Keith Ellison Supports Impeaching the Veep!!!

I just got off the phone with Ellison’s office here in MSP…

Congressman Ellison’s office!

Hi! Umm… I’m like – totally fabulous and stuff! And, Umm…ahh… I was wonderin’….

Yes? What can I help you with?

Ummmmm… So Umm…. Does like …Ahhhh… Congressman Ellison support that ahhhhhhh… Impeaching the Vice Ahhh…President thinga-ma-jiggy dealy-whop?

Yes he does!

Ummm.. ahhhhh…Really?

Yes he really does!

Woahhhh!! That is like Ummm… So totally cool!! Thank you!


Ummm… ahhh..can you give him a message from aaahhh….. me?

Of course I can! What would you like me to tell the Congressman?

Ahhhhhh… Can you ahhh…. Can you tell him that I really like him and I think he’s really cute and …

No. I won’t tell him that. But I will tell him you like his stand on Impeaching the ViceFruitFly 6 President.

Ahhhh…. Okay. Thank you!!

You’re welcome. Good bye!

Ahhhhh.. Ummmm….Good b<click>

The conversation sort of went like that. But I didn’t say that I thought he was cute and all. I just made that part up.

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