Petraeus is “an a@@-kissing little chickensh@t”

That’s what Patreaus’ boss, Admiral William Fallon, said about the general. He went on with:

“I hate people like that”

Admiral Fallon wants 75% of our troops pulled out of IraqWilliam Fallon immediately and he has no interest in fiddling around with Bush’s Oil War.

Even Patreaus’ appointment as Bush’s “front man” for the Iraq war comes under suspect.

In a highly unusual political role for an officer who had not yet taken command of a war, Petraeus was installed in the office of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, in early February just before the Senate debated Bush’s troop increase. According to a report in The Washington Post Feb. 7, senators were then approached on the floor and invited to go McConnell’s office to hear Petraeus make the case for the surge policy.

Fallon was strongly opposed to Petraeus’s role as pitch man for the surge policy in Iraq adopted by Bush in December as putting his own interests ahead of a sound military posture in the Middle East and Southwest Asia — the area for which Fallon’s CENTCOM is responsible.

FruitFly 6Now I’m no genious here – but wouldn’t you think Congress should hear from Admiral Fallon and get his views on this Iraq War situation? I would think Congress would look at all angles about this war and the “surge” and Fallon should be heard!

Hostages in Southern Minnesota – Bridge Still Down

Southern Minnesota gets the flood relief they needed this morning at 2:45AM. Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-John McCain Loser) timidly called a “special session” of the Minnesota legislature after holding all of southern Minn hostage. Under Minnesota law, only the governor can call a special session of the Minnesota legislature, and once it has begun only the legislature can conclude. Governor Pawlenty starved southern Minnesota from any relief until the DFL promised not to bring up the I-35W issue.

Pawlenty got his way (ofProwar Moran course), he got his legislation, the DFL was honest and agreed to the deal by keeping the I-35 funding issues off the table. Pawlenty will now get to claim himelf as a hero to southern Minnesota and they’ll be too relieved to care that they were all used as political hostages.

Only one vote dissented on the deal and that was DFL Ann Rest (which is my senator, btw). Her reasoning? She wasn’t willing to be a hypocrite and vote for relief for southern Minnesota while the Governor continues to ignore Minneapolis residents, commuters, transportation, river transportation and everything else that’s hinging on the I-35W bridge. Good job Ann! There’s a senator who’s thinking like a real politician.

In other “Not so surprising news”: No funding has been received from the Federal Government. Not one single red cent! Both Minnesota Senators Klobuchar (D) and Coleman (R-Losing to Ciresi) claimed a $195M bill that just cleared the US Senate yesterday. (woo-hoo!) But it still has to clear the US House and then it has to clear Bush (who will obviously a.) tack on more money for his OIL War or b.) will veto it because there’s not enough money tacked on for his OIL war.

Said Governor Pawlenty while the ink was drying on his Southern Minnesota bill:

I will tell you that the President of the United States, the Secretary of Transportation and every member of the Minnesota congressional delegation has looked us in the eye and absolutely promised that the money would be there in a timely fashion, so we’re counting on that”

LoooserNobody bothered offered Pawlenty the phone numbers to Governor Kathleen Sebelius (D-Kansas) and Governor Kathleen Blanco (D-Louisiana). Pawlenty stupidly still believes that Bush Co still cares about Americans.

The legislature can now look forward to more bills being vetoedbelieve by Pawlenty while his henchmen and political generals will be out in full force screaming that the DFL “isn’t cooperating” and “isn’t willing to work with the governor” and “should be more sympathetic to the tax payers”. As long as the DFL let them play offense and let drowning Minnesotans be Pawlenty’s punching-bags, we’ll hear tons more out of this Grand Old Perversion. “Those Democrats…they just don’t know how to work with the Governor!” “The DFL hates you!” “The DFL, all they wanna do is raise your taxes!” “These Democrats…They just don’t love America!”

Can you smell the bullshit all ready?!!

The DFL just demonstrated on how to work with a Republican Governor (as they have been all year now). Let’s see how crappy the Governor will be working with the DFL and we’ll count how many times it’ll be the DFL’s fault.

In case you were wondering – Lt Governor Carol Molnau still hasn’t been charged with Negligence or Third Degree murder for the I-35W bridge. In fact, she hasn’t been charged with any crime…so far. Have you notice any form of humility coming out of Molnau’s office? Any big announcement from Molnau’s office saying: “We should do better…and we can do better!?!” No, of course you haven’t. Since Republicans are patently perfect in every way, it’s obvious Molnau’s shit just don’t stink.

A law firm has opened a case toFruitFly 6 investigate why the bridge collapsed and that’s being built faster than the bridge itself. We can only assume Lt Governor will be moving out of the state before she’s gets formally charged and perp-walked to the police department for booking.

Ugly-Date Night in Fredville, Utah

A total of four muffin-headed dumbasses showed up in Salt Lake City, Utah to kick off Fred “Hollywood” Thompson’s Presidential campaign: Brenda Caine, Byran Best, Grant Lynn and Jennifer Stephens. All of this information is true.

Wonkette noted the Salt Lake Tribune by entitling it: “Four Losers Show Up At Fred Thompson Event“, which I thought was hysterical.

After reading the Salt Lake piece thoroughly, I decided Sheena McFarland (the author) did a really bad job. Using the facts she’s given, I wrote my own story about these four “Fredheads” in Utah. I did change the names to prevent a lawsuit protect the innocent.

…What would it be like to show up at RNC headquarter office complex in Salt Lake City, find the conference room that was kicking off a presidential campaign for Fred Thompson — and find only only four people made up “Team Fred”? Read my piece and then go ahead and read McFarland’s version after your finished. Because I think the story should have gone a little something like this….

== = +++ ===

Fred ThompsonThe large conference room was bare with the exception of a giant sized poster of Fred Thompson on the wall. Beneath it, a table full of plastic pails filled with pin-on buttons, stacks of bumper stickers and mugs filled with ball-point pens.

On another wall, someone had made an olive drab camouflage patterned banner with the words “Go Fred! Go!” painted on it and a bouquet of balloons on each end. One table stood alone in the center of the room with a large technical-looking telephone sitting on it and one light was blinking impatiently.

Only four people were in the room, standing by themselves, none of them talking to each other. Tim Shepherd, Marvan Boode, Gigi Able and Shelly Nelson.

Tim: He’s the “smart one”. He booked the RNC conference room using his Discover card and ordered the cheese and cold-cut platters. Said Tim about Fred Thompson: “F… F… err…Fred Thompson just might win!” and then grabbed a Ritz cracker and began to nibble at it around the edges in itty-bitty bites.

Marvan, pronounced “Mar-VAN”, is the “toothy-one”. He loves Jesus and carries a Bible with him everywhere he goes.

Said “Mar-VAN”:

“While he was in the Senate, I liked his stance on the war,” Boode said, adding Thompson also fit his Christian values.

Nobody bothered to remind Mar-VAN Boode that Fred Thompson wasn’t a member of the Senate when the United States invaded Iraq in March of 2003. But it was heir apparent why he wasn’t nominated the “smart one”.

The two women of the quartet were delightful and perky.conference room

Gigi wore a snappy denim jumper with two very large blond pony-tails sticking out of her head with eyes the color of corn-flowers.

Gigi thought Fred Thompson’s announcement to enter the race was “wonderful”. Said Gigi said while gum-snapping on a stick of Juicy-Fruit:

“America has been on vacation all summer, and now [voters are] starting to pay attention,” she said.

She views Thompson as the only Republican who is strong on all areas, ranging from his anti-abortion views to talking frankly about problems with Social Security.

“He’s a solid conservative,” she said, adding that his acting experience allows him to better communicate with the media and personally connect with people through television.

Even though Fred Thompson has never been in the military, it was Thompson’s “military rhetoric” that attracted Shelly Nelson.

“Shell” as she prefers to be called, is quiet stand-offish and desperately tried to hide the Chunky Monkey stain she adopted right before the big “Thompson rally”. Being a former Marine herself, “Shell” has a firm handshake that’ll pull your shoulder out of the socket. Nelson hung around the snack-table shoeing away the flies and grumbling her disappointment in the low-turnout.

Armed with her eyeglasses case fastened to her belt to the right of her gig-line and a key-clip right behind her cell-phone holster on the left, Nelson swayed back and forth in her excessively-tight jeans and a flannel shirt minus the bra. Occasionally, she double-checked for text-messages on her phone and was heard muttering “Dang it…why doesn’t she call me?!??”

Speaker PhoneWhen Fred Thompson’s voice was finally heard the speaker-phone sitting in the middle of the room, all four of them came together like a campfire song. Thompson’s voice thundered throughout the chamber and said:

It’s time to be resolute and firm,” he said. “We face enemies who have no conscience and follow no rules.

Gigi chewed on a jagged fingernail and made mini-jumping hops. “He’s sounds so dreamy” she oozed. Tim immediately shushed her and desperately scrambled for the Mute button.

Thompson went on with his official “Presidential Telephonic Invasion” by reminding his faithful followers that he would be the candidate who wouldn’t just give lip service to topics such as the war in Iraq.

Nelson snapped to attention and held a statuesque salute to an imaginary general while Thompson spoke and “Mar-VAN” grinned as he pushed his red plastic-framed glasses up his nose. Tim, quietly slipped into the hallway for a Merit Ultra-Light and wondered if anybody even bothered tasting the olive tapenade he’d made from scratch.

Once the “rally” was complete and Thompson thanked his faithful followers, “Shell” grabbed her keys and headed for the table full of Thompson memorabilia. Deciding on a bumper-sticker, Shell left the RNC offices and climbed into her Ford 150, stopping briefly to notice the slight flat she’d adopted in the Michelin on the front driver’s side.

With a fresh stick of Juicy Fruit in her mouth, Gigi giggled and thanked the RNC office manager manager for the great time she had three nights earlier.

Within minutes after the meeting finished, Mar-VAN’s mom pulled up to the carport and honked the horn impatiently with two intoxicated Italian men passed out in the back seat of the Mustang convertible.

Feeling refreshed and invigorated, Tim settled the bill at the front desk and left with his rolled-up Fred Thompson poster under his arm. Once inside his beat-up Volvo, Tim turned up the radio, as his favorite song “Don’t you, forget about me” had just started.

FruitFly 6Once out on the boulevard and into the starry night, Tim could be heard above the speakers shouting: “Hey Hey Heyyyyy! Oooooooo-woah!!!!”

Australians/South Koreans Agree: Bush is an Idiot

bush doorIt’s nothing to be shocked about. Every time Bush goes to Asia, he makes a complete idiot of himself leaving with millions of Asians giggling behind their chopsticks and their rice bowls. In November 2005, the entire world got to see Bush leave the lectern, walk to a wall and try to open it. The Germans had a big laugh at the Texas-sized trailer-trash President with this YouTube here.The White House smugly ignores it while the rest of us hang our head in shame at Bush’s utter stupidity.

The APEC summit began with Bush making an ass of himself and the rest of the United States by taking his Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and introducing her as his “date”. The equivalent of calling the Secretary of State his “cheap whore”. Rice, who accomplishes absolutely nothing, grins and delights in Bush’s fawning over her and goes along with it. Mrs. Bush stayed at home to practice peeling the adhesive papers from Nicotine patches with a pinched nerve in her neck and leaving Bush to travel to Australia stag. Instead, he took his mistress Condoleezza and proudly introduced her to heads of state as his “Girl Friday“. …Can you smell cheap perfume from here?

Bush’s entire trip completed with the same disastrous results. Yahoo/AP News couldn’t write a better script for Hollywood executives.

“Thank you for being such a fine host for the OPEC summit,” Bush said to Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Oops. That would be APEC, the annual meeting of leaders from 21 Pacific Rim nations, not OPEC, the cartel of 12 major oil producers.

Bush stupidly tries to explain himself:Bush Dumb

Bush quickly corrected himself. “APEC summit,” he said forcefully, joking that Howard had invited him to the OPEC summit next year (for the record, an impossibility, since neither Australia nor the U.S. are OPEC members).

BUSTED!! The President of the United States just lied…again!

The president’s next goof went uncorrected — by him anyway. Talking about Howard’s visit to Iraq last year to thank his country’s soldiers serving there, Bush called them “Austrian troops.”

“Austrian troops?”. Is he drinking the bong-water again? Check out how they corrected this error…

That one was fixed for him. Though tapes of the speech clearly show Bush saying “Austrian,” the official text released by the White House switched it to “Australian.”

Then, speech done, Bush confidently headed out — the wrong way.

Again?! …Again?! This Presidential Idiot couldn’t find his way out of a brown paper-bag with a glass of ice water in his hand!!

He strode away from the lectern on a path that would have sent him over a steep drop. Howard and others redirected the president to center stage, where there were steps leading down to the floor of the theater.

<sigh> …he walks off the stage in the wrong direction…just like he did in China. He’s such a miserable embarrassment for this country. The Russians even got a laugh at our President in their national broadcast seen (in English!) here.

Everywhere POTUS went, he was met with protestors and security concerns or Australian comedians mocking him. (I found a 7-minute YouTube piece for an Australian comedy television program called “The Chaser” that notes the Bush Administration even misspelled the word “Sidney” on it’s documentation related to the APEC summit.) Even his speeches, officiating as the President of the United States, the audience applauds only when he’s left the stage as if to simply say; “Good…you’re finally gone.”

Later, Bush gets into a pissing match with South Korea’s President Roh Moo-hyun. Again, Yahoo/AP News:

Bush said that during his talks with Roh, he reaffirmed the U.S. position that Washington will consider the war formally over only when North Korean leader Kim Jong Il actually dismantles his nuclear program.

Whatever Roh heard Bush say through his translator, it wasn’t good enough.

“I think I did not hear President Bush mention the — a declaration to end the Korean War just now,” Roh said as cameras clicked and television cameras rolled.

Don’t worry President Roh. You’re translator has a lot of work here… The “Decider in Chief” has the English diction to that of a third grader. He makes up words for Chrissakes. How is a translator expected to translate …”Bushlish”?

Americans can’t understand him, we could hardly blame your translator.

Bush said he thought he was being clear, but obliged Roh and restated the U.S. position.

That wasn’t good enough either. “If you could be a little bit clearer in your message,” Roh said.

Bush, now looking irritated, replied: “I can’t make it any more clear, Mr. President. We look forward to the day when we can end the Korean War. That will end — will happen when Kim verifiably gets rid of his weapons programs and his weapons.”

And to think Republicans laughed about Bill Clinton’s foreign policies being a complete disaster.

The White House immediately downplayed the testy exchange and said the meeting went smoothly.

Does anybody need reminding of Bush’s trip to the G8Bush Gropes Merkel Summit last July where he tried to “message” Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel? She freaked out and it was quite obvious she’s disgusted by our President. A video of her reaction is here.

Bush’s last “big” trip of world leaders was November of last year with the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Argentina. The trip was a complete train-wreck as was this trip to APEC in Sydney. The Argentinian trip was complete with the largest protests in Argentinian history, a bucket-load of gaffs from the President himself and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez outright mocking Bush by saying:

“The government had no evacuation plan. The world’s only superpower is so involved in Iraq …but left its own people adrift,” Chavez said on live TV. “And, that cowboy, the king of vacations, stayed at his ranch and said nothing but, ‘You have to flee’. It’s incredible.”

“The king of vacations”?! Dang! That’s brutal! Chavez when on by saying…

Chavez even joked to reporters that “he would sneak up on Bush and scare him”.

Bush left all of those national leaders three-days early. Embarrassed, dejected and tired of people hating him, Bush left and Chavez got the last dig:

“The great loser today was George W. Bush. The man went away wounded. You could see defeat on his face.”

Bush returned from the Argentinian summit to stump for an election campaign in Virginia for a guy named Jerry Kilgore. He arrived, much to the embarrassment of the Kilgore campaign, drunk off his ass and he gave the speech anyway. (Kilgore lost the race in a miserable contest giving the Democrat Tom Kain the win.)

There’s your POTUS, America!!! In fourteen months and three summits, FruitFly 6Bush has made a mockery of himself and the United States around the world!

At the time of writing, we have 499 days left of this stupid goat. I, for one, can’t wait to be rid of him.

Who’s the next GOP Homo to be Outed?

Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC) (Very gay!), Congressman David Dreier (R-CA) (everybody knows he’s gay already anyway), US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) (everybody knows he’s gay too) and US Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (Is he gay? ewww… Please say it isn’t so!!!!)

Pick a Homo

Congressman Patrick McHenry has dirty hands connected to a murder-suicide case involving a couple of gay men and a str8 guy. On a scale of 1 to 10, the case is a 9 on the “Ick-factor” for the cult-overtones. It’s pretty safe in betting McHenry’s a homosexual.

This is the new “gossip” in DC. The Washington Post has even noted that Mike Rogers, of BlogActive fame, is now the most feared person in Washington DC. Why is this gay man so scary? Because he’s keeping tabs on all of the Republican Closet-Cases on the Hill.

Condi RiceWho else is on the list of whispering lips? White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten who won’t even attend the gay weddings held at the White House with Condi Rice presides over! Rumors about Bolton using Bo Derek as a beard have been around since early 2000.

(Update: I forgot to mention Charlie Crist, R-Governor ofcharlie crist Florida. Mainstream media has protected Crist’s closeted homosexuality from the beginning. Admitedly, he was married, for seven months, and there’s that weird radio talk-show blunder. But that doesn’t keep the rumors from spreading. If you have the time, I encourage you to read a rather lengthy article about a 21-year old Republican aide named Jason Wetherington and his ties with both Charlie Crist and Mark Foley. You just know one day – Charlie Crist will fly out of that Closet with or without his life-partner Bruce Carlton Jordan.)

Republican ElephantSo if I had to guess out of all of these, I’m going to say it’ll be Patrick McHenry who will be “Outted” from the Closet next. I say that because there’s a crime scene that connects McHenry directly to the case. It won’t be long before evidence turns up and McHenry will get pried out of The Closet in a far more dramatic fashion than any drag queen could possibly imagine.


Republicans: Queer as a Three-Dollar Bill

rotten fruitThe Republican Party is turning out to be nothing more than a political “Gay Pride Parade!”

I’m just sitting here minding my own business when this guy interrupts my nap with a comment saying: “Hey, did you see the new Giuliani ad that says makes the ‘connection’ between Larry Craig and Fred Thompson?” And then he leaves me this link here. Fred Grandy

It’s a viral video thingamajig with a motor-mouth of a guy driving down the road claiming that he was one of the Congressional pages who was molested by in 1982 during the last Republican gay-raid and that he had diddled every one of them from Fred Thompson to Fred Grandy!

The video finishes by saying simply: Rudy, Not Gay – Never a Senator.

RudyWait a second…Rudy’s not gay? Fred Thompson and Fred Grandy are gay?

Rudy runs around in ballroom gowns with rich guys trying to kiss him and take his hand for a dance. He’s not gay. And this is the guy who’sGiuliani In Drag telling everybody that he’s not gay, but he’s got people cheering for him saying Craig’s not gay (even though he’s been arrested for lewd acts in the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport and has plead guilty to the charges). And these are the same people saying that now Fred Thompson is gay, Fred Grandy is gay and mentions the fact that Craig was in Minneapolis because two of Mitt Romney’s sons are working here in Minneapolis!

TCGRAnd what are Mitt Romney’s two sons doing here in Minneapolis? Finding other bathrooms? Better bathrooms? Bathrooms with less traffic? Quieter bathrooms?

And why are these Republicans so vile hateful to “The Gays”? And yet they’re spending time dressing up in drag, molesting other men in restrooms and pointing to each other declaring them to be the ones who are gay?

FruitFlyThese Republicans are as Queer as a three-dollar bill!

For Chrissakes guys…Butch it up at least once in a while.

…and that’s my two cents worth! Now I can return to my nap.

The GOP’s Nazi-KKK PAC Looses in KY to “Wife Power”

The GOP’s political action group called the KKK held a recruiting rally in Lexington, KY only to be met by a bunch of clowns. The KKK, facing diminishing attendance since the beginning of the Bush Administration, needed new recruits for their hate-mongering PAC. Targeting Lexington as their focalYRNF point, Republican anti-Semites and racists came from as far away as Alabama and Illinois. The Nazis joined the KKK demonstrators in full uniform to support “American Families” and “Christian Conservative Values”.

Unfortunately, they were met by the “Anti-Racist Action”, a group that denounces Neo-Nazi values and openly admits to enjoying Matzo Ball soup now and on occasion. Dressed as clowns, the liberal Progressive Democrats made a complete mockery of the Nazis and the KKK protesters and from there, you’ll have read the rest of the story yourself.

Wife Power

Ummm…click the picture and stuff…

The GOP PAC has faced similar acts of mockery in Olympia, WA and in Orlando, FL last year. It’s commonly known thatFruitFly the Mormon Church hates Jesus more than the Jews (allegedly) do. So it’s no surprise that the Mitt Romney campaign hasn’t condemned the actions of these Nazi’s.

I saw it on “dKos“.