ABC’s Michael Eisner: “Writers Strike is Over..”

Writers Guild“It’s over,” former Walt Disney chief executive Michael Eisner told CNBC. “They made the deal, they shook hands on the deal. “

There’s tons of news and information to absorb on this topic of conversation:

“I have some friends in certain places and I believe there was a handshake last Friday… it’s possible they (the writers) will turn it down but it would be insane if they turned it down,” Mr. Eisner added.

More to come

FruitFlyThe keywords are obvious: “More to come” and “turn it down
ABC/Disney <slash> Michael Eisner is the person who appears as point-man as the problem bothers me, personally.   It’s CST 12:35 2/8/8 and ABC (Disney) has already begun advertising the Oscar Awards for 2007. Let’s all hope the WGA got what they demanded.