Photos from the political campaigns

Frizzie McBeeGood evening, and thank you for watching Fruit Fly News. My name is Frizzie McBee.

In tonight’s Special Edition, we’ve decided to look at some of the amazing photography being collected during this year’s election campaign.

As you know, we’ve seen thousands of photographs of our candidates, both Democrat and Republican, male and female and black and white. First up, let’s look at a photo from Bozeman, MT where Senator Barack Obama was just a few days ago!

Barack Obama in Bozeman, MT

Wow! With a population of 27,000 people living in Bozeman, can we assume at least 75% of them were out that night listening to the Senator?! And the Senator was also in Billings over the weekend, can we look at a picture from that rally?

Holy crow! What an impressive crowd out there in Billings, Montana! A city of 100,000 souls, and a good majority of them all came out to hear the Illinois Senator speak! Well, good for all of them! A good looking crowd out there in Montana.

The senator has just published his fund-raising for the month of April and it seems that the Senator has raised a little over $31.3 million in April. An impressive amount of money indeed.

What happened last weekend in Oregon? Let’s take a look at how many people rallied on a sunny Sunday afternoon to hear Senator Barack Obama speak out there in Oregon….

Oh my lord..!! That’s staggering! Look at that crowd! Some have said that more than 70,000 folks showed up to hear the Senator speak. A staggering sized crowd!!

And from the Hillary Campaign, here’s an interesting photo…

…Getting kissed by some gay guy…

And we found this picture….

Woah! We didn’t see to see the Senator trying to hump that guy… The look on his face alone is worth 1,000 cattle-prods..

Let’s move on to Senator McCain’s campaign. As you all know, he’s had some difficulty raising campaign cash. The latest is that he’s raised only $18 million, a little more than half than this political rival Obama and less than second place running, Senator Hillary Clinton. Certainly, the Republican party could show more excitement and thrilling rallies than the Democrats can do.. Can we look at a McCain photo…?

Ohhh… tough break for the “Old and Mouldy” crowd!! Maybe if Senator McCain would wake them up, he might get them to dig out an extra dollar out of their pocketbooks!

Maybe he’s hypnotized all of them. …He pulled out a pocket watch and gave them a black and white spiral to stare at…

What an embarrassing crowd of Republicans. Looks like the Senator has his work cut out for him…

This is Frizzie McBee and I thank you for joining us tonight. Good night!!

Now I’m lost…

About a month and a half ago, the WordPress folks decided to completely re-write the engine that the FruitFly blog homesteads. The enormity of errors was horrific.

Opening up the blog to begin a new entry took over thirty minutes and a couple dozen web browser messages popping up like:

See what I mean? I would get a dozen of them! The “Dashboard” side of the blog was completely re-engineered as well (with some very ugly colors, I might add).

When those of us complained, we were ignored.  What they did do was continue to slog on and fixed a ton of this stuff.  Which is great, if they would have done beta versions of it instead of throwing it at us expecting us to love ’em for it.   But I had moved on..  I started a Blogger…err.. blog called “The EnK Stain” and I’ve been posting there since.

Now it appears that the WordPress people have fixed enough errors that I can actually manage.  So, do I write on both?   Or do I create dual personalities and write on either?!

I dunno!!