Found on Gov Pawlenty’s desk



Dear Governor Polenty of Minniesotah,

Thankyou for your hosptalty last August in Minniesotah. I hadlunchjelly such a grate time seeing you and looking at your crashed brige.

When I was ther, I told you and your Minniesotah peoples that I would be shure to get you the monee as quick as possibly well. And I intended to keep that promis. As you no, the Democratics are in charge of the Congresses and we have two wars thats still going on. I am shure you and the rest of you Minniesotahns will be patience for the monee to get to you.

I told Pikles all of the time that I thought it was just terribl to see all of those cars in the water in that river you gots. Pikles had a fancy name for the river – callin’ it a Mrs some-thin’ or other. I laugheded at her and said you caint marry a river any more than you can marry another woman! Pikles laughed and smashed her cigrett butt into my sandwitch.

And so I thinks thats all I wanted to say. I might not be able to boobiesgive you any monee because the Democratics might hold it up in my funding my too warz. But hold on! And dont give up. Ills keep tryin!

Tomorrow is thursday. I like thursdays. I get jello on thursday. Last weeek I gots jello and it has bananans in it and I so I throo it at the lady waater and called her a bich! HA! She was scard and ran awaa.

Jenna wrot a book. It s a good one about a brown lady that live in centrul amerika that had a babe. I will tell my sekretairee to send you a copee. Jenna is the only on in our famly who kan write good. Ever since she got bak from paraguay, shes been askin to write a book. Shes our first auther in the famlee.

My sekretairee went out for koffeee so now you no that I aint good with spellin werds. Pleez dont tell anybodee.

O! I almos forgot. Kan you see if you kan ask Reprezentitive Micheal Bachmann for a picshure of her boobs. Shes really hot!!

Since earlee,

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