…It’s all George Bush’s fault, the vice president is Satan, and God is gay.

houseflyMaureen Dowd if the NYTimes let’s Stephen Colbert write her column for her and does a better job than Dowd. I mean, she’s just another comedian, isn’t she?

A Colbert sampling? Sure! Why not?!

And Fred Thompson. In my opinion “Law & Order” never sufficiently explained why the Manhattan D.A. had an accent like an Appalachian catfish wrestler. There. Now I’ve written Frank Rich’s column too.

Care for another?

Our nation is at a Fork in the Road. Some say we should go Left; some say go Right. I say, “Doesn’t this thing have a reverse gear?” Let’s back this country up to a time before there were forks in theFruitFly road — or even roads. Or forks, for that matter. I want to return to a simpler America where we ate our meat off the end of a sharpened stick.

You see what I mean? Colbert is way better than Dowd. Read the entire piece by clicking here. Enjoy!

Found At A Magazine Stand

More Bush Bull-SCHIPNewspaper stand

Freepers scream and complain about the Democrats using a 7th Grader to deliver the weekly radio address. The GOP Response: “The Horror!”, “The Shame!”

Bush’s Education Budget has been cut over $30 Billion within a year.

…”The Hypocracy!” <crickets creaking><toads croaking>

Black Garbage Fly

Senator Larry Craig: “Master baiting with his wiener”

He calls it his “Super Tuber”. Senator Larry “Dirty Potty Boy” Craig brags up his favorite way to munch on an Idaho potato. He carves out a hole in it and sticks his wiener inside and dips it in his special sauce.

Don’t believe me? Click here and enjoy!

One more to defend

Ralph Regula (R-OH) has announce his retirement as being imminent. OUCH! Regula’s departure was unexpected as they’re already scrambling for Congresscritters who are under investigation for taking bribes, questionable land-deals and being busted in sex-scandals.

boccieri 1

boccieri 3

The RNCC is already bankrupt. Defending that chair and keeping it Red is going to be a mega-huge problem for them.

Meanwhile, John Boccieri is going to be the expected winner of that chair. He’s got the nod from big-named groups like VotesVets and WesPac. Best of all, he’s a mega-hottie.

The GOP has stooped to begging

The GOP is freaking out and kissing Jim Ramstad’s big white booty begging him to take back his resignation letter and stay in office. I won’t even bother with commentary, especially when MNPublius does it far better than I could.

Nursing Care for the GLBT senior citizenhousefly

Joe My God has a fascinating peek on the NYT’s insight towards elderly gay and lesbian citizens going back into the closet as they enter hetero-dominated nursing homes.

There are an estimated 2.4 million elderly LGBT people in America, most of whom are forced back into the closet when they enter nursing care, living the last days of their lives in unimaginable loneliness. The Times article goes on to discuss the isolation and dangers that elderly gays face, but speaks optimistically about the gay-specific nursing home/assisted care facilities that are opening around the country.

I know of high-income GLBT nursing care and assisted living programs going on in Phoenix, Florida and Southern Cal. But, senior living for the rest of society’s GLBT scum is fairly non-existent. As the Baby-Boomer generation enters retirement, there’s a looming disaster in our (GLBT) horizon.

Deer FlyAmerican Marines held at gun-point by American paid Mercenaries

Blackwater SUV full of mercenaries crashes into a Marine Humvee. Blackwater bailed out, disarmed the Marines, got them on the ground and held them at gun point while they separated the two vehicles.

If I were an Iraqi civilian witnessing that scene, I wouldn’t know what to think!

DailyKos has the full story and theyFruitFly 6 have another video of a firefight our military is involved in and they’re taking orders from Blackwater civilian-clad mercenaries. It’s enough to make you erp your lunch.

These Republicans… Ya know..! They just know how to support our troops. They really do.

Out of Iraq Now!

Out of Iraq Now


Pass it on!

When the SCHIP hits the Fan

SCHIP Hits the Fan

Two weeks ago, SCHIP was the hottest thing making the hottest headlines. Health Care for children of low-income families is a Democrat’s touch-stone. Nobody wants headlines about poor kids dying from lack of health care anymore than interest in headlines of starving children in the Sudan of Africa. Except for the GOP of course. Starving children, letting them die and or flat out killing them for an Oil War is their “cup o’ tea”! In fact, they’ll flat-out tell you that they’re “happy that the President’s willing to do something bad to kids.” Whenever they hear something described as heartless assult on children, they’re generally pleased about it!

The Democrats upped the ante by putting up 12-year old Graeme Frost to do the Saturday’s weekly radio address after they overwhelmingly passed the bill in the Senate and the House. With the ink still wet, they grabbed the 12-year old and the kid, quite literally, “spoke to America”. He begged our “Compassionate Conservative” President to sign the bill. Ohh…Umm…let me re-phrase that: “America heard a 12-year old kid beg the president to sign the SCHIP bill…literally.”

A twelve year old begging the President of the United States to sign in a health care bill for poor kids?!

This infuriated the Rabid Right. “How dare they use children?!”, they screamed. “And what gives them the right to use children who have benefited from the program?” Limbaugh went as far to claim that Graeme Frost was being used as a “Human Shield” for the Democrats.Klieg Light

Bush vetoed the bill though. With the same cowardice he showed in Viet Nam, he vetoed the bill behind closed doors. No journalists, no klieg lights, no spectators and he certainly didn’t have any of his “Snowflake Babies” err… I mean, “Human Shields” standing near-by.

Since then, the Rabid Rights’ vitriol is reaching new heights and heigher decibel levels with each passing day.

  1. Rush Limbaugh plays “Opposite World” on his radio show saying on the subject: “Everything that is truth, is really a lie -and everything they say is a lie, is obviously the truth.”
  2. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congress’ favorite mattress, complains that the SCHIP program is socialized medicine, and helping poor children take their meds is a bad thing. (Hint: She’s the mother of five children and 23 foster children. And yet…she won’t vote for their health care.) Yup! She’s a Sealy!!
  3. Michelle Malkin is so upset, she makes a special trip to visit the Frost neighborhood, visit with “Dad’s” working colleagues and take time out to snap a photo of the family with her cell phone.

Ummm, quick question here! How is it that these Republicans can hate a 12-year boy and his family so much, and yet go completely insane over that precious woman back in 2005 who was completely brain-dead for ten years?!?! Congress deliberated until 10:00PM yelling about their love for life and the horrors of killing a brain-stem. Bush billed the tax-payers for his Air Force One to fly in from one of his many vacations from the “Western White House” to sign their stupid…useless bill. And how did Terry Schiavo’s parents put it when her body was finally put to rest? Oh yes, they called it “judicial murder“.

Western White House

Last year, the GOP screamed: “The Dems don’t have a message!” Yet, the GOP’s message seems a very mixed bag when it comes to America’s youth.

  1. The issue of stem-cell research to cure neurological and other diseases? Rush Limbaugh muddles up the symptoms by stupidly making fun of Michael J. Fox.
  2. Right before Congress’ August recess, George W Bush issued a directive to all of the states requiring them to tightening the belt on SCHIP. That directive required the states to prove that recipients of SCHIP benefits are children who’s parents make twice below the established poverty line. Children of higher income families must be without any type of health care for over a year before they are available for SCHIP benefits!
  3. Health care for your kid? Screw that! Even talking to a kid who’s received SCHIP benefits will result in Michelle Malkin showing up and harassing your parents at their workplace and their working colleagues! Shoving her cell-phone at your family and snapping their picture. Ridiculing you on her blog hoping to make you feel like… SCHIP!

Newsday has a piece that’s worth noticing when it comes to health care for fostered-children. It’s so horrorific, you’ll think they are talking about Sudanese kids!

FruitFly 6The only time the GOP seems to be “pro-American Youth” is when they’re ready to be recruited for a lost Oil War (and they’ll lie to your kid in order to get him/her to sign the contract) in Iraq.

While they claim to be the political “Jesus Party”, and when it comes to taking care of America’s children, they clearly don’t give a SCHIP!


The End of Another “GOP Jesus Cartel”??!

mexican fruit flies

This is a blog entry to discuss the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. There’s a story in the New Testament where Jesus enters the Temple to pray and He’s mobbed by these “Holy Retailers” demanding He pay them outrageous amounts of money for the phoniest religious lies and preying on His fears that God won’t love him unless He forks over the $$$-Cash. They gang-up on The Christ and try to pressure Him into thinking that God’s Love can be purchased by buying fatter lambs to sacrifice and try to con Him into paying for these stupid useless trinkets.

Christ goes a little berzerk and He busts down their “shopping areas” and He probably threw a few punches during the scene. These Pharisees and Sadducees were people who yelled and preached to the sinners entering the Temple of the Lord that God would not love them if they didn’t spend all of their money on the trinkets and fattest animals that they had available for sacrifice.

They took the poor people’s money out of fear and sold them bag of lies. And they lived gluttonous and greedy lives.

In this blog entry, let’s see if you can pick out the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. I’ll try to leave you a few little hints along the way, so keep an eye peeled out for them. For these are the people that Jesus Christ would show up, destroy their market-places and violently stomp on their trinkets and probably throw a few punches during the scene.

Trivial Pursuit! Who said:

“We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit … is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion.”

Trivial PursuitIf you guessed “Ri¢hard (a.k.a. The Di¢k) Robert$”, you may help yourself to a Blue Pie piece and place it inside of your pie (hole).

But before we get into it, let’s take a stroll back in time…a little over a year and a half to be exact.

In January 3, 2006, Lonnie Latham, senior pastor of the $outh Tul$a Bapti$t ¢hur¢h was arrested for public lewdness from an undercovered male police officer in the parking lot of The Habana Inn, an area well known for chance same-sex encounters. Latham, who was serving as an executive on the $outhern Bapti$st ¢onvention at the time,Lonnie Latham complained that he was being harassed by police (for his religion) and that he was only missionarying to the “Heathens” in the area. Said Latham:

“I was involved in a prayer ministry in that area, and I had a dialogue with police,” he said, according to the website of the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. “The officer made many suggestions.”

haggard the horribleObviously, the police report disagreed with Latham’s version and said he offered more than prayer. He offered to pay for a hotel room and a great night of man-on-man action.

Latham plead not guilty a month later and in front of a non-jury. “Activist” Special Judge Roma McElwee, who said her ruling was based on the evidence and not on the issue of the constitutionality of the law in question, dropped the charges against Latham. (Hint: He was issued a traffic citation a year before at the same “no-tell Motel” address for failing to stop at a stop sign. Apparently, he offers “prayer services” more than we need to know!)

GOPBut this was a problem for the Tulsa Je$u$ ¢artel and Ri¢hard Robert$. Latham’s arrest was too close to Robert$’ back-yard and it was a problem for him and his own Plutarchy at Oral Robert$ Univer$ity. So the ORU Pre$ident tapped a professor at Oral Robert$ Univer$ity to rally some students to guarantee Robert$ would have his own puppet as Tulsa’s mayor.

Thirteen days after Latham’s arrest, ORU Professor Tim Brooker produced an email message addressed a few hundred students, faculty and administrators encouraging them to help with Republican Randi Miller’s campaign for Tulsa mayor. To read the original email, you can click here.

From now one, Robert$ would be able to protect his buddies at the Grand Ole’ Pervert as they came through Tulsa. You’ll never hear a Larry Craig story coming out of Tulsa! With his control over the city, he had successfully created his own Je$u$-¢entered military junta.

Someone filed an IRS complaint against ORU for campaigning for a politician as a non-profit entity. Robert$ ran to his patsy, Dr Tim Brooker, and demanded that he be the “fall guy” in a press release. Robert$ hoped to sweep the IRS investigation quickly under the table. Brooker refused, and it pissed off the “Sheriff of Nottingham” and things began to boil.

Brooker and his wife had managed to rouse up a total of 50 students, faculty and ORU to campaign for Randi Miller.

Enter the newest crook: $tephanie Cante$e. She an employee of Oral Roberts Ministries, part-time real estate agent and sister to Lind$ay Robert$, approached one of those student campaign workers and said something like this:

“Ummm…I’m far too Sanctified in Jesus’ Love to find my way to a Geek Squad office at Best Buy and have my laptop computer fix. Ummm…would you fix it for me?! My sister Lindsay was right…You **are** cute! Turn around, let me see your ass. Ohhh…you’re a hottie – do you have a girlfriend?! Can I be your girlfriend? Turn around again, let me see that hot little ass of yours. Ohhhh… So can yo fix my laptop or not?!?”

The student obliged. And being a damned good computer-jock, he backed-up her hard drive to another machine and resolved the problem. While pushing the backed up files to their original hard drive, the student comes across a report that disturbs the shit out of him. He prints a copy and takes it to his professor: Dr. Tim Brooker.astonished

Here’s where you need to play a scary-music chord in your head.


Dr. Brooker, his wife Paulita and Dr John Swails, professor and chair and of the History, Humanities and Government Department at ORU sat down with the Cante$e report and had a very long talk. Later, Brooker told reporters:

The report “poses a real grave threat to the university,” Brooker said. “. . . I fear for ORU’s survival, and if they don’t make some very significant changes administratively, there won’t be an ORU.”

Brooker, his wife and Swails approached ORU’s Administration where they produced the report and explained where it came from and expressed their concern about the overall well being of ORU and the students who bust their ass to get a good education and a respectable diploma. Paulita Brooker and Swails were both summarily fired in a matter of a few days, and Swails states that Dr. Brooker was squeezed out of his job within a few weeks.

So much for those pesky “Whistleblower Laws”!

For the life of me, I can not find why $tephanie Cante$e wrote the report, nor why she had it on her laptop in the first place. But what was on the report makes Ri¢hard Robert$ original comment about “intimidation, extortion and blackmail” a whopper of a joke. Because what he said was true: The lawsuit is based on these things, but it’s him and his wife who are guilty of the intimidation, extortion and the blackmail.

Lind$ey Robert$, the University’s favorite mattress, has taken extortion to an all time high. Including billing ORU for cell-phones she handed out to her own underaged boy-toys and text-messaging them continually, sitting up until 3:00AM.

The report lists the following:Dunce

One of Ri¢hard and Lind$ay Robert$’ children vandalized and removed athletic department equipment from ORU property.

University and ministries employees regularly do the homework of the Robert$’ children.

On this note, I would think the US Dept of Ed would remove ORU’s accreditation. But think about this for a second: “Mom!! I want to go shopping!!” “Did you finish your homework?!” “I don’t wanna do my homework, I wanna go shopping!!” <sigh> “Let me call your professor and make him come over and do your homework for you…Do you need the keys to the Land Rover?!”

ORU paid $29,411 for one Robert$ daughter to vacation with friends in Florida and the Bahamas and use the ORU jet for transportation.

“Mom!!!! I want a party in the Bahamas!” “Did you do your homework?!” “I don’t want to do my homework…I want a party and I want it in the Bahamas!” <sigh> “Let me call your professors so they can do your homework and let me see if the Lear is available! …Have you seen the keys to the Land Rover?!?!?”

Lind$ay Robert$ routinely uses ministries security personnel during personal vacations.

Lind$ay Robert$ awarded 13 non-need-based scholarships to friends of her children, two of whom had test scores below ORU’s admission requirement; and more.

Another reason the US Dept of Ed should be removing ORU’s Accredidation. Not only are her children not getting an education because their professors are simply giving them a free-pass – but her children are hanging out with other people’s children who are too fucking stupid to pass the ORU entrance exams!

Pam Spaulding writes for the Pandagon that includes other complaints:

A longtime maintenance employee was fired so that an underage male friend of Mrs. Robert$ could have his position.

Lind$ay Robert$ has a very weird connection going on with under-aged boys… Is there a connection between her and Mark Foley (R-FL)?!

Mrs. Robert$ spent more than $39,000 at one Chico’s clothing store alone in less than a year, and had other accounts in Texas and California. $he also repeatedly said, “As long as I wear it once on TV, we can charge it off.” The document cites inconsistencies in clothing purchases and actual usage on TV.

“Oooh….You’re so clever Lindsey. And here all this time, thought you had “a Gay” that was picking out your couture! But shopping at Chico’s **and** getting a tax write-off!!?!? That’s just super-fabulous!!!”

Mrs. Robert$ was given a white Lexus SUV and a red Mercedes convertible by ministry donors.

“Ministry Doners” is code for “your grandmother and grandfather who are in nursing homes giving these charlatans your inheritance because you haven’t visited them in over a year”.

The university and ministry maintain a stable of horses for exclusive use by the Robert$’ children.

“Mom! I wanna go out to the barns and ride horses!” “Have you finished your homework?!” “No. Can’t you just call my professor and have him come over and do my homework for me?” <sigh> “RICHARD! The girls want to go ride horses! Can you call their professors to finish their homework?!” “Mom!! Let’s go!” “RICHARD!! Have you seen the keys to the Land Rover?!”

The Robert$’ home has been remodeled 11 times in the past 14 years.

KOTV News (Tulsa, OK) has their story on the reaction from the students, who are obviously scared about the future of their alma mater. I found a PDF for the original lawsuit against the ORU/Robert$ Klan here. A video of KOTV’s original airing can be found here.

In a story that shadows ORU, Dr. John Swains and the National GOP: Blogger sleuth “Batesline” shows that the GOP was impressed with ORU students in being able to get the (GOP) vote out. Batesline shows that as far back as 2002, the National Republican Convention was recruiting ORU students to board buses and worked on hotly contested campaigns in Denver and for Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi.

Body SnatchersOther Regents for ORU include tele-evangelists such as: Kenneth ¢opeland, ¢reflo Dollar, Jerry $avelle, Benny Hinn, John Hagee, Marilyn Hi¢key, Je$$e Duplanti$. Which of course means, positively nothing will happen to the Robert$e$.

Those named in the lawsuit include: Oral Robert$ University, Ri¢hard Robert$, Provost Mark Lewandow$ki, Dean Wendy $hirk and Vice Provost Jeff Ogle (who once had a sexual harassment complaint filed against him).

Ri¢hard Robert$ said: “We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit … is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion.” and he was absolutely correct.  The Robert$ blackmailed the professors, tried to intimidate them, and they extorted their ORU students and their religious “TV viewing” audience to pad their lives wanton gluttony.  They’ve preached hatred against gay men and women, preached lies about what God’s Word said and they’ve terrorized their followers into giving them money so they could wear fine clothes, let their children cheat, and have intimate relationships with under aged boys at the school.  These are the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees.

Of all of the researched conducted on this blog, I found one redeemable soul who is a Baptist Minister from the Oklahoma area that’s worth the read. He’s obviously heart-broken by this debacle, but he makes a note worth recognizing:

He said:FruitFly 6

In regards to the ORU lawsuit, we can only hope that it will purify the university and the Robertses without creating a huge burden on all other non-profits as a result. Remember, Richard, it’s all God’s money. When a “ministry” becomes more about money than missions, you have a mess that embarrasses all Christians, because much of the population doesn’t distinguish between the prosperity gospelizers and those of us trying to preach the historical Christian faith. Sad.

“Sad” is an understatement.

Ann Coulter: Man, Insane or Both?

The GOP’s Queen of Mean never ceases to astonish those who take time to pay attention to her. I literally crashed intoann-coulter.jpg this newest little gem of “hate-speeching” on Feministing where Coulter said:

If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.

Ignoring the patented misogyny in the first two sentences, can you find anything else that’s really odd about this statement?

Well, for one: This “single woman” is under investigation forBlack Garbage Fly voter fraud! So in a weird sense of irony, Coulter is “right”: She’s single and she voted stupidly. You can’t avoid the obvious.

In her stupidity, she continues on; now focusing on the “Soccer Moms”:

It also makes the point, it is kind of embarrassing, the Democratic Party ought to be hanging its head in shame, that it has so much difficulty getting men to vote for it. I mean, you do see it’s the party of women and ‘We’ll pay for health care and tuition and day care — and here, what else can we give you, soccer moms?’’

Yes Ann…wearing that gaff might make you look pretty in a black-mini, but pissing off the Soccer Moms isn’t going to make them vote for your GOP Hate-Party in Minneapolis/St Paul any faster! Saying that the Democrats have a tough time appealing to men with a message that’s aimed exclusively towards the “soccer moms” on issues like tuition, day care, and health care is like saying Ann Coulter has a hard time picking up men for dates in a public restroom in Titusville, Florida holding a twenty dollar bill between her tits. According to Coulter; Men aren’t interested in any of these things. At least, no “real man”. But when Coulter’s sporting an Adams apple that’s the size of a small passenger vehicle, we’re not really sure if she’s a “real man”. We think her gender is female. In the original source, The Garance, noted that her bullying the “Soccer Mom” crowd will only propel more women to vote and any GOP politician who associates with Coulter will become a virtual poison. Well, that’s already begun, so there’s no sense in pursuing that vein of talk.

Deer FlyPerhaps Coulter sees herself as a humorist. A sort of “Andy Kaufmann” style where it’s an “acquired taste”.

Wherever she’s “performing”, only three people in the audience are laughing and cheering extra-loud at her stupidity while the rest of them are painfully quiet and thinking: “Huh? What did she just say?”

Coulter lashes out a her political opposites like a 9-year old playground child and then gazes around wondering why there isn’t anybody laughing along with her in the “hysteria”! …And the GOP geeks lap it up; gleefully and excitedly laughing, cackling without any regard in realizing just how many people are offended by it.



Ann Coulter’s calling John Edwards a faggot less she behousefly required her to return to rehab “joke” wasn’t funny, at all. Coulter’s decision to become a self-appointed “official judge and jury” by saying that Al Gore was a “total fag” wasn’t funny either!

Sadly for Republicans (and happily for Democrats); Ann Coulter reaps a cornucopia in votes favoring the Democrats in the upcoming 2008 Denver election.

Soccer Moms? Screw them!! They’re Godless!FruitFly

9-Eleven Widows? They’re whores too! Screw them! Fuck you!!

Insane ugly blond transvestites who’re quick to point out that they hate everybody and could care less about how Soccer Mom’s are voting next year??!! Priceless.

Found on Norm Coleman’s Printer: “I am the ‘Stillwater Infidel!!'”

US Senate Letterhead

Thank you all very much for coming out today. I will read a statement.

First, please let me apologize to my family, friends and staff and fellow Minnesota for the cloud placed over Minnesota. I did nothing wrong on my blog; “Stillwater Infidel”. I did nothing wrong and I regret the decision to plead guilty and the sadness that decision has borught on my wife, my family friends, staff…and fellow residents in Stillwater. And for that I apologize.

In September, I over reacted and made a poor decision. While I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct publishing the names and addresses CRS members opposing a school levy proposal, I chose to plead to a lesser charge in hopes of making it go away. I did not seek any counsel, either from an attorney, staff, friends or family. That was a mistake. And I deeply regret it. Because of that, I have now retained counsel, and I am asking counsel to review this matter and to advise me on how to proceed.

For a moment, I want to put my state of mind in the context, on CRS834. For two weeks, leading up today , my family and I have been relentlessly and viciously harassed by KSTP Channel 5 News. If you saw Channel 5 today, you know why.

Let me be clear: I am not gay, I never have been gay. Still without a shred of truth or evidence to the contrary, Channel 5 has engaged in this witch hunt.

In pleading guilty to being the blogger known as the Stillwater Infidel, I over reacted, because of the stress the KSTP Channel 5 investigation caused and the rumors it has fueled all around Minnesota. Again, that over-reaction was a mistake and I apologize for my judgment.

Furthermore, I should have not kept this hatred of CRS834 members to myself. And I should have told my family and my friends about it. I wasn’t able to share this failure, but I should have anyway. Because I am not gay.

I love my wife, my family. I care about friends and staff and Minnesota. I love serving this great state. Over the years, I have accomplished a lot for Minnesota. And I hope Minnesotans will allow me to continue to do that.

There are still goals I would like to accomplish. And I believe I can still be an effective leader for our state.

Next month, I will announce, as planned as many of you have already been told, whether or not, I will seek re-election.

As an elected official, I fully realize that my life is open for public criticism and scrutiny and I take full responsibly for a lapse in judgment I made in attempting for handling this matter myself. It is clear though, through my action I have brought a cloud over Minnesota and for that I seek and ask the people of Minnesota to forgive me.

As I mentioned earlier, I have retained counsel to examine the matter. And from that I will make no further comment.

This statement will go up on my website today at coleman.senate.gov

Any additional comments will be on the website. I’m sure this is an issue that this is not yet over.FruitFly

And I will respond accordingly to all of you in the press. As I have always appreciated your willingness to accommodate me, I hope you appreciate my openness to all of you.

Thank you very much