Hostages in Southern Minnesota – Bridge Still Down

Southern Minnesota gets the flood relief they needed this morning at 2:45AM. Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-John McCain Loser) timidly called a “special session” of the Minnesota legislature after holding all of southern Minn hostage. Under Minnesota law, only the governor can call a special session of the Minnesota legislature, and once it has begun only the legislature can conclude. Governor Pawlenty starved southern Minnesota from any relief until the DFL promised not to bring up the I-35W issue.

Pawlenty got his way (ofProwar Moran course), he got his legislation, the DFL was honest and agreed to the deal by keeping the I-35 funding issues off the table. Pawlenty will now get to claim himelf as a hero to southern Minnesota and they’ll be too relieved to care that they were all used as political hostages.

Only one vote dissented on the deal and that was DFL Ann Rest (which is my senator, btw). Her reasoning? She wasn’t willing to be a hypocrite and vote for relief for southern Minnesota while the Governor continues to ignore Minneapolis residents, commuters, transportation, river transportation and everything else that’s hinging on the I-35W bridge. Good job Ann! There’s a senator who’s thinking like a real politician.

In other “Not so surprising news”: No funding has been received from the Federal Government. Not one single red cent! Both Minnesota Senators Klobuchar (D) and Coleman (R-Losing to Ciresi) claimed a $195M bill that just cleared the US Senate yesterday. (woo-hoo!) But it still has to clear the US House and then it has to clear Bush (who will obviously a.) tack on more money for his OIL War or b.) will veto it because there’s not enough money tacked on for his OIL war.

Said Governor Pawlenty while the ink was drying on his Southern Minnesota bill:

I will tell you that the President of the United States, the Secretary of Transportation and every member of the Minnesota congressional delegation has looked us in the eye and absolutely promised that the money would be there in a timely fashion, so we’re counting on that”

LoooserNobody bothered offered Pawlenty the phone numbers to Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas) and Governor Kathleen Blanco (D-Louisiana). Pawlenty stupidly still believes that Bush Co still cares about Americans.

The legislature can now look forward to more bills being vetoedbelieve by Pawlenty while his henchmen and political generals will be out in full force screaming that the DFL “isn’t cooperating” and “isn’t willing to work with the governor” and “should be more sympathetic to the tax payers”. As long as the DFL let them play offense and let drowning Minnesotans be Pawlenty’s punching-bags, we’ll hear tons more out of this Grand Old Perversion. “Those Democrats…they just don’t know how to work with the Governor!” “The DFL hates you!” “The DFL, all they wanna do is raise your taxes!” “These Democrats…They just don’t love America!”

Can you smell the bullshit all ready?!!

The DFL just demonstrated on how to work with a Republican Governor (as they have been all year now). Let’s see how crappy the Governor will be working with the DFL and we’ll count how many times it’ll be the DFL’s fault.

In case you were wondering – Lt Governor Carol Molnau still hasn’t been charged with Negligence or Third Degree murder for the I-35W bridge. In fact, she hasn’t been charged with any crime…so far. Have you notice any form of humility coming out of Molnau’s office? Any big announcement from Molnau’s office saying: “We should do better…and we can do better!?!” No, of course you haven’t. Since Republicans are patently perfect in every way, it’s obvious Molnau’s shit just don’t stink.

A law firm has opened a case toFruitFly 6 investigate why the bridge collapsed and that’s being built faster than the bridge itself. We can only assume Lt Governor will be moving out of the state before she’s gets formally charged and perp-walked to the police department for booking.

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