Who’s the next GOP Homo to be Outed?

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) (Very gay!), Congressman David Dreier (R-CA) (everybody knows he’s gay already anyway), US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (everybody knows he’s gay too) and US Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Is he gay? ewww… Please say it isn’t so!!!!)

Pick a Homo

Congressman Patrick McHenry has dirty hands connected to a murder-suicide case involving a couple of gay men and a str8 guy. On a scale of 1 to 10, the case is a 9 on the “Ick-factor” for the cult-overtones. It’s pretty safe in betting McHenry’s a homosexual.

This is the new “gossip” in DC. The Washington Post has even noted that Mike Rogers, of BlogActive fame, is now the most feared person in Washington DC. Why is this gay man so scary? Because he’s keeping tabs on all of the Republican Closet-Cases on the Hill.

Condi RiceWho else is on the list of whispering lips? White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten who won’t even attend the gay weddings held at the White House with Condi Rice presides over! Rumors about Bolton using Bo Derek as a beard have been around since early 2000.

(Update: I forgot to mention Charlie Crist, R-Governor ofcharlie crist Florida. Mainstream media has protected Crist’s closeted homosexuality from the beginning. Admitedly, he was married, for seven months, and there’s that weird radio talk-show blunder. But that doesn’t keep the rumors from spreading. If you have the time, I encourage you to read a rather lengthy article about a 21-year old Republican aide named Jason Wetherington and his ties with both Charlie Crist and Mark Foley. You just know one day – Charlie Crist will fly out of that Closet with or without his life-partner Bruce Carlton Jordan.)

Republican ElephantSo if I had to guess out of all of these, I’m going to say it’ll be Patrick McHenry who will be “Outted” from the Closet next. I say that because there’s a crime scene that connects McHenry directly to the case. It won’t be long before evidence turns up and McHenry will get pried out of The Closet in a far more dramatic fashion than any drag queen could possibly imagine.


Republicans: Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill

rotten fruitThe Republican Party is turning out to be nothing more than a political “Gay Pride Parade!”

I’m just sitting here minding my own business when this guy interrupts my nap with a comment saying: “Hey, did you see the new Giuliani ad that says makes the ‘connection’ between Larry Craig and Fred Thompson?” And then he leaves me this link here. Fred Grandy

It’s a viral video thingamajig with a motor-mouth of a guy driving down the road claiming that he was one of the Congressional pages who was molested by in 1982 during the last Republican gay-raid and that he had diddled every one of them from Fred Thompson to Fred Grandy!

The video finishes by saying simply: Rudy, Not Gay – Never a Senator.

RudyWait a second…Rudy’s not gay? Fred Thompson and Fred Grandy are gay?

Rudy runs around in ballroom gowns with rich guys trying to kiss him and take his hand for a dance. He’s not gay. And this is the guy who’sGiuliani In Drag telling everybody that he’s not gay, but he’s got people cheering for him saying Craig’s not gay (even though he’s been arrested for lewd acts in the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport and has plead guilty to the charges). And these are the same people saying that now Fred Thompson is gay, Fred Grandy is gay and mentions the fact that Craig was in Minneapolis because two of Mitt Romney’s sons are working here in Minneapolis!

TCGRAnd what are Mitt Romney’s two sons doing here in Minneapolis? Finding other bathrooms? Better bathrooms? Bathrooms with less traffic? Quieter bathrooms?

And why are these Republicans so vile hateful to “The Gays”? And yet they’re spending time dressing up in drag, molesting other men in restrooms and pointing to each other declaring them to be the ones who are gay?

FruitFlyThese Republicans are as Queer as a three-dollar bill!

For Chrissakes guys…Butch it up at least once in a while.

…and that’s my two cents worth! Now I can return to my nap.