Petraeus is “an a@@-kissing little chickensh@t”

That’s what Patreaus’ boss, Admiral William Fallon, said about the general. He went on with:

“I hate people like that”

Admiral Fallon wants 75% of our troops pulled out of IraqWilliam Fallon immediately and he has no interest in fiddling around with Bush’s Oil War.

Even Patreaus’ appointment as Bush’s “front man” for the Iraq war comes under suspect.

In a highly unusual political role for an officer who had not yet taken command of a war, Petraeus was installed in the office of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, in early February just before the Senate debated Bush’s troop increase. According to a report in The Washington Post Feb. 7, senators were then approached on the floor and invited to go McConnell’s office to hear Petraeus make the case for the surge policy.

Fallon was strongly opposed to Petraeus’s role as pitch man for the surge policy in Iraq adopted by Bush in December as putting his own interests ahead of a sound military posture in the Middle East and Southwest Asia — the area for which Fallon’s CENTCOM is responsible.

FruitFly 6Now I’m no genious here – but wouldn’t you think Congress should hear from Admiral Fallon and get his views on this Iraq War situation? I would think Congress would look at all angles about this war and the “surge” and Fallon should be heard!