NGLCC lauches a new project: BIZ

Gay and Lesbian entrepreneurs have had the NGLCC in their corner for quite a while now. IBM, one of the founding partners, was instrumental in creating the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. For those of you who are not entrepreneurs, this subject will bore you to death: So, “Die Already!!”. For those who are gay and lesbian entrepreneurs, this subject is vitally important.

The NGLCC was created as an effort to not only represent the gay and lesbian business owner, but to also represent out interests within the halls of Congress. They were, admittedly, slow at building their base up, but they made a few moves that I thought were sound decisions. 1.) They absorbed all of the local gay and lesbian chambers throughout the United States four years ago and 2.) The created a Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and, ehem, “partnered” with them which formed a complete North American tour de force.

NGLCC has now launched a new project, an on-line magazine called “BIZ“. The magazine spotlights a particular local GLBT Chamber (first edition focused on the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) and carries a series of video blogs.

This isn’t their only venture. Some time ago, they launched the Women’s Business Initiative, a clearinghouse for Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered women for networking, mentoring and best practices.

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