keep all of us safe from the GOP?


Other (GOP) notes of interest on this piece:

Slideshow WCCO, CBS Affiliate Minneapolis has a slideshow of I-35W bridge before GOP Governor Tim Pawlenty let the bridge collapse.

Slideshow WCCO, CBS Affiliate Minneapolis has a slideshow of the bridge after it collapsed

Slideshow ABC Affiliate, KSTP

Video : Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Norm Coleman: R-Minnesota

Egads. This is truly embarrassing… I found this on Wonkette. She’s brutal in that way.

Norm Coleman

Minnesota used to have a respectable Senator named Paul Wellstone. This is Minnesota’s US Senator today.