Found at the Fish Mongers

Fish on PaperSen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) Caught in a Lie

Big E over at MNBlue catches our Minnesota’s only Republican Senator in a lie, hoping to find voters who might be willing to vote for him.housefly

I hate all Iranians

That’s what Debra Cagan said to a small group of British MP’s at the Pentagon last Sept 11th. Cagan, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates, when on to blast the British by complaining if they pulled out of Iraq it would “dismantle the Anglo-US -led coalition in Iraq”.

One MP said:

“I formed the impression that some in America are looking for an excuse to attack Iran. It was very alarming.”

Discovered on Mercury Rising via Angry Arab News.

Deer FlyMark 10:14: “Suffer the Little Children…”

But to Konservatives like Bill Kristol, Jesus told him to screw little children over and to be pleased when they suffer.

“…I’m happy that the President’s willing to do something bad for the kids.”

He also said during their show “Weekly Standard” today:

First of all, whenever I hear anything described as ‘a heartless assault on our children’, I tend to think it’s a pretty good thing…

Be sure to check out the video clip. When you watch it, you’ll hear an angel scream as her wings are bring ripped off.

Shameful Politicshousefly

It’s positively disgusting that liberal politicians would attempt to use the media to get their message out. Why, everybody knows that the media is for Jesus and conservative political purposes only!!! How dare these tax & spend liberals even feel qualified?!

Zappadan: Calls for submissions

Zappadan, a celebration of Frank Zappa’s life starts on Dec 1st, the date of his death and ends on Dec 21st, the date of his birth. You simply must check out the video.

Political Lawn Signs With Razor Blades

Black Garbage FlyThe most popular form of lawn sign vandalism has gone to an all time high. Republican candidates, notorious for stealing your anti-Republican lawn signs, need a new tact and one Virginia Republican found one: Stake your sign on private land and lace it with razor blades.

Running for Board of Supervisors in Amherst, VA., Tim Beverly sticks his “VOTE FOR TIM BEVERLY” sign in somebody’s lawn. The homeowner came along and pulled the sign out and threw it away; it is his property after all. Allegedly, Tim Beverly comes along a few days later and sticks another sign in the guys yard, but this one has box-cutter razor blades underneath it.

“I’ve had a lot of my signs tampered with all over the county, particularly in the (Third) district,” Beverly said on Thursday. “I have no idea why anyone would do that to one of my signs.”

Yeah right… <wink><wink> He’s had his signs tampered with all over the area. Sure he has..! <wink><wink> That whole “I have no idea way anyone would do this” comment is a dead giveaway.

Doctor’s spent hours in surgery trying to reattach the victim’s fingers. Meanwhile, the local news has tried to talk to Beverly about this story but like any good potential candidate for Board of Supervisors, but now Beverly isn’t talking. He sees the television station’s truck pull up to his driveway and he ducks into his house and pretends he isn’t home. A video of the story is here.

FruitFly 6Finally, Beverly apathy towards the victim is monstrous. He’s decided that he’s going to run anyway. Apparently, Beverly believes if he cuts everybody’s fingers off, it’ll be easier for people to vote for him!

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