Iowa’s Big Winner: The Democrats

This is the information that the Republican party does not want to see. From DailyKos:

Who walked away with the most impressive number of the night? We did.

In 2000, the last time there was a caucus in both parties, Republicans turned out 87,000 voters, while Democrats produced 59,000. There are around 600,000 registered Democrats in Iowa, and about 550,000 Republicans, but when you consider that on caucus nights, Republicans just need to show up and point to a name, while Democrats are committing to two hours of public wrangling, it’s not a surprise that more Republicans show up to be “first in the nation.”

Except for yesterday.

When the Des Moines Register poll was predicated on a turnout of 200,000, I was scornful. And they were wrong — but only because they were too conservative.

Last night, the Republicans produced around 115,000 voters — an impressive 30% increase.

But the Democrats turned out 236,000. That’s an increase of roughly one whole helluva lot.

And it’s a huge indicator of both how energized Democrats are this year, and how ready independents are to put their chips on the D line.

(Psssst… Did anybody see their speeches last night? Wow! Barack Obama’s speech was sensational! Spectacular! While Mike Huckabee’s speech included Chuck Norris.)

hindenburgThe Republicans and MSM keep saying “Bush is a Non-Factor” and that’s a lie. Senator John McCain poses the greatest threat to the GOP body-politic right now with last night’s Huckabee win. McCain’s poll-growth is nothing more than worried political activists who see this race for what it will be: A disaster for the GOP in November. The Republican civil war between Huckabee’s religious jihadists and the rest of the part will crack even more with each state’s sprimary. The GOP’s hatred towards a Governor seen as soft on crime and raises taxes will become more and more prevalent. …And all the while they have aFruitFly 6 self-righteous war-criminal who’s in the White House and vetoes health care for children.

Let’s remember that a bitter cold snap in Iowa didn’t stop the Democrats, Independents and Republican party flip-overs from showing up and demanding change in America.