Now I’m lost…

About a month and a half ago, the WordPress folks decided to completely re-write the engine that the FruitFly blog homesteads. The enormity of errors was horrific.

Opening up the blog to begin a new entry took over thirty minutes and a couple dozen web browser messages popping up like:

See what I mean? I would get a dozen of them! The “Dashboard” side of the blog was completely re-engineered as well (with some very ugly colors, I might add).

When those of us complained, we were ignored.  What they did do was continue to slog on and fixed a ton of this stuff.  Which is great, if they would have done beta versions of it instead of throwing it at us expecting us to love ’em for it.   But I had moved on..  I started a Blogger…err.. blog called “The EnK Stain” and I’ve been posting there since.

Now it appears that the WordPress people have fixed enough errors that I can actually manage.  So, do I write on both?   Or do I create dual personalities and write on either?!

I dunno!!


One Response

  1. You could write the political stories on mnblue? (She says hopefully). In any case, please do link wherever you write to lefty blogs.

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