Reports on Non-Functioning Voting Machines have already begun

Corzine VotingBrad Blog is reporting that NJ Governor John Corzine had to vote in a firehouse #3 in Hoboken. The two machines weren’t functional as voters were turned away and asked to come back. Corzine stayed and waited until one machine came to life while he cast his vote. (Which makes no sense whatsoever: “Why would you vote on a machine that’s total crap?!”) Friedman explains my thoughts perfectly:

FURTHER UPDATE FROM BRAD, 7:45am PT: Right on schedule, officials say pollworkers are to blame for the still-unspecified problem that kept machines from working this morning. As FruitFly 6you’ll see, it’s always “human error”, rather than the fault of the crappy machines, or the idiots who created them so poorly or made them so complicated that they continue to fail in election after election. The only “human error”, in truth, is that of the Election Officials who irresponsibly chose to use these horrible voting systems in the first place.

Clicking on Corzine’s picture will get you a cheap video of the story and a box of Jujubes…

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