When the SCHIP hits the Fan

SCHIP Hits the Fan

Two weeks ago, SCHIP was the hottest thing making the hottest headlines. Health Care for children of low-income families is a Democrat’s touch-stone. Nobody wants headlines about poor kids dying from lack of health care anymore than interest in headlines of starving children in the Sudan of Africa. Except for the GOP of course. Starving children, letting them die and or flat out killing them for an Oil War is their “cup o’ tea”! In fact, they’ll flat-out tell you that they’re “happy that the President’s willing to do something bad to kids.” Whenever they hear something described as heartless assult on children, they’re generally pleased about it!

The Democrats upped the ante by putting up 12-year old Graeme Frost to do the Saturday’s weekly radio address after they overwhelmingly passed the bill in the Senate and the House. With the ink still wet, they grabbed the 12-year old and the kid, quite literally, “spoke to America”. He begged our “Compassionate Conservative” President to sign the bill. Ohh…Umm…let me re-phrase that: “America heard a 12-year old kid beg the president to sign the SCHIP bill…literally.”

A twelve year old begging the President of the United States to sign in a health care bill for poor kids?!

This infuriated the Rabid Right. “How dare they use children?!”, they screamed. “And what gives them the right to use children who have benefited from the program?” Limbaugh went as far to claim that Graeme Frost was being used as a “Human Shield” for the Democrats.Klieg Light

Bush vetoed the bill though. With the same cowardice he showed in Viet Nam, he vetoed the bill behind closed doors. No journalists, no klieg lights, no spectators and he certainly didn’t have any of his “Snowflake Babies” err… I mean, “Human Shields” standing near-by.

Since then, the Rabid Rights’ vitriol is reaching new heights and heigher decibel levels with each passing day.

  1. Rush Limbaugh plays “Opposite World” on his radio show saying on the subject: “Everything that is truth, is really a lie -and everything they say is a lie, is obviously the truth.”
  2. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congress’ favorite mattress, complains that the SCHIP program is socialized medicine, and helping poor children take their meds is a bad thing. (Hint: She’s the mother of five children and 23 foster children. And yet…she won’t vote for their health care.) Yup! She’s a Sealy!!
  3. Michelle Malkin is so upset, she makes a special trip to visit the Frost neighborhood, visit with “Dad’s” working colleagues and take time out to snap a photo of the family with her cell phone.

Ummm, quick question here! How is it that these Republicans can hate a 12-year boy and his family so much, and yet go completely insane over that precious woman back in 2005 who was completely brain-dead for ten years?!?! Congress deliberated until 10:00PM yelling about their love for life and the horrors of killing a brain-stem. Bush billed the tax-payers for his Air Force One to fly in from one of his many vacations from the “Western White House” to sign their stupid…useless bill. And how did Terry Schiavo’s parents put it when her body was finally put to rest? Oh yes, they called it “judicial murder“.

Western White House

Last year, the GOP screamed: “The Dems don’t have a message!” Yet, the GOP’s message seems a very mixed bag when it comes to America’s youth.

  1. The issue of stem-cell research to cure neurological and other diseases? Rush Limbaugh muddles up the symptoms by stupidly making fun of Michael J. Fox.
  2. Right before Congress’ August recess, George W Bush issued a directive to all of the states requiring them to tightening the belt on SCHIP. That directive required the states to prove that recipients of SCHIP benefits are children who’s parents make twice below the established poverty line. Children of higher income families must be without any type of health care for over a year before they are available for SCHIP benefits!
  3. Health care for your kid? Screw that! Even talking to a kid who’s received SCHIP benefits will result in Michelle Malkin showing up and harassing your parents at their workplace and their working colleagues! Shoving her cell-phone at your family and snapping their picture. Ridiculing you on her blog hoping to make you feel like… SCHIP!

Newsday has a piece that’s worth noticing when it comes to health care for fostered-children. It’s so horrorific, you’ll think they are talking about Sudanese kids!

FruitFly 6The only time the GOP seems to be “pro-American Youth” is when they’re ready to be recruited for a lost Oil War (and they’ll lie to your kid in order to get him/her to sign the contract) in Iraq.

While they claim to be the political “Jesus Party”, and when it comes to taking care of America’s children, they clearly don’t give a SCHIP!