Hillary Clinton is a Muslim?!

Clintons and ArafatThere’s no freaking way I’ll go off voting for a stinkin’ Muslim woman for president. And yet, that’s what everybody’s saying! That she’s an Allah worshiping, sand-sucking She-Devil!! The whole family probably prays to the east every afternoon and they’re always hanging out in that Mecaca town in Saudi Arabia every year during Lent.

Someone sent this picture to me and it just made me cringe…

And there’s old Bill waiting for his 72 virgins for when he croaks. Ain’t like 72 virgins would be enough for him anyway. In his short lifetime he had a last 93 virgins just last month! And I’m wondering if Chelsea will be allowed to drive a car or will she have to walk behind her husband by three spaces!

Clintons Muslim

…Hillary’s probably washing her feet in one of those tax-payer funded “foot washing basins” right now while you’re reading this blog. It makes me sick to my stomach.

I don’t understand why the mainstream media gives her a free pass on this story! This news should be on the front page of every newspaper in America tomorrow! Let’s all face it: If she wins, she’ll hand our country on over to the Taliban and the next thing we know, we’ll all be forced to bow and worship their Buddha statute.

Idolators!! Stop the madness now!!

This is ridiculous and I’m telling you here and now: I’ll vote for that nice Christian man, Barack Obama before I’ll vote for those terrorists.

FruitFly 6

6 Responses

  1. Pounding on the table

    Chair creaking

    Sides heaving

    Great gales of laughter

  2. LOL! Thanks Gracie!

    I’m getting ripped on the Bartcopper board about this piece. They’re suspicious that I’m a “Republican spy” because of it. (One referenced me as a “possible Bushie”, which I think is even funnier than the blog piece itself.)

    Thank the gods – there’s someone out there who gets my sense of humor!


  3. And there are people out there who see nothing wrong with what the Hillary campaign is doing.

    I do have to put “warning humor” somewhere in a piece like this when I write one, because I get similar reactions.

    So what can you do with flag pins and pledges instead of constitution and law?

  4. Wise words…

    My partner asked the same thing: “Did you give them some sort of signal that you’re having fun poking the bear?”

    My knee-jerk reaction is “No! Figure it out for yourself!”

    Perhaps you’re correct. I can do that.

    My humble thanks.


  5. GK and FF are a hate group.

  6. so funny i hate her ….is it a real pic or made?

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