Another GOP Sex Scandal: Norm Coleman Campaign Donor

HA! Pams House Blend picked it up from on the newest sex scandal within the GOP. This one is out of Texas (why not?!) and is just as tawdry and hypocritical as the rest of that sleazy dirty-minded bunch.

RosenthalCharles (Chuck) Rosenthal, Houston, TX was the famous attorney who blew it (no pun intended) for all of those stupid Sodomy Laws throughout the country. Rosenthal argued that homosexuality, along with adultry was not protected under any form of privacy because it cough cough it didn’t protect the American families and preserve marriage and reproduce.

The 2003 case was notably called “Johnson v Texas“.

His argument was taken all the way up to the US Supreme Court where the entire Sodomy Law “concept” fell down for all of the states. Finally; states had to devise a new and improve ways to harass the gays and lesbians.

Rosenthal said:

“I think that this Court having determined that there are certain kinds of conduct that it will accept and certain kinds of conduct it will not accept may draw the line at the bedroom door of the heterosexual married couple because of the interest that this Court has that this Nation has and certainly that the State of Texas has for the preservation of marriage, families and the procreation of children.”

…Chuck went on to say:hypocrisy

Even if you infer that various States acting through their legislative process have repealed sodomy laws, there is no protected right to engage in extrasexual – extramarital sexual relations, again, that can trace their roots to history or the traditions of this nation.”

Well, now that’s all thrown out the window. All of that “protected privacy” crap disappeared when Rosenthal’s office PC ended up in a civil lawsuit. It turns out that his hard drive revealed that he’s been having an affair with his executive secretary (assumed a female “sexitary”<?>). To make matters worse, the drive revealed that in addition to his love for racist jokes (and which GOP’er doesn’t love a good racist joke now and again), but he loves to check out sex videos during his spare time (dirty old man). Even though his election term runs out this November, Harris County might fire him for “official misconduct”. (Let’s hope someone cleans that keyboard before it gets adopted by somebody else!)

HA! …I love the smell of a fried Republican hypocrites in the morning!

So I trekked off to see who this guy’s contributed to which GOP and I find out that September 19, 2006 he dontated $500 to … drum roll please: NORM COLEMAN!!!

ColemanOh NOOOO!!! Say it ain’t so Norman!! You aren’t taking money from adulterers and porn kings, are you?!! Plastic surgeries, taking money from perverts… Shoot! You can bitch about liberal Hollywood types but you’re more Hollywood than any of them!

In 2008, Norm continues on as the Republican ideology known as “Hate Politics”. He’s rarely cared about what Minnesotans want, or expects out of our Federal Government. Instead, he’s spent six years listening to what King George wants, what Big Corrupt Corporations wants, and what high-profile homophobes want.FruitFly

If Norm is going to take campaign money from hate mongers, then it’s time he justifies it. Paul Wellstone wouldn’t hesitate one second to explain each and every nickel and dime he took for his own campaigns. Why should Hollywood Norm get a free pass for taking cash from perverts from Texas?

One Response

  1. Minnesota Labor endorsed DFL U.S. Senate Candidate Al Franken better begin to start praying that I, Jack Shepard eliminate Norm Coleman from the Minnesota U.S. Senate Race in the GOP Primary on Sept. 9, 2008. to learn about Normy

    Because without the removal of Sen. Norm Coleman from the U.S. Senate the Employee Free Choice Act, Healthcare, Medicare, programs stimulated our inner cities and many other Act’s to ease the suffering of the Working Families of Minnesota will never become law because Sen. Norm Coleman will continue to filibuster and vote against these and other Acts that I would call emergency aid programs for the America Working family whose situation has turn from a economist slowdown into an Economic Disaster

    Jack Shepard is the only candidate running against Sen. Norm Coleman in the GOP Minnesota U.S. Senate Primary on September 9, 2008.

    DFL endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate Al Franken Race against incumbent Senator Norm Coleman is in big trouble, No one knows what Al Franken polling numbers are if Al Franken was to run against Jack Shepard in the Minnesota General Election in November.

    I just do not see how the Union Workers of Minnesota can let Norm Coleman get re-elected when Steve Hunter, secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, recently at a new conference called on Coleman to change his ways and put working families first. “Sen. Coleman isn’t standing with working families,” Hunter said. “He’s standing on their throats “Norm Coleman is standing on their “Working families of Minnesota’s” Throats:” The true facts are Sen. Norm Coleman is a smooth talker, “rapid-fire style, words pouring smoothly from his lips” and is very believable. There is no reason to think that with Norm Coleman’s low ratings that he is a shoe in. You have to admit in Minnesota Norm Coleman popularity is still below 50% at best in people who support him.

    As the working families of Minnesota know, Senator Norm Coleman has a long record of voting against health care legislation to benefit working families, voted against the Employee Free Choice Act, voted against increases in Healthcare, vote against increases in funding for Medicare.

    If you wish a Pro-Labor and Anti-Iraqi War Senator that will work for you; the People of Minnesota and not like senator Norm Coleman work for the Big Business, Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharmaceuticals; you are going to have to eliminate Sen. Norm Coleman from the U.S. Senate, by using me and voting for me, Jack Shepard on September 9, 2008 in the GOP U.S. Senate Primary rather then vote for Senator Norm Coleman.

    I am running in the Sept. 9, 2008 Minnesota GOP U.S. Senate Primary only to eliminate Senator Norm Coleman. As a disabled Veteran or as an unemployed veteran you know you are not getting the medical care you need because Sen. Norm Coleman voted against necessary increases in Medical spending for our troops and veteran.

    If you wish to help the environment you know that Norm Coleman voted against it until the 2006 election. If you care about our security on buses, trains, airplanes, ports etc. you know Norm Coleman voted against it for them until the 2006 election.

    I say, we say it is time to say No to your re-election Senator Norm Coleman; it’s time you were held accountable for your votes and we are going to vote against you to have you removed from the U. S. Senate on Sept. 9, 2008 in your GOP Primary the first chance we get.

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