Barack Obama’s Great Hate Parade

Barack Obama RapperBarack Obama’s campaign is now appearing more as a parade of silliness than as a serious candidate for the President of the United States. The author of Obama’s official campaign blog is now reaching for straws while observing Obama’s public speeches. Applying a “GLBT” message where there isn’t much more than a mention of diversity in what Barack Obama actually said.

This story gained helium last week when the Senator jealously tried to fish for more votes from the African-American voter community. Obama set up a three-city tour of gospel singers for him to go out on tour and his star headliner was Donnie McClurkin, the same McClurkin who sang at the 2004 Republican National Convention. The link, from Fox News, is entitled: “Gay Minister Joins Obama in Concert in S.C.” is misleading, because according to McClurkin, he’s no longer gay. (Leave it to Fox to screw up their own philosophies and the prophets that preach them.) Pam Spaulding has a video of McClurkin’s 204 GOP/NRC performance, if you’re really that desperate.

Not only does Donnie McClurkin believe he’s gay anymore, but he also believes that the rest of “the Gays” are murdering children and they’re cursed. The National Black Justice Coalition quotes McClurkin saying referencing “The Gays”:

“The gloves are off and if there’s going to be a war, there’s going to be a war. But it will be a war with a purpose?. I’m not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children.”

So, we have an alleged X-Gay who’s now preaching the GospelPMS Detergent and getting Grammy Awards for singing Gospel Music, and after all of that hatred towards gay and lesbian people…and, McClurkin is allowed to call himself a Christian? Why is Senator Barack Obama saddling up with this kind of hate-monger? One more rhetorical question, I promise: Did Donnie McClurkin really manage to pray all that gay away?

The other singing “sensation” that went out on tour with Obama and McClurkin are a couple of sisters Tina Atkins and Erica Campbell who formed a group called “Mary Mary”. These lovely ladies started singing in church, but now they’re at bars and clubs and singing Jesus’ praises and spreading God’s Love everywhere they go. And when these two get interviewed by Vibe Magazine, the “gay question” is brought up.

Said Vibe:

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but you have a large gay following. How do you feel about homosexuality and having a gay following?

Erica was the first to reply (the highlights are my own):

We are aware. Um… how do I feel about homosexuality? I feel how God feels about it, um… but I still love them. You know what I mean? I don’t agree with the lifestyle, but I love them. They can come to the concert; I’m going to hug them just like I hug everybody else. They have issues and need somebody to encourage them like everybody else – just like the murderer, just like the one full of pride, just like the prostitute, everybody needs God. What your struggle is may not be what my struggle is, but we all need Him. So, that’s what our music is about: giving and God. Not to condone the lifestyle or to say, Oh it’s okay, but not to bash – but just to give them God.

Fruit LoopsErica here equates homosexuality to murderers, prostitutes and people who are “full of pride”. Did you just choke on your Fruit Loops and have a little milk erp out of your nose? Tina picks it up from there by saying:

Everyone has things in their life that they need to correct, everybody has struggles. Even though that’s the way we feel, we don’t bash, and we embrace everybody who enjoys our music. Hopefully our music is impacting them in a way that, if they see there’s some things in their life that’s not quite right and doesn’t align themselves with what the Bible says – hopefully our music impacts them in a way that makes them want to change it.

Miss Thing here – she’s gay bashing but wants you to know she just isn’t into gay bashing. She’s quick to point out others who “align themselves” with the Bible and dumb enough to for skip over that part that says; “Judge not, lest ye be judged.

This is Barack Obama’s way to “reaching” out to the African-American voter? Was it his idea is to hatch the Black version of the Klu Klux Klan? The hate-speech that spews from these people on their hatred towards Gays and Lesbian and it makes Barack Obama look like the Grand Marshall of that Hate Parade.

Senator Obama makes it worse by desperately trying to make it better. HRC’s Chair Joe Solmonese issued a statement to the Senator’s campaign expressing his disappointment in his decisions to work with these hate-mongering slobs. BarackAndy Sidden Obama lunged for a chance to fix the problem and so he grabs Rev Andy Sidden, a white gay minister from Garden of Grace United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem, NC and puts him on the ticket. Mega-fast Joe Solmonese whipped out a new statement clarifying he had nothing to do with recommending Sidden.

Really… A white guy? He decided on a white guy?!

Let me guess Senator: You put a gay white dude on the ticket so you could demonstrate that African-American stereotype that says “gay” is a white-only thing? You couldn’t find a gay African-American that would be more suited to find that “American Love-In” that you were so hoping for? Oh wait, you did find two gay African-American ministers who could have represented the LGBT community very well in spite of this Big Black Hate Machine you created. Both Bishop Yvette Flunder and Bishop Tonyia Rawls of Unity Fellowship of North Carolina were available and passed over in exchange of the white gay guy. Rev. Michael Eric Dyson and Bishop Carlton Pearson were two gay male ministers who were also passed over in exchange of a white guy.

This Great Hate Parade concert ended badly and the blame goes to Donnie McClurkin. John Aravosis culled the final half from the New York Times:

He approached the subject gingerly at first. Then, just when the concert had seemed to reach its pitch and about to end, Mr. McClurkin returned to it with a full-blown plea: “Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay when I have suffered the same feelings,” he cried.

“God delivered me from homosexuality,” he added. He then told the audience to believe the Bible over the blogs: “God is the only way.” The crowd sang and clapped along in full support….

Mr. McClurkin: Not only are you a bigot and anti-gay, you’re also liar, a hypocrite, hate-monger, a fucking whore for both the Republican Party and the Democrat Party and you’re a charlatan.

By the way, what happened to our lonely white gay minister? Why wasn’t he front and center to make sure the GLBT voice was heard after McClurkin’s tirade of hate? He wasn’t. Because after his short prayer at the beginning of the evening’s concernt, Sidden slipped out the ehem…proverbial “back door” and left the concert. And who could blame him? It’s a Hate Fest on gays and since Senator Barack Obama didn’t even bother to show up for the closing show anyway. Sidden’s already made his money. I would have skipped town too!

Now that three days have passed, Senator Obama is still tooting his “Horn of Diversity”. His official “blog master” on the Obama ’08 website makes note of his speech in Cedar Rapids, IA at Coe College.

Obama also reiterated his support for civil unions for same-sex couples, giving props to the younger generation for being more open to change, and saying that as one of the younger candidates in the race, he wants to be a part of that process. “Part of my job as president I think is to deliver a message that everybody is part of the American family,” he said. “Not just some people. And obviously as somebody who is African-American – my mother is from Kansas, my father was from Kenya, I grew up in Indonesia, I have a sister who looks Spanish, I’ve got a brother in law who is Chinese-Canadian – I’m very sensitive to making sure that everybody feels a part of America. And that’s one of the things I think I can bring to this presidency. The day I’m inaugurated the country will look at itself differently and I think be more tolerant.”

Thanks for those kind words, Senator. We realizehypocrisy that if Hillary Clinton put together a Hate Parade with a musical tour throughout South Carolina with acts that proudly proclaim: “BLACKS ARE A CURSE!” and “BLACK MEN KILL CHILDREN!”, you and the African-American community would think differently about “hate in America”. And if John Edwards would put together a duet of sexy blond whores who equate black people with murderers and prostitution, you’ll be ready-fast with a white gay guy as your personal human shield.

Senator Obama hasn’t been without opportunity to clear this up and distance himself from the Great Hate Parade he created. He has since appeared on Ellen Degeneres’ show. Ellen, who’s an openly gay woman and who’s mother Betty is an active member of PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), a spokesperson for the HRC Coming Out Project and writes a column for Planet Out e-magazine, could have created a wonderful healing moment for both the GLBT and the African-American community. Ellen, Mom Betty and Barack Obama could have become a lightning rod of attention for both the black and the GLBT communities. Obama’s best chance for a “uniting voice” within the chaos and return to looking like a true candidate for President of the United States. But he didn’t. Instead, he decided to shoot the breeze FruitFlyabout the ironic connection in ancestry between his family and Vice President Dick Cheney’s. Then he danced around the floor with Ellen and the two grooved to a few catchy dance-steps and it was done.



25 Responses

  1. I find it really disgusting that in this (poorly written and organized) article you criticize Obama for not being LGBT-friendly while making your headlining picture one of Obama wearing a bandana and gold fronts. I get where you were going with it– trying to call Obama a panderer and what-not, but I find it interesting that you chose to use blackface and hip hop images to define Black America. Again, I see where you are going, but I’m confused about where you think it is your place to put up hurtful and stereotypical images and make light of them. Oh well, like you said: hypocrisy is the american way. If you disagree with Obama, fine– but don’t punish all black people because of it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. …And, the criticism!! Since I”m not a professional journalist, it’s nice to know people like you are around with a quick poke in the nose to criticize one’s writing just to keep their own ego elevated above the one criticized. But what the hey… you’re entitled to your opinion.

    Fascinating that your opinion is to quickly jump to my imagry and calling it stereotypical. I guess you immediately jump to the same criticism when you hear the likes of Ann Coulter calling John Kerry and John Edwards “faggots”. And I’m also just as sure you feel need to lash out against the likes of Donnie McClurkin when he claims that Gays are “cursed”.

    Yes. I’m sure that every time you hear that ultra-cool group “Mary Mary” include that hate-speech on God’s condemnation towards gay folks, you’ve whipped out your IPOD and texted the groups manager demanding a retraction.

    Yes… It’s an imperfect world, isn’t it?! African American folks can marginalized “the Gays” as much as they please. Because knows that those “Gays” don’t deserve an ounce of respect anyway. But one peep of disrespect from them “Gays” towards the African American community and we’re all thrilled you’re nearby for a damned good finger-waving.

    By the way…an added thought on the topic: If I recall when I wrote the piece, the “hip-hop” Barack image was from a blogger who was into hip-hop music and liked Obama’s message.

    It’s irrelevant, I know. Because being a gay person, seeing hundreds of my close friends who’ve died of AIDS or who have been beaten and sometimes killed in the streets simply because they were gay, we’re not allowed to have any “special rights” that qualify us as “real US citizens”.

    Irrelevantly yours…


  3. OMG!! That is so flippin hilarious!!!! I LOVE CHAD!!!!

  4. Hey fuck obama i love this website and fuck everyone that opposes this website. Obama is no better than a goddamn terrorist. He wont even wear Americas Flag pin. He doesn tliek the American Flag so fuck all who oppose this website. Fuck obama Peace yall!

  5. love this site!!! thanks for pointing out all the things that are wrong about Obama and his ideas. HE’S ALL TALK AND NO ACTION!!!!!!!!

  6. obama is hateful because thinks abortion is okay. he copies speeches and his wife is a racist. he is a pig!

  7. Obama rules

  8. All 0F YAll N33dS T0 G3T 0ff 0bAMA YAll kN0W H3’S b3TT3R THAN HiLARY JuST AdMiT iT. W3 FiNAlly HAV3 A blACK MAN WH0’S G0iNG T0 d0 S0M3THiNG RiGHT && YAll WANT T0 T3AR HiM d0WN THATS N0T RiGHT!


  10. This is the most ridiculous article(if you can call it that) that I have ever read. Not only is it poorly written, but you fail to provide any coherent connection between Obama’s campaign and the personal beliefs of the people who endorse him.

    1. Just because Donnie McClurkin and Mary Mary do not condone homosexuality, does not mean that Obama shares their views. I think it is clear from his willingness to appear on Ellen and his support of civil unions that he does not share in their convictions. For you to denounce the credibility of his campaign simply because some of his supporters have controversial views is ignorant.
    2. I think it is naive of you to think that there are no racist Hillary supporters. Let me assure you, they exist and I highly doubt she would denounce them simply because they differ in opinion.
    3. Erica did not equate homosexuals with murders and prostitutes, she said she loves them just as she does a murder or a prostitute. Her point was that though she does not approve of the actions of any of them, she loves them just the same. I think that is a reasonable statement from someone who you call a “gay-basher”.
    4. Why does it matter that Obama used a gay caucasian minister and an antigay black one? I’m sure he could have found a gay african american to pray, but he wanted to appeal to everyone. The entire point of his campaign is to unite everyone, despite race, gender, sexual orientation or political party.
    5. I think your response to CK was childish and showed a lack of maturity. Not only was his criticism constructive, but it was also valid. You responded sarcastically and rudely. I also don’t appreciate your attempt to extrapolate antigay sentiments on all african americans, as if we all feel the same way. Stop victimizing homosexuals and focus on the real issues in this election.

    If you were really concerned with reporting the truth instead of biased poorly written rants, you would take an objective look at each candidate and stop spewing filth.

    ***Obama for President in 2008***

  11. Carolyn;

    You’ve stepped into your own goo. Take a notice that this blog entry was written almost six months ago.

    1.) Obama has openly regretted this entire episode, admitted it as well.

    2.) Obama has distanced himself from Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin and from those homophobes.

    3.) Obama has gone along way to reach out of the GLBT community since then.

    4.) My blog entry, as well as a lot of other GLBT bloggers at the time felt the same way I did at the time this was going on.

    5.) Thanks for pointing out my “poorly written” blog entry. I’ll assume you read everybody else blog entry and leave “shit comments” about their grammar or spelling errors as it pleases you.

    6.) I’m a blogger. I’m not a professional journalist, reporter and nobody pays me to write what I see and how I see the world.

    7.) At one point in time, I had an image of Al Jolsen on the blog entry as I felt Jolsen’s performaces in black-face paint was akin to Barack Obama’s act in using a gay white minister to seek the “balance” between the homophobia. Someone came along and pointed out the Al Jolsen photo was an unfair comparison. I agreed, and I removed it. Your criticism stems from a very long list of others who’ve come along and read the entry and left their own comments. And here you come along to complain that I’m “immature” or I’m alluding to falsehoods reflects your own immaturity and poorly thought out reflections.

    But thanks for stopping by and reading. …I think.

    Perhaps you could simply read what I’m writing in the current world to see if time has changed, and how things have changed.


  12. This is to AR,

    Read a book and learn something, Obama is changing the world. open your eyes and see it.

  13. vote obama

  14. It just goes to show you that the Left is nothing more than a coalition of people who really don’t like each other.

  15. All you idiots out there who think Obama is some great hero are just to embarrased to admit that you’ve fallen for the biggest load of BS since Milli Vanilli. If Oprah had kept her mouth shut (like she should) and never mentioned this guy, none of us would even know who he is.

    God help us all if talk show hosts are picking our President now.

    So it’s down to Obama, Hillary, or McCain. America’s screwed now.

  16. whoever wrote this blog, i think you are very stupid. i for one think barack obama would make a great president. You are just jealous, because he actually has something to do with his life, rather than sitting here typing hour long blogs about stuff that aint true. Get a life and quick……

  17. Its disturbing to me that someone so well read (apparently) and someone with so much talent for gab, is so hateful in general. This is why i would never claim a righty position. Not because it isnt right, not because i disagree with the real material presented by republicans, but simply because they gobble up shit like this. Its not funny to use people, in less than popular circumstances, as a political illustration. Especially when that illustration is completely defamatory.

    I have never really heard a sound critique of obama, without references to islam, or his blackness, etc. All i hear is angry righties throwing poo because they have no real defense against a happy black dude, that is educated.

  18. GLBT bashing, misogyny, racist stereotyping. yup… you got all bases covered. dude.

    I’m wondering why I don’t lock my door everytime a white guy comes near my car. I might get “drive-by” hate sprayed like I did today.

    I need to take a shower to wash this hate off. Phew!

  19. HI, I know this is late but I just read the blog. I agree and disagree with somethings. I dont think that Obama hates gay people but I do think he could do alot more to help us out. Now with Mary Mary…there is absolutely nothing neither one of them could say to me because they are not hiting 100 with God themselves. They can quote scriptures about homosexuas but they just cannot seem to find the scriptures on the way you are suppose to dress while minstering Gods word. The bible also states where christians are suppose to minister these words and I do not beliveve the local bar and BET with their breast out was one of them.
    On the other hand, I dont see the gay hatred part in any of there statements. Just because Donnie Mcclurkin and Mary Mary states that they do not believe in the homosexual lifestyle does not mean they hate us. Its just there opinion just like I believe that homosexuality is okay. As long as they are tolerant of us and respect us then it does not matter what they believe.

  20. The image that was created to represent Obama as a “parade” is insulting. As you (who created the picture) are entitled to your opinion about the candidates for the 2008 election; your depiction of Obama dressed in “rap” attire makes you look bad.
    I came across this image as I googled imaged Obama. When I clicked on the picture and realized that there was an article to accompany the picture, I became extremely distracted questioning your intelligence.
    Your creating such an image gives me the impression that you are ignorant of social justice, American history, and race relations. Obama is not a joke because he is black. Obama does not fit into your stereotypical role.
    Your ideas are not worth consideration. You need to open a book on ethnic studies, oppression, or maybe even interview a 3rd grader on what is exceptional behavior in understanding race differences.
    Before you try to educate the world, take into consideration educating yourself (well).
    Stereotypes are not funny and those who use them usually are ignorant of the history and meaning behind them. If you are aware of what ideas you are provoking with your image, then maybe you should reconsider spreading your hate.
    Again you are entitled to your own opinions about the 2008 candidates, but your argument may be taken serious if you do not include racist imagery.

    Thank You.


    You don’t get it do you?

    Obama is NOT gay friendly– he wants to work with Iranian leaders who HANG GAYS IN THE STREET.

    Republicans will protect our freedoms, Social Democrats want total conformity from all.

  22. You need to take a Xantax, Buddy. Seriously – you really need to take something for all of that pent-up hatred.


  23. I hate uneducated retards that have computers.
    1. Barack is a Christian. where all this pro Islam bullshit came from still boggles my mind. Fucking retards.
    2. Republicans don’t agree with gay marriage either. Pick up a newspaper, or something. Don’t go by what you see or hear on commercials to attempt to get you to overlook the truth.
    3. Harvey, you dumb ass, we wouldn’t know about any of these people if they hadn’t gotten endorsed by someone sometime or another. It just so happens that Oprah knew the guy (she’s from Chicago retard) and he’s a great man that we needed to know.
    4. Being that Barack is a Christian (as well are Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin) maybe it would be wise of you to pick up this book called the Bible and read it. In there you will find various passages that allow you to know that gays are doomed to hell (read about the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah)
    5. The picture that you made is totally irresponsible and disgusting, and disrespectful to me, and other blacks. Putting a generalized stereotype on us (present day blackface) I wish i could find you and beat the shit out of you, but then I’d be committing a hate crime. But I’m sure that this hurts just as much……


    so suck a dick hahaha

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