Bachmann Solves Energy Crises While Watching Beverly Hillbillies

This piece made me fall off my chair while sitting at Keys Cafe in downtown Minneapolis yesterday morning. It bears nothing for an introduction, with the exception of one warning: Don’t read it while drinking anything you don’t want coming up and through your nose, hot coffee and Coca-Cola drinkers beware.

From the City Pages: Virginia is the new Saudi Arabia

Matt Snyders

Let’s face it: Harping on Rep. Michele Bachmann just ain’t what it used to be. At this point, taking swipes at her fairy-tale worldview is like shooting fish in a barrel. No, wait. It’s more like shooting the barrel itself, provided it’s filled to the brim with steaming bullshit.

So it is with fatigued reserve that we pass along a laughable speech that the Sixth District representative delivered to the Anoka County Business Leadership Forum last week: “If we extract 20 percent [of the oil] we know is off the coast of Virginia, we can replace what we import from Saudi Arabia,” she said. “We have got almost unlimited availability of energy in the United States but we have restricted our ability to use it.

Sigh. It’s impossible to know the exact figures, but according to the Interior Department, about 56 million barrels of oil are waiting to be tapped off Virginia’s coast. Twenty percent of 56 million—let’s see, carry the one—is just over 11 million barrels. Total. By contrast, we import roughly 500 million barrels of oil a year from the Saudis, according to those hippies at the Energy Information Administration, the U.S. government’s own site that keeps track of such matters.

Note to Bachmann: 500 million > 11 million.

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  1. What about the Bakken Formation (a/k/a the Williston Basin) in northwestern North Dakota, northeastern Montana and the extreme southern part of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan?

    Isn’t that supposed to contain some 500 million extractable barrels of crude oil, and untold millions of cubic feet of natural gas?

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