Australians/South Koreans Agree: Bush is an Idiot

bush doorIt’s nothing to be shocked about. Every time Bush goes to Asia, he makes a complete idiot of himself leaving with millions of Asians giggling behind their chopsticks and their rice bowls. In November 2005, the entire world got to see Bush leave the lectern, walk to a wall and try to open it. The Germans had a big laugh at the Texas-sized trailer-trash President with this YouTube here.The White House smugly ignores it while the rest of us hang our head in shame at Bush’s utter stupidity.

The APEC summit began with Bush making an ass of himself and the rest of the United States by taking his Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and introducing her as his “date”. The equivalent of calling the Secretary of State his “cheap whore”. Rice, who accomplishes absolutely nothing, grins and delights in Bush’s fawning over her and goes along with it. Mrs. Bush stayed at home to practice peeling the adhesive papers from Nicotine patches with a pinched nerve in her neck and leaving Bush to travel to Australia stag. Instead, he took his mistress Condoleezza and proudly introduced her to heads of state as his “Girl Friday“. …Can you smell cheap perfume from here?

Bush’s entire trip completed with the same disastrous results. Yahoo/AP News couldn’t write a better script for Hollywood executives.

“Thank you for being such a fine host for the OPEC summit,” Bush said to Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Oops. That would be APEC, the annual meeting of leaders from 21 Pacific Rim nations, not OPEC, the cartel of 12 major oil producers.

Bush stupidly tries to explain himself:Bush Dumb

Bush quickly corrected himself. “APEC summit,” he said forcefully, joking that Howard had invited him to the OPEC summit next year (for the record, an impossibility, since neither Australia nor the U.S. are OPEC members).

BUSTED!! The President of the United States just lied…again!

The president’s next goof went uncorrected — by him anyway. Talking about Howard’s visit to Iraq last year to thank his country’s soldiers serving there, Bush called them “Austrian troops.”

“Austrian troops?”. Is he drinking the bong-water again? Check out how they corrected this error…

That one was fixed for him. Though tapes of the speech clearly show Bush saying “Austrian,” the official text released by the White House switched it to “Australian.”

Then, speech done, Bush confidently headed out — the wrong way.

Again?! …Again?! This Presidential Idiot couldn’t find his way out of a brown paper-bag with a glass of ice water in his hand!!

He strode away from the lectern on a path that would have sent him over a steep drop. Howard and others redirected the president to center stage, where there were steps leading down to the floor of the theater.

<sigh> …he walks off the stage in the wrong direction…just like he did in China. He’s such a miserable embarrassment for this country. The Russians even got a laugh at our President in their national broadcast seen (in English!) here.

Everywhere POTUS went, he was met with protestors and security concerns or Australian comedians mocking him. (I found a 7-minute YouTube piece for an Australian comedy television program called “The Chaser” that notes the Bush Administration even misspelled the word “Sidney” on it’s documentation related to the APEC summit.) Even his speeches, officiating as the President of the United States, the audience applauds only when he’s left the stage as if to simply say; “Good…you’re finally gone.”

Later, Bush gets into a pissing match with South Korea’s President Roh Moo-hyun. Again, Yahoo/AP News:

Bush said that during his talks with Roh, he reaffirmed the U.S. position that Washington will consider the war formally over only when North Korean leader Kim Jong Il actually dismantles his nuclear program.

Whatever Roh heard Bush say through his translator, it wasn’t good enough.

“I think I did not hear President Bush mention the — a declaration to end the Korean War just now,” Roh said as cameras clicked and television cameras rolled.

Don’t worry President Roh. You’re translator has a lot of work here… The “Decider in Chief” has the English diction to that of a third grader. He makes up words for Chrissakes. How is a translator expected to translate …”Bushlish”?

Americans can’t understand him, we could hardly blame your translator.

Bush said he thought he was being clear, but obliged Roh and restated the U.S. position.

That wasn’t good enough either. “If you could be a little bit clearer in your message,” Roh said.

Bush, now looking irritated, replied: “I can’t make it any more clear, Mr. President. We look forward to the day when we can end the Korean War. That will end — will happen when Kim verifiably gets rid of his weapons programs and his weapons.”

And to think Republicans laughed about Bill Clinton’s foreign policies being a complete disaster.

The White House immediately downplayed the testy exchange and said the meeting went smoothly.

Does anybody need reminding of Bush’s trip to the G8Bush Gropes Merkel Summit last July where he tried to “message” Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel? She freaked out and it was quite obvious she’s disgusted by our President. A video of her reaction is here.

Bush’s last “big” trip of world leaders was November of last year with the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Argentina. The trip was a complete train-wreck as was this trip to APEC in Sydney. The Argentinian trip was complete with the largest protests in Argentinian history, a bucket-load of gaffs from the President himself and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez outright mocking Bush by saying:

“The government had no evacuation plan. The world’s only superpower is so involved in Iraq …but left its own people adrift,” Chavez said on live TV. “And, that cowboy, the king of vacations, stayed at his ranch and said nothing but, ‘You have to flee’. It’s incredible.”

“The king of vacations”?! Dang! That’s brutal! Chavez when on by saying…

Chavez even joked to reporters that “he would sneak up on Bush and scare him”.

Bush left all of those national leaders three-days early. Embarrassed, dejected and tired of people hating him, Bush left and Chavez got the last dig:

“The great loser today was George W. Bush. The man went away wounded. You could see defeat on his face.”

Bush returned from the Argentinian summit to stump for an election campaign in Virginia for a guy named Jerry Kilgore. He arrived, much to the embarrassment of the Kilgore campaign, drunk off his ass and he gave the speech anyway. (Kilgore lost the race in a miserable contest giving the Democrat Tom Kain the win.)

There’s your POTUS, America!!! In fourteen months and three summits, FruitFly 6Bush has made a mockery of himself and the United States around the world!

At the time of writing, we have 499 days left of this stupid goat. I, for one, can’t wait to be rid of him.

Who’s the next GOP Homo to be Outed?

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) (Very gay!), Congressman David Dreier (R-CA) (everybody knows he’s gay already anyway), US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (everybody knows he’s gay too) and US Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Is he gay? ewww… Please say it isn’t so!!!!)

Pick a Homo

Congressman Patrick McHenry has dirty hands connected to a murder-suicide case involving a couple of gay men and a str8 guy. On a scale of 1 to 10, the case is a 9 on the “Ick-factor” for the cult-overtones. It’s pretty safe in betting McHenry’s a homosexual.

This is the new “gossip” in DC. The Washington Post has even noted that Mike Rogers, of BlogActive fame, is now the most feared person in Washington DC. Why is this gay man so scary? Because he’s keeping tabs on all of the Republican Closet-Cases on the Hill.

Condi RiceWho else is on the list of whispering lips? White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten who won’t even attend the gay weddings held at the White House with Condi Rice presides over! Rumors about Bolton using Bo Derek as a beard have been around since early 2000.

(Update: I forgot to mention Charlie Crist, R-Governor ofcharlie crist Florida. Mainstream media has protected Crist’s closeted homosexuality from the beginning. Admitedly, he was married, for seven months, and there’s that weird radio talk-show blunder. But that doesn’t keep the rumors from spreading. If you have the time, I encourage you to read a rather lengthy article about a 21-year old Republican aide named Jason Wetherington and his ties with both Charlie Crist and Mark Foley. You just know one day – Charlie Crist will fly out of that Closet with or without his life-partner Bruce Carlton Jordan.)

Republican ElephantSo if I had to guess out of all of these, I’m going to say it’ll be Patrick McHenry who will be “Outted” from the Closet next. I say that because there’s a crime scene that connects McHenry directly to the case. It won’t be long before evidence turns up and McHenry will get pried out of The Closet in a far more dramatic fashion than any drag queen could possibly imagine.


Republicans: Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill

rotten fruitThe Republican Party is turning out to be nothing more than a political “Gay Pride Parade!”

I’m just sitting here minding my own business when this guy interrupts my nap with a comment saying: “Hey, did you see the new Giuliani ad that says makes the ‘connection’ between Larry Craig and Fred Thompson?” And then he leaves me this link here. Fred Grandy

It’s a viral video thingamajig with a motor-mouth of a guy driving down the road claiming that he was one of the Congressional pages who was molested by in 1982 during the last Republican gay-raid and that he had diddled every one of them from Fred Thompson to Fred Grandy!

The video finishes by saying simply: Rudy, Not Gay – Never a Senator.

RudyWait a second…Rudy’s not gay? Fred Thompson and Fred Grandy are gay?

Rudy runs around in ballroom gowns with rich guys trying to kiss him and take his hand for a dance. He’s not gay. And this is the guy who’sGiuliani In Drag telling everybody that he’s not gay, but he’s got people cheering for him saying Craig’s not gay (even though he’s been arrested for lewd acts in the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport and has plead guilty to the charges). And these are the same people saying that now Fred Thompson is gay, Fred Grandy is gay and mentions the fact that Craig was in Minneapolis because two of Mitt Romney’s sons are working here in Minneapolis!

TCGRAnd what are Mitt Romney’s two sons doing here in Minneapolis? Finding other bathrooms? Better bathrooms? Bathrooms with less traffic? Quieter bathrooms?

And why are these Republicans so vile hateful to “The Gays”? And yet they’re spending time dressing up in drag, molesting other men in restrooms and pointing to each other declaring them to be the ones who are gay?

FruitFlyThese Republicans are as Queer as a three-dollar bill!

For Chrissakes guys…Butch it up at least once in a while.

…and that’s my two cents worth! Now I can return to my nap.

The GOP’s Nazi-KKK PAC Looses in KY to “Wife Power”

The GOP’s political action group called the KKK held a recruiting rally in Lexington, KY only to be met by a bunch of clowns. The KKK, facing diminishing attendance since the beginning of the Bush Administration, needed new recruits for their hate-mongering PAC. Targeting Lexington as their focalYRNF point, Republican anti-Semites and racists came from as far away as Alabama and Illinois. The Nazis joined the KKK demonstrators in full uniform to support “American Families” and “Christian Conservative Values”.

Unfortunately, they were met by the “Anti-Racist Action”, a group that denounces Neo-Nazi values and openly admits to enjoying Matzo Ball soup now and on occasion. Dressed as clowns, the liberal Progressive Democrats made a complete mockery of the Nazis and the KKK protesters and from there, you’ll have read the rest of the story yourself.

Wife Power

Ummm…click the picture and stuff…

The GOP PAC has faced similar acts of mockery in Olympia, WA and in Orlando, FL last year. It’s commonly known thatFruitFly the Mormon Church hates Jesus more than the Jews (allegedly) do. So it’s no surprise that the Mitt Romney campaign hasn’t condemned the actions of these Nazi’s.

I saw it on “dKos“.

Is Amy Klobuchar a Beard for the GOP?

BeardI generally dislike bad-mouthing Democrats, and I try to give some leeway to freshly elected Democrats. However, there’s a bending limit as to how much I’m interested in allowing Senator Klobuchar get away with before I’ll start speaking up.

Actually, it was a Lloydletta Nooze and Comments article I came across that made me ticked off enough to do some studying. But, more on that article in a few minutes.


Klobuchar’s first lightning vote was for continuing the funding in Iraq last May that drew the applause of the Republican Party.

Senate Bill 2206 Making emergency supplemental appropriations and additional supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Fourteen Senators voted against the bill, all of themMonkey Surge Democrats except Burr-NC, Coburn-OK, Enzi-WY and Burr-NC. Notice all three of these states have a rather extensive military population based there?

Klobuchar, along with a lot of other Democrats, voted to remain to be Bush’s Congressional puppy and decided to insult the Minnesota voters by whining about her decision on her website. Her original sniffling press release on her vote has been removed from her Congressional website out of embarrassment but it was preserved over and MNBlue’s blog. Klobuchar says:

My vote today does not in any way diminish my desire to end this war responsibly, quickly, and safely for our troops. In fact I will support a measure on the Defense Authorization bill to start bringing our troops home beginning 120 days from now.

Cindy SheehanShe goes on:

I simply could not stomach the idea of using our soldiers as bargaining chips with this White House while our troops go unfunded and our veterans go uncared for. That is why I felt the responsibility to vote in favor of this measure despite my fervent opposition to this War.”

Let me take the liberty in pointing out that since Amy Klobuchar’s vote — 387 Americans have been killed in Iraq.

Thanks Amy!! Love you too!! How’s that stomach of yours?

That “FISA Bill” thing

This annoyed me to no end. The Bush Administration has been spying on Americans by illegally wiretapping our phones and our Internet access long before 9-11. The GOP in Congress decided that it was a good thing to let the government meddle in our personal lives and they ignored it. Then after 9-11, Bush had an excuse to continue spying on Americans openly and the GOP did nothing.

Then, Judge James Robertson let the cat out of the bag by letting the world know there was such a thing as a FISA court. He resigned!

The Washington Post reported that the resignation of federal Judge James Robertson apparently stemmed from concerns over the legality of the president’s domestic spying program.

Check out then Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez’s comments on Bush’s illegal wiretapping:

“I do not know the reason and I am not going to speculate why a judge would step down from the FISA court,” he said. “We believe the president has both the statutory authority and the constitutional authority to engage in signals intelligence during a time of war with our enemy.”

Do you think Alberto Gonzalez could possibly cite a previous President of the United States who spied on Americans during a time of war? But, I digress.

The FISA issue came up again and once again Bush tip-toed around the subject complaining that it was vital to wiretap everybody in order to find a few narethewells.

Senate vote 309 (S-1927) :A bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to provide additional procedures for authorizing certain acquisitions of foreign intelligence information and for other purposes.

How did Senator Klobuchar vote? With the Republican Party, silly! In fact; of the 28 votes against this bill – 100% were Democrats. Every Republican who voted, voted in favor of allowing this icky, disgusting little man called Alberto Gonzalez to snoop in our lives and to illegally wiretap our homes.vomit

Do you remember her television ads where she has all of these people gushing over her push for “Change“?! Yeah, it’s making me vomit too.

Lloydletta Nooze and Comments

So what gets one hot and bothered over a freshmen Senator’s voting record to spend a few hours on a warm Labor Day afternoon to surf the Internet? It’s an article I almost tripped over on Lloydletta Nooze and Comments.

GAy RestroomMinnesota’s Great Get Together (a.k.a. The Minnesota State Fair) finishes this afternoon and so the politicians were out there yesterday pressing as many palms as they can while we join our own family reunions over burgers and grills this afternoon. Lloydletta posted this on Saturday:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was at the DFL booth at the State Fair today. I had heard that while she opposed discrimination in the military, she was not willing to overturn the current military policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Klobuchar goes on to say that she doesn’t sign any bill unless she’s read it first (for which I have my doubts) but she goes on by saying:

She also wanted to talk to various groups of people concerned about this issue prior to taking a stand. She did want to make clear that she was “sympathetic to this issue.”

How can I translate this? She’s “sympathetic”?! Is that to assume that she’s patronizing the GLBT community or that she wants to make sure she doesn’t make any change in this country because that would make the Republicans upset at her?

Granny SmithSympathetic… Jeeze… That even sounds like a Patronizing Republican! She’s “sympathetic”? I would have been “sympathetic” when women weren’t allowed to vote too! “Sympathetic?!”… Honest to God!

Lloydletta notes that the Human Rights Campaign raised over $125,000 for Klobuchars election “Campaign for Change”. Do you think Klobuchar lied to HRC about her stand on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Where is Joe Solmonese on my speed-dial anyway?

Time to check on ol’ Amy Klobuchar’s voting record. How is she doing by standing up for good Minnesota values and the DFL? Has she been embarrassing us by voting the GOP party line for those more obscure votes?

Senate 1348: Inhofe Amdt. No. 1151; To amend title 4, United States Code, to declare English as the national language of the Government of the United States, and for other purposes.

The Bill passed 64 to 33. Here’s the breakdown:Bush Lite

30 Democrats, 1 Republican (Domenici – NM), 1 Independant and even “Independant Democrat” Joe Liebermann voted against this bill.

How did Amy Klobuchar vote? …With the Republicans! How could I have guessed?

Are you ready for another one?

Sure! Of course you are!

On July 19th.

US Senate 2669: To reduce document fraud, prevent identity theft, and preserve the integrity of the Social Security system, by ensuring that individuals are not able to receive Social Security benefits as a result of unlawful activity.

How did Senator Klobuchar fair in this vote? 46 Republicans voted for it along with Amy Klobuchar and 12 other Democrats. 4 Democrats voted against it along with 4 Republicans (Voinovich-OH, Specter-PA, Hagel-NE and Lugar-IN)

Klobuchar STate FairWe were at the State Fair a week ago last Sunday where we bumped into Amy Klobuchar’s campaign booth. I spoke with the staffer she left to man the booth and brought up Klobuchar’s voting record in response to the Iraq Spending as well as the FISA Bill.

The staffer wanted to patronize me. He said Klobuchar noted that the FISA bill was only a six month extension so she thought it was better to vote for the bill than to give the impression that nothing was accomplished by the Senate. Does that make sense to you?

“I’ll vote for every crap piece of legislation… at least Minnesotan’s will think we’re doing something.”

Is that legislating?

Before meeting with this “very poorly briefed” staffer, we were at Mike Ciresi‘s booth. Being as mad as we are with Klobuchar, we pointed out Klobuchar’s voting record and asked Ciresi directly: “Are you going to turn out to be just another Republican-puppet and vote for this trash like the FISA bill?”

Ciresi’s rolled his eyes at his wife who was standing by like “Oh crap…you see what Klobuchar is doing??! She’s hurting me now!”

He said he wouldn’t speak ill of Amy Klobuchar but he definetely would not have voted for that FISA bill because there are “hooks” in that bill that don’t expire for a year or more!

So where does this Klobuchar staffer get off lying to us sayingastonished it was only good for six months? That this was “nothing for us to worry our purty-little heads over”? What a creep!

That even sounds like something a Republican would say to one of their constituents: “Torture? Torture! We only torture those who hate America! ”

The Staffer told me it was only a six-month extension and I was ready. I told him that we had just left Ciresi’s booth and Ciresi is telling us more than he was! He looked like he was the one who swallowed the canary. Behind me, another couple stopped and shouted at the Klobuchar staffer noting that there were a lot of people very angry about her voting record including the FISA bill.

And…Speaking of which… Why isn’t there any whiny – ditzy excuse fluff-piece up on Amy site anywhere on why she voted for this bill? I’ve combed her websites and find nothing as to explain herself in letting Bush and Gonzalez continue to eavesdrop on our telephone conversations and our Internet access.

In her defense: She voted the Democratic party line on August 2nd to Codify the Unborn Child Rule for Senate Bill 976. Both of Maine’s Republican Senators voted with the Democrats along with Murkowski (R-AK). She also voted the party line to permanently extend certain education-related tax incentives (S-2669) on the 19th of July. It was thanks to Voinovich (R-OH) to made sure the vote didn’t pass.

Minnesota got a dud in Amy Klobuchar so far. If she keeps it up, I’m ready to hit up a new Dump MeKlobuchar website. If she continues to make herself a liar, campaigning for “change”, she should probably change that “D” behind her name and change it to an “R”. Bush needs all of the good Congressional Puppies he can find. And it appears he’s found one in Klobuchar.