Just Returned from Our Caucus

donkeyWe just got back. We left immediately after our dinner and as we neared our caucus site, traffic started to clog up. At our last street light, we got the same feeling as if we were part of a movement of people going to a once in a lifetime concert. People were million all about on the roads, slippery sidewalks, chilly air… It was incredible.

KARE-11 ran a piece on our caucus site. You can watch the video by clicking here.DFL caucus traffic

I also highly recommend you watch KARE-11’s piece on the traffic jams – you can watch by clicking here.

Our precinct was combined with a neighbor’s where we debated a number of different items. Some included gay marriage, labor issues with state employees in relation to domestic partner benefits and a demand to smaller class sizes in our schools. I volunteered to count the ballots for Clinton or Obama and the counts came out like:

Vote Total

When the ballots were counted, the room erupted in cheers. Up and down the hallways, cheers roared – one after another.Out state senator (Ann Rest) showed up and noted that the largest turnout for Caucus in Minnesota was in 1968. She stated that tonight, it was expected that more than twice that showed up to caucus.

She said; “The American people are showing up to send a message to the worst President in United States history that we’re demanding a change in this country.”

Reports that in our caucus, three times the number expected showed up. We ran out of ballots and Post-It notes were passed around. DFL’ers showing up were almost 2 to 1 compared to the Republicans tonight. The GOP is very worried tonight. And they should be.

There’ll have to be lots to think about and write about what happened tonight. Right now, I want to watch the numbers fall out on the media.

FruitFlyIt’ll be great to see if McCain looses and all of that time Tim Pawlenty spent campaigning for him will be just another poke in Pawlenty’s eye.

Tim Russert has just declared that Minnesota has declared Barack Obama the winner!!!!

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