What’s my blog rating?!

I first saw this on Tilde‘s blog site who got rated “R”. I really didn’t understand what was going on with this, so I clicked through there and ended up at Gisleson’s Norwegianity who thinks the word “fucking” is highly under-representated. (I would agree, btw.)

Now I figured it out! Duh!

So the breakdown is this:

“Potty mouth” Tilde’ gets a Rated “R”

  1. Death (3x)
  2. Bitch (2)
  3. Screwing (1)

Sorry m’Dear…but you’re blog is far to filthy for anybody to read. Please go to the Automatic Confessional and receive your penance.

Gisleson over at Norwegianity gets a “Rated NC-17

  1. Dead (7x)
  2. Porn (5x)
  3. Hell (4x)
  4. Fucking (3x)
  5. Crack (2x)
  6. Bastard (1x)

Well, I personally think that’s a FUCK of a lot worse than Potty-Mouth Tilde’. (Poor thing. She still has my sympathies.)

With a nervous hand on my mouse, I timidly placed my cursor over Gisleson’s NC-17 image. I quickly genuflected (even though I’m not even Catholic) and typed in my blog’s address.

<Please Jesus… Please Jesus…>

I get this:


  1. Ass (4x)
  2. Hell (3x)
  3. Dick (2x)
  4. Queer (1x)

Something’s really askew with that whole thing. But at least I shouldn’t have to go to the Automatic Confessional. (If I were a Catholic…..maybe.)

In the end, Gisleson and I are really foul mouthed, while I’m just a dirty-down ratFruitFly 6 bastard and we get NC-17. Tilde gets slapped with Rated R and the worse she ever said was “bitch” and “screwing”. Maybe that “Rate Your Blog” site is run by the same people who are running the Automatic Confessional! Ya think?

7 Responses

  1. Oh stop flattering yourself! Your entire lifestyle is NC17 whereas I have to rely on my pottymouth and bad habits to keep me in the running.

    Frankly, I’m surprised you didn’t get points just for the name of this blog. I think your humor may be too subtle for the Rate Your Blog folks.

  2. ROFLMAO! Oh dear, I did have fun writing that one.

    Well, at least you got it. Now I’ll have to worry Tilde’ is out there prairie-dogging; “HuH?! Why am I the potty-mouth and why is everybody talking about me? What did I do?!”

    Thanks Gis! …And remember, the Rate Your Blog people would appreciate less “fucking” and more “bitching” and “screwing”.

  3. I was kinda enjoying the whiff of notoriety that R rating was giving me, and then I thought: hey! If these Rate Your Blog people would only take images into account, I might be right up there in NC-17 land wit you bad boys!
    I mean, I DID put up pictures of baby Jesus’s nekkid peener, Wild Bill(Catholic League) Donohue’s head immersed in a beaker full of piss, and dead, nekkid Jerry Falwell being gnawed on by demonic salamanders as he’s dragged down into Hell….amongst many other awful, nasty, profoundly filthy images….
    That all oughta count for something, right??

  4. Ohmygawd….She’s not only a ‘potty-mouth”…She’s a perv too!!!

    XOXOXOOX <- But no tongue! ‘Cause that’s just gross!!!

  5. Awwwww, you’re no fun, Fruitie! 😦

  6. ..And she’s a flit!!! Well no wonder she got herself an “R”!! I’m stunned she didn’t get herself an “X”!!!!!


  7. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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